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Codie flinched when he heard the voice of another. He didn't exactly want to be here. Not a month ago, not now. But apparently he was important to this team, a piece in stopping a war. Codie was friendly, yes, but he didn't fit in. Not here. Others acted like college friends or busy in examining their lion to talk. He sighed, shifting his weight to his left leg. "Hi.." He muttered back, unsure of what to make of Leo. He seemed quite— enthusiastic.


Eyros looked over at the other man, his face flushed slightly against his pale skin “ id miss you too,” he said softly
Eyros kinda played paladin while also playing medic. So he thought that might be why the blue lion chose him

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Rom smiled at Eyros. It had been slow progress over the last month, trying to build friendships with the guys the lions had picked, but maybe he was finally getting through a little.
He noted Leo walking over to Codie and wandered what the stray was up to. They'd picked him up a couple days ago, and he hadn't really introduced himself. The lion had just kinda told Romulus to take him with them, without really clarifying why.
But Rom was learning to listen to his lion, let it guide him. And it thought Leo was ok.
"Have you seen Caleb recently?" He asked. "I had a mod I wanted to ask him to look over." The tech genius had fixed one of Rom's ideas before, and he tried to run everything by the smarted paladin.

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Codie shifted uncomfortably, his arms still crossed, inching away from Leo slightly. He was wary of strangers, but it might do him some good. He looked up at the red lion. Such an eyesore of a color red was, but it chose him for whatever reason— despite being very capricious for a machine. Shaking his head, Codie looked Leo up and down. "I'm Codie, and I don't understand why I was chosen by this lion. It doesn't make sense to me." He sighed, leaning against the lion's leg.

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Codie picked up on Leo's grin. He couldn't make up his mind whether this guy was trustworthy or up to mischief. He ran a hand through his fluffy, black hair, pushing his bangs out of his face. "Thanks…" He murmured, trying to get an accurate and detailed read on Leo's plans. "I'm not sure. I just know the red one chose me. And I hate the color red."

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Codie shook his heads. “Red is blood. And blood is what is spilt upon battle fields. It’s was spilt when my sister nearly got beaten to death by her bully. Blood is what was spilt when my uncle was murdered. That’s why I don’t like the color red.” He turned away. “And I also don’t like chili peppers.” Codie didn’t know what his role was going to be in this group. Was he going to lead? Be fierce? The instinctual driving force? He had not clue. “What brings you over to me, Leo? I am not that—cute.” He needed to ask, his dusky gray eyes refracting the light.

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Codie’s jaw tightened. He was under the particular impression that the world was unorganized chaos. Bad things happened to the best of people. That’s just how the universe worked. What had the man with the other covered in grease said? They were chosen to fight a war. That further backed up his doubts. “I’ll think upon your words.” Codie wasn’t inclined to, but he suspected it was nicer to say. Although, Leo made Codie’s face redden slightly with his shower of complements. “I’m really not that— adorable. You’re far better looking than me..”

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Leo rolled his eyes. "You're kidding. I'm a five at best. You, my friend, are a solid nine, if not a ten." He knew that Codie didn't believe him, but the fact that he thought so little of himself only egged him on.