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"Time for both of you girls to go to bed," came a clear yet firm voice from the other end of the courtyard.

Eve turned around, nearly dropping the tinsel in surprise. "But Mom, we're not done yet."

Farah arched her eyebrows as Saul appeared beside her, always the devoted husband as he backed his wife's statements. "And it's three in the morning, Eve," he said calmly, while he lightly rubbed Farah's back.

"Don't make me repeat myself," Farah stated.

@emilyevewrites group

Eve slipped her hand into her partners and pulled her toward their room, stifling a yawn as she passed Farah and Saul.

“Good night, darlings,” Farah called softly after them.

@emilyevewrites group

Eve offered a hopeful smile. "We did our best. It looks nice, baby. It does."


Once they were out of sight, Farah sighed quietly. "They're so stubborn. They make it difficult to surprise them," she muttered.

Saul laughed. "I wonder where they get it from."

Farah's eyes widened slightly. "You couldn't possibly be implying that I-"

Saul cut her off by kissing her deeply. Farah moaned into his mouth and cupped his face with her hands. After a moment, they broke away, breathless.

"After all these years, we still got it," Saul teased, and Farah found herself laughing against her own will.

"Ignore that. I'm still cross with you."