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Jimin watched him with a smile and shake of her head. He didn’t have to do that, but it was just like Kangdae to do it anyway.
But then she caught his red eyes at the same moment she sensed a presence outside. The footsteps came next, and her muscles froze up as her pulse quickened and she turned her head to the door. She went very still, even as the sounds faded and her lover came over.
How could he smile like that as if nothing happened? It unnerved her, and it took some time before her pulse returned to normal. The possibility of being discovered became so terrifyingly real for only a few seconds, but she could not pretend as if they did not happen. She closed her eyes, feeling his hand on her back. She reminded herself to breathe.
“I will be,” she whispered back. “It just hurts.”
Opening her eyes, she cocked her head at him. Despite her hesitation of moving, her stubbornness won over. “You should not have to do that, it’s alright. I just need to…” she planted her hands on the ground and slowly pushed herself to her feet. “… to go slow,” she grunted. The cramping spiked, but only slightly and not for long. Once she was standing, she stayed still to get used to it, then moved toward the bed.
Grunting softly, she laid down, relaxing as she got into a new position. It was helpful and comfortable, but now Jimin felt strangely nervous. Whether it was to do with what happened earlier or because she was now in the crown prince’s bed, she wasn’t sure. Perhaps both.

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Nothing happened…..That is what he wants to believe. The presence of the other, even if it was just briefly, it made him anxious. And it was strange too. Why would someone walk over to his chambers then just leave? They only stopped for a few seconds before leaving. Strange, he must do something about it; carefully of course.

Kangdae moved his head back a little with wide eyes. He hummed, continuing to rub her back until she began to get up. Slowly, he copied her. His hand still remained on her back until she got to the bed. He helped her get in then pulled the covers up a little. The crown prince tried to copy what his court ladies do, but he was thrown into the same conflict from minutes ago.

The smile still wore on his face, but it was fading away. Yes, he is happy to be with Jimin and that she is in a more comfortable spot. On the other hand, he knew that something is wrong. She is not relaxed.

"Honey…." He knelt down then rested his chin on his left palm. "Whatever had just happened, I will look into and care of. I am sure they did not hear much so there is not much to worry there."

"Please do not worry. You work hard and have been dealing with so much. Let me take care of this. Please. I will make sure that whoever it was will not cross in your path. If they do, they will deeply regret it. I promise."


Jimin’s expression softened as she watched him, and she reached to steady his hand. “No need to fret and fuss,” she murmured softly.
Kangdae’s voice was warm, making her nervousness ebb away. “Alright. I will trust you with this.”
She kept her hand there, curling it around his. He was right. She had been dealing with a lot. Worrying a lot, too. It made her feel bad, but she subtly shook her head at herself. This is not how she should be spending her time. She focused on breathing again, looking into the face of her love.
“I love you, Kangdae,” she said, simply and bluntly. Ah, perhaps she was being too forward again, but she could not take back the words now. She squeezed his hand, then moved it to stroke his hair again. It was difficult to say any more now.
Some color came to her cheeks and ears, though. “I just… realized that I have not said that to you yet.”
She kept moving her hand through his hair, slowly and evenly, and gradually she became more relaxed.

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Something inside bloomed once she said those words. Kangdae remained where he was, staring back at Jimin with wide eyes. They blinked with tears rolling down his cheeks. He did not even notice her squeezing his hand or running her fingers through his hair. Even he did not notice the tears that were slowly, but surely, running down.

Lowering his chin to his chest, he chuckled while wiping some tears away. He looked back at Jimin, laughing a little when seeing the blush on her. "If I may be honest, I thought that I would be the first to say that." Another tear managed to escape. He wiped it away then rested his chin on the bed. "Jimin….My affection for you runs thicker than blood," He cooed. "I love you."

He fell silent soon after. Why is he even crying at this very moment? There is no love story he's heard of where the man or the soldier or the prince is crying after their lover professes their love to him. So why is he? It does not make any sense to him really. His eyes wandered back to her as he was deep in thought. The scent of blood bumping filled him. Sounds of her heart beating filled his ears. Briefly, he looked down at his chest and rested his hand over where his heart is.

