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The year is 1532 AD and the King of Pyeonghwa passed away from health complications. While leaving behind the Queen, he also left behind two princes. One who is of age while the other is very much younger. The elder son is expected to take the throne at the beginning of the next month, although there is just one peculiar thing about the heir….

A is a lady in waiting to the Queen; she comes from a noble family. Her uncle is a well known physician in the kingdom due to his success with treating the royal family and nobles. For most of A's life, she spent it working for her uncle till her parents decided to give her over to the royal palace. From there, A has herself up to be one of the most trustworthy royal servants ever. There is not a single task or problem she can take care of.

Everyone in the palace thinks that there is something wrong with B. He is too pale beyond belief. No matter where he goes, he always under an umbrella unless it's nighttime. Whenever he touches metal, he has to have on gloves. He gets really sleepy in the day but very energetic at night. Not to mention, he is not interested in getting married right away. B is just so out of the ordinary, and not just in a heir to the throne kind of way. Some believe the prince is actually a bloodlust creature of the night while most believe he is only ill. Doctors nor priests can help figure out why B is so unique.

One morning the Queen calls for A to meet her. Her Majesty is desperate. There is only four weeks till B becomes the next king. She wants to find out what B's problem is so they can help him before the succession of the throne. Somehow she believes that A can help with this being an extraordinary court lady and the niece of a talented doctor. Her Majesty's plan is to have A with B from sunset to the late evening, watching over the prince, and talking to/examining him in order to find out what is wrong. Before A can say anything, the Queen gives her seven rules:

  1. Never let him out of your sight for more than a minute. Any longer, you will have to find him. If he's gone and not on castle grounds, you will be punished. The prince does spend most of his evenings in his chamber, so this should not be a problem.

  2. When entering and leaving, check to see how Your Royal Highness is feeling. You may do so by his wrist and forehead. Doctors usually avoid having to check for his heartbeat