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Farah frowned instantly. "Stop," she demanded. "You did nothing wrong, and if she doesn't want you, then…" She closed her eyes and shook her head. "She's a sorry excuse for a mother, in my opinion."

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"That doesn't mean anything," Farah said firmly. "If she can't see her own daughter for how wonderful you are, Anya, then she doesn't deserve you, and you don't need her."

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Eve nodded eagerly while Farah pursed her lips.

"Yes yes yes!" Eve exclaimed excitedly. "That's a good idea, Anya!"

Farah, on the other hand, seemed to hesitate. "I'm afraid I'm not very familiar with the Christmas holiday…" she admitted.

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Farah looked amused. “And how exactly are you going to do that? Christmas isn’t a celebrated holiday in the Otherworld. Alfea has a winter banquet, but nothing for Christmas.”


“Then we make your office a Christmas, or we do a school-themed dance or decorate the school and show fairies that there's more to the other world than just normal people!

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“My dear, I believe I of all people know that. But you can’t rely on magic all the time.”

Farah eyed the girls and smirked slightly. “If you want to plan and throw a Christmas party, you may do so. But, you may not use magic to aid you.”

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(What if they can’t get it done in time, and Farah surprises them by using magic to finish everything the night before the party?)

Eve glanced over at her girlfriend. “How many days until Christmas?”