"I may not have a beating heart to give you, but let me give you this instead…." Gently, he rose up from where he was kneeling. With his hand, he cupped her cheek. Leaning down towards her, Kangdae parted his lips before they pressed lightly against hers. His eyes flickered open then pulled away, returning back to his previous position, kneeling back down.


Was it something she said? Something she had done? Jimin sat up, her brow upturned. What was the reason for his tears? She stopped stroking his hair, moving her hand to Kangdae’s cheek to dry it. His tears were cold against her thumb. Hearing his chuckle calmed her worries somewhat, and she laughed a little with him.
“Oh, I did not mean to make you cry. You know me, I’m plain,” she said fretfully. At his words, she shivered and put a hand over her mouth as her blush deepened. “Oh,” was all she could say. Always so poetic.
Her hand fell from her mouth, and for a moment she got lost in herself before she heard his voice again. It was like her bones had fused with her muscles and her mind had emptied out. She had all but forgotten about the cramping now. His hand, so soft yet so cold on the heat of her cheek. Before she could really understand what was happening, she felt his lips against her own. Her breath hitched. How were they so soft and bleak, and yet the breath that passed between them was sweet and warm?
She watched him, doing nothing to stop her eyes from welling up and spilling over in hot, fat drops. “Oh,” she said again, and moved to wipe them away, but they did not stop. Why was she crying now? He has kissed her before. Just not….
“My love,” she murmured, her voice shaking. “You have kissed me so many times. I have kissed you only once. You… you told me that I deserve to be kissed, and I said that you deserve just the same. So please… can I give you what you deserve?”

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"Your simplicity…..The way you are blunt at times…Those are some of the reasons why I love you," He admitted. Much to his luck, another tear fell. So many words were forming in him that he did not know what to say. He worried that they would all come out at once incoherently.

The warm touch of Jimin's hand pulled his attention out of the deep abyss of pondering. His eyes flickered up to her. "Oh please forgive me for crying. I do not remember the last time anyone has said those words to me. I am grateful to hear those words come from your sweet lips."

His fingertips lightly touched his bottom lip. For a second, he believed he felt some sort of tingling sensation, but it cannot be possible since he is undead. The moment of him kissing her replayed in his head for what felt like an eternity. Is it true? He could not believe himself in that moment. This is much more different than when he was alive.

Kangdae sat on the side of the bed. Reaching over, he wiped away some of the tears on her. "My dear…." He whispered underneath his breath, holding her cheek. Moving closer towards Jimin, he planned to embrace her, until he heard her speak.

She is correct. He has kissed her multiple times; he cannot help it. The look on her face afterwards and the feeling of her heart pumping is wonderful. Although, she had only kissed him once. It is alright to him, but the shakiness of her voice worried him.

With his thumb, he rubbed her cheek. His eyes lit up. "I am yours and you are mine. I only deserve so much, especially from you, my dear…." Kangdae fell silent for a moment as his eyes dropped down to her lips then her besting heart. Gazing back into her eyes, he murmured, "Do as you please, Jimin."


Words were building up in her as well. The need to respond, the need to explain herself. Instead she sniffled, a smile breaking through. Jimin kept her hand on his cheek, despite its ever-present cold.
“Really?” She tilted her head slightly, shaking her head. “There’s nothing to forgive. I only wish I had said it sooner.” She sniffled again.
His cool touch was a welcome to her burning cheeks. Still smiling, still crying, she placed her other hand over his. He was such a sight to behold. “You deserve more than I could ever give you, love.”
Then she chuckled softly. “Ah, I’m going to get you even more wet than you already are.” Wiping more of her tears away, her smile faded as she sniffled. Her hands ran through his hair again, bringing him closer to her. She leaned forward, eyelashes fluttering. Their lips brushed against one another, the action tentative, almost scared. Admittedly, she does not have much practice with this. She tried again, and this time it more firm, though still hesitant. When she pulled away, she almost smiled a little at herself. It felt so good, and yet she was nervous now. Releasing a small, shaky breath, she pressed her lips to his cheek before embracing him.
“I love you,” she murmured again. Her eyes welled up and a tear slipped out. “Ahh, if only I was as bold as you. I think that’s one of the things I love about you. So bold, so unafraid.”

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Kangdae shook his head. "You couldn't have said it at a better time." With his thumb, he wiped a couple tears away. He had to use his sleeve to wipe some of his own that were still falling. "I only deserve as much as the lady across from me," He breathed. "And I only want to be loved by her…To be loved by you."

His eyes widened as they lingered in Jimin's. They stared, watching her with fascination. His lips trembled, trying to say something, but he was at a loss for words. Then suddenly, his eyes fluttered shut as he felt her lips pressing against his.

Her lips are smoother than silk. They feel sweeter than anything he has ever come across. Could he ever imagine himself pulling away from her? No. Never. Even the idea of becoming greedy over such a thing had blossomed in his mind, but he could not help it. He let himself lean into her a little. He let himself take in all of the sensations that clouded his senses. The feeling of life at the touch of his lips. Never has he ever felt something like this before. Any tension that was buried deep within him was ungrounded then gone. All his troubles had disappeared, just in that moment. Only him and Jimin are there. There was nothing else in the entire world except for the two of them.

Kangdae did not open his eyes after she pulled away. When he did, the first thing he saw was her grin. Soon a smile of his own appeared as she kissed his cheek. Heat still pressed against his lips and cheek. Something had touched his soul that he knew would never leave.

Resting his chin over her shoulder, he wrapped his arms around her. His fingers slowly brushed her back. "Oh my love, nothing will ever compete with you," He whispered. "While naturally I have to be bold, I believe I am better at it with you at my side. Your words, smiles, gazes….they all make me feel bolder. I feel as if I am my best with you, my love."


“Then I will love you until the stars in the sky go out,” she whispered. Jimin leaned into his touch like a flower turning towards the sunlight.
When Kangdae kept his eyes closed, she studied him for a moment. She could tell he liked it, and that became another reason behind her grin. She may not have a lot of practice, but at least he did not look unimpressed.
But now, as she hugged him, she wondered why she even wanted to impress him in the first place. Originally, all she wanted to do was share the experience of what being kissed was like. But then, perhaps you needed to be good at kissing to do that well. When that thought entered her mind, she got nervous again. It didn’t matter now, though. Her eyes dried almost as soon as they welled up.
She breathed a sigh. “Oh, good. I feel the same.” She had been about to continue, but at that moment she had shifted, made a noise of pain. Tension had built up in her back and hips, and her movement brought back the cramping once more. Slowly, she let go of Kangdae and let herself lay back down, grunting and groaning.
Letting out a shaky breath, she murmured, “Alright, alright, I’ll rest now.” She closed her eyes to focus on breathing, her hand searching for his.

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"And will you be there with me when that happens?" The question had fallen off of his tongue a moment after she spoke. Jimin's words pressed deeply against him; they always have. He wished there was a way for him to keep all the warmth, words, looks, and even kisses from her.

Oh the kisses. If there was anything life in him, his cheeks would be burning red. It was his first time he had kissed someone or had been kissed, but the fact that he had kissed Jimin and that she kissed him. The fact just makes him want to run up the ceiling with glee. The moment they shared is far more greater than any love story he has heard. No, it was even better. It was the two of them.

Kangdae countinued to embrace Jimin until he felt her letting go. The moment he realized, his bottom lip jutted out as he moved back. He moved his hand to her arm, trying his best to help her comfortably relax.

His eyes lingered on her. Softly humming in response, he beamed. Leaning forward a little, he took advantage of being able to admire her features more. He loved seeing the small freckles on her and the roundness of her cheeks. Or how her eyes were turned up a bit and the shape of the lips. The urge to kiss those pouty lips flowed through his veins, but something had took ahold of his attention.

"Hm?" Sensing something moving on top of the blankets, he lowered his chin. In a blink of an eye, he took a hold of her hand while chuckling. "Would you like to do this again tomorrow night, my dear? Just relaxing?"


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“Will I?” The question threw her off for a second. Then Jimin smiled softly, almost mischievously. “What do you think?”
It was obvious to her. She would be. She could feel it. Kangdae couldn’t get rid of her that easily.
The imprint of his bleakness lingered on her lips. The moment began to replay in her mind over and over again, letting her analyze every aspect of it. How many times had a man touched her before? Before she met the prince, she could count with one hand. Now, she needed more than two. She thought she would be more excited about the fact that she had kissed the prince himself, but he did not really feel like a prince anymore. He was just a person. A dead person, perhaps, but even that fact did not bring her any excitement, nor fear, nor disgust, or confusion. He was a person whom she loved and kissed, who loved her, who kissed her in return. That was what brought her excitement and joy. Never before had someone loved her in this way.
She felt her love’s hand in hers, and she opened her eyes to look at him. He was so adorable when he smiled like that. As her gaze landed on his lips, desire rose in her, but she just squeezed his hand a little and tried to ignore the cramping feeling that was still present.
“Oh?” She thought about it. “We do not have to. Tonight is lovely, and relaxing is nice, but I think I will just tell you if I do not feel well. I’m sure it will not be so bad tomorrow.”

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He does not know. Kangdae does want to be with Jimin, but he does not know. He is not sure of it. Deep down he wants it as much as he wants the the throne and to rule with great power and prosperity, but… Until the stars in the sky go out… Eternity. There is only way for such a thing to happen. He worries to even think of it.

The grin on him faded as he had fallen deeper into thought. To turn her…..How could he? Is that what she is implying with her own question? To put her through so much pain and to kill her for it…. He does not want to consider it. He does not even want to ask. It is troubling for him, more so than he could ever imagine. Even he was still figuring out his own transformation.

His free hand was picking at his robe sleeve. Mindlessly, he glanced down for a while. Worry crept up within him, though he managed to shake it off for the time being. Somehow all his thoughts about what goes on outside his bed chambers and during the day always diminish to nothing. All his troubles and pains go away the moment Jimin steps in.

A person to confine in, and who knows she can confine in him. They work well together, but they also love each other. He feels safe to cry in front of her. He feels safe with her. "I want you to be at my side, but I fear of forcing you into something you do not wish to be in," He finally whispered. "I just want to love you the way you want me to without forcing anything upon you."

Kangdae's lips turned into a pout as the bottom lip came forward. Feeling his hand being squeezed, he glimpsed over at her. His eyes widened as a sigh fell out of his lips. "Alright," He nodded. "Please do let me know. I can have tea ready for you. I can try to make it if possible."


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She watched him for a while, even as his smile faded. Jimin slowly remembered that, while Kangdae is just a person, it did not mean that the vampiric and princely aspects of himself did not exist. It did not mean that these nightly meetings would be permanent. Their roles, their duties, his vampirism, her humanity… they may keep them apart. And they most likely would, she knew, perhaps when he became king. Then they would be apart. As much as it saddened her to think about it, she wanted to believe just as badly that they would find each other again.
It was strange. Their roles had reversed again. He was the one worrying, and she somehow had this sudden burst of idealism. Jimin almost chuckled at the thought, but then she saw his hand pick at his sleeve and his eyes seeming to glaze over. She rubbed his other hand with her thumb.
His whispers washed over her, and she let out a small breath. “If you love me, Kangdae, then you will never force me into something I do not wish to partake in.” But it was only after she spoke that she realized what he was possibly implying. He had eternity, she did not. For them to be together, then… “I… suppose I can only realistically promise that we will be together for as long as I am alive. I do know that I do not want my life nor my humanity taken from me. But dear, please do not think such things now. I told you I wanted neither of us to be feeling bad, yes?”
She searched his face for a moment, then brought his hand to her lips. “I’m sorry I said those things,” she murmured. “I… I do not wish to lead you to believe promises I could never fulfill.”
Letting their hands fall to her lap, her gaze fixed on them. Something made tears fill her eyes again. The worry she could sense in him, the fact that she would one day die and leave him without her… heavens, her bleeding making her emotional. She didn’t know. She used her free hand to wipe at her eyes.

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If there was one other thing that he feared aside from getting caught or losing the throne, it would have to be being alone for the rest of eternity. Despite pushing everyone away for the last three years, he has learned that some of his mortal emotions and needs did not detach from his soul when he turned. One of them to have someone, to have someone to love. And that fact is killing him. It is damning, eternity.

Eternal damnation. To continue on forever with a heavy yet hollow heart slowly sinking into his chest. It's all his fault really. No one else ordered to leave on that night except for him. And for all the things he had done in his short mortal life, maybe he deserves this. Maybe he deserves all the worry hanging around his neck. A tiny bit of hope somehow remains in him, though he knows it is most certainly useless.

And he knows that he cannot have Jimin with him forever. Just like the first night when she stepped through the door, so she shall easily step out for good. Perhaps they can be together beyond this and see each other, although if he survives to be king, he is not sure how frequently they can see each other.

"I love you, Jimin…." A lump had formed in his throat. All his words fell short of a murmur. He does not want to cry. He does want to put his beloved in a somber mood nor does he want to make her feel bad or cry again as well.

In the blink of an eye, he rushed over to sit on the bed beside her. Taking ahold of her hand again, he lifted it up to his lips and kissed it. "You have me. I have you. We have each other now and so shall we tomorrow and the next day after that and so on." Kangdae kissed her hand again. "I appreciate your apology, dear, although it is my fault for asking you that question."

He shifted himself so that they would be facing each other. Moving closer towards her, he held her left cheek. "Regardless of what happens, I will be here with you." He smiled. "I will carry that promise forever." Gradually, he let go of Jimin's hand then went to wrap his arms around her.


Still she watched him, searched his face. As she did so, Jimin remembered something. I do not remember the last time anyone has said those words to me… I only want to be loved…
Maybe they had not switched roles after all. Maybe he had always been afraid, but decided not to show it. They had something precious together that they had previously lacked, and were now afraid to lose. But they would lose it, eventually. One way or another.
His voice when he said that. So smooth, so warm, and yet so pained. “Then the way you love me will never involve force, nor coercion. Do not be afraid,” she assured. “I love you, too.”
She then blinked in surprise when he rushed next to her, but her gaze softened. Kangdae and his snowflake kisses, oh how she loved them both. Her hand reached up to his hair again. “No, I understand why you asked. You were uncertain, you were afraid. I cannot blame you for that.”
Her eyes closed briefly at his touch. She nodded, a tear finally slipping from one eye as he spoke. Welcoming his embrace, she carefully moved her arms around him as well. “I am so glad you are here with me,” she whispered.

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There is warmth in everything about her. He could feel it pulsating in her heart, beating against his chest. The soft smoothness in her voice is beyond soothing. Even despite her kissing him minutes ago, he could still sense the heat pressing against his lips. Of course, it was more than just the physical heat. Oh it was far beyond that. Within the depths of his own heart, he felt something. Actually, it felt a lot more than it ever could have if he were mortal. If only he knew to describe everything in words so he could tell Jimin everything.

"Do not be afraid…" He whispered those words underneath his breath. They felt strange rolling off of his tongue as if he has never said anything like that before. At that moment they felt all but familiar to him in the current context. Fear is all that he has ever known from birth to death to now. He believed that he was surviving off of it the same way he survives off of blood. Kings rule with fear. The bravest of fighters weaponize fear. And vampires, what else are they without fear?

What is he without fear? Is he nothing without it? No, he shouldn't be. Perhaps he could be even more without it flowing through his veins. Kangdae pushed all those thoughts to the side. Who knows how long they have till she has to go back. If only his mind did not slip so easily into the abyss of his thoughts.

"I am glad that you are letting me hold you and listen to your words." Reluctantly, he decided to let go. Sitting back, he stared at her. He sighed, "At least I have the bravest woman in all of Pyeonghwa. Beautiful, intelligent, resilient, and brave. I must have been blessed to have you here with me, Jimin."


Jimin was quiet, simply letting herself melting into his touch. Even if Kangdae was cold, he was so soft for some strange reason. She closed her eyes, enjoying their closeness until he decided to pull away.
He looked a little sad. Maybe that was because of what they had talked about. She reached for his hand again and chuckled softly. “So many compliments. I am not that brave.”
The cramping had stopped, so she sat up and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “Well, you are such a considerate, affectionate man, how could I not let you hold me and listen to me?”
Speaking of compliments, they had not gone to see that person Kangdae had told her about. Rubbing his hand with her thumb, she said, “I’m not hurting anymore, so if you still want to see that special person you told me about, we can.”

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"What do you mean? If you are not brave, then….then I am not either." He giggled when he felt her kissing his cheek. In a second, his body had tensed up but it had relaxed as he sighed. Kangdae shrugged in response to her question. "I am not sure. I just did not expect it, and yet, I am very grateful for you."

The pupils in his eyes widened at the sensation of her thumb. Thankfully she is feeling better. It made him happier knowing that. At first, he was about to nod in response, but then he stopped.

The special person? His eyes lowered to their hands while he tried to recalled what she was referring to. He squinted until finally remembering. Ah, that's right. Kangdae could not help resist the urge to laugh. Biting at his bottom lip, he tried with all his might to stop himself. His shoulders lightly bounced until he stopped himself and sighed. "It is getting late. I do not want to really bother them, unless, would you like to meet them? They are not that far away. It only takes a few minutes to walk over anyways. We can go if you would like, but it is a surprise, so you would have to keep your eyes closed."


Jimin laughed slightly again. Strange how laughter seemed to follow weeping. His own giggles excited her, a light flush coming to her cheeks.
“You’re so silly,” she said, resting her head on his shoulder. “I did not say I wasn’t brave, I said I wasn’t that brave, certainly not the bravest. But I am also certainly not a coward.” After a pause, she said, “You are certainly braver than I.”
When Kangdae’s shoulders began to bounce, she raised her head, smirking softly. “You forgot, didn’t you?” Then her lips formed a small ‘o’ shape. “Ah, you’re right. I do not want to bother them either. I will admit, you have me intrigued.”

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His pupils widened at the realization of what he said. With his right hand, he lightly tapped on his ear. You would think a monster like himself would have better hearing, but perhaps he doesn't. Nevertheless, Kangdae shook his head. "Ah, I am sorry, Lady Hwang. I never meant to say that you are a coward. You are most certainly not one," He said, jokingly bowing his head right after. "I suppose it does not really matter who is braver, and who is a coward. It's the heart of the being that matters. That is what General Officer Song told me when I was a child, though I'm surprised someone from the Song Clan has a heart. Jimin, you have the courageous heart. I am braver, you have courage. We are perfect together."

Slightly tilting his head, he gazed over at Jimin. His eyes squinted as he smiled. "Ahhh, spirits. You have to be so adorable all the time, don't you, my dear?" He leaned to kiss her cheek. "Do I have your interest? That is quite the precious thing to have. I do not want you to lose it though. Will it be alright to wait till tomorrow?"


She could smile at him forever. It wasn’t hard; he was so cute. “Of course not,” Jimin said. “But yes, I believe General Officer Song is correct. I just don’t want to think too highly of myself, I suppose.” His words made her blush deepen, though. Courage, bravery. Was there a difference? Was bravery something you had when you are facing an enemy? Was courage something you had when you are facing a friend? Often, she felt as if she had neither. But perhaps he was right, they were perfect. He was full of fear, so he had to be brave. She was full of worry, so she had to be courageous. Was there a difference between those, too? Fear, worry. There was, so there must be a difference between courage and bravery, too.
Leaning into Kangdae’s kiss, her blush spread to her ears. “I… uh…” she hesitated, then skipped to his second question. “I— I won’t. You have my interest, darling, but I have plenty of patience to spare as well.”

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"My love," He breathed. "We shall meet them tomorrow then! Oh, if only I had the same amount of patience as you do." His head fell onto his left shoulder while his eyes stayed on her. Some strands of hair fell in front of his field of vision, but he did not care. They were not important for what was is right beside him, and oh heavens, he cannot look away; he wouldn't even dare to. If he had to stare at her for hundreds of years, he would do it without any hesitation. Even now, he is doing it. It is difficult for him to find something to say. What is there to say that he already hasn't said?

A soft exhale quietly slipped through his lips. Kangdae was not to hold back on laughing when seeing Jimin's ears turn red. The scent of blood rushing nearly left him hypnotized, and yet, he did not even realize it. In all honesty, he was still thinking about how beautiful Jimin is and how her blushing is one of his favorite things. He did not even notice when he looked at her neck before his vision trailed up to her eyes and lips.

"I want to kiss you again, but I worry that the sun will rise by the time our lips part." With his brows scrunched together, he pouted. Resting his chin on her shoulder, he gazed up at her. "You are simply captivating. You have all of my interest in your palms."


“Wonderful,” she smiled. “That will do just fine with me.”
Jimin’s eyes stared back, soaking in his appearance, never getting tired of it. When his hair fell in front of his face, she reached out to get it out of the way. As she did so, her hand returned to running through his hair again. It was soft, and the action relaxing, she couldn’t help it. At one point she did look away, though it was mostly because his gaze on her was a little overwhelming.
She grinned as Kangdae placed his chin on her shoulder. “Oh, well, then allow me,” she murmured. “We still need to breathe, don’t we?” But then she thought about it for a moment. “Well, maybe just me.” She giggled and tilted her head so she could press her lips to his. It was certainly more confident this time. It was firm and pleasant, and she pulled away only to kiss him again, drinking him up as though she was parched. She had also wanted this, but felt better once she knew he wanted it too.

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There is always something surging through his veins every time Jimin looks back at him. The space between them diminishes. A pressure weighs itself against his chest. He could not dare to look away from her. Even as she ran her fingers through his hair again, he kept gazing at her and into those gorgeous brown eyes of hers.

A shiver ran down his spine. Jimin's whisper rand in his ears. Kangdae laughed a little at her question. Softly, he whispered, "No," then laughed again as giggled. His eyes flickered down to her lips. Slowly leaning his head forward, they closed at the feeling of their lips touching.

He loved the feeling of her plump lips against his. All the warm sensations at the touch of his lips. The boldness in her kisses is sending him into a spiral; he cannot get enough of it, of her. Perhaps his words were true; he really does worry that their lips would finally part at the break of dawn.

Kangdae had his right hand to Jimin's cheek. His thumb gently pressed against it. When she let go, his head jerked forward a little. "Please….my love…," He whispered breathlessly. Eagerness leaped out of him as she kissed him again.


This kiss was longer, more drawn out. Jimin felt herself drowning in it as heat rose inside of her, spreading to her cheeks and the very tips of her fingers, toes, and ears. It clashed with with Kangdae’s cold hand on her cheek, relieving it from becoming too warm. Her own hand curled around his waist, bringing his body closer to her as her other hand fell from his hair and rested on his left shoulder. She just wanted his softness against her, to hold him and for him to hold her. She did not want to let go, not ever. Even if they must, she at least wanted to make the most of this while she could.
His lips were so soft, so cold. The longer they were pressed against hers, though, the more heat seeped into them. It was strange, feeling the clash of their body temperatures like this, though it did not stop her in the slightest. If anything, she pressed deeper.
Eventually though, she did need to breathe. When she pulled away, her breath came out in soft gasps. Her face was still flushed, and her eyes were half closed. The gasps slowly turned into soft, low laughter, then back into low breathing. She couldn’t decide if she was energized or drained. Her head rested against his shoulder, a small smile on her face.
“You don’t… you don’t mind if we do this again, right?” She asked, wondering if he was still worried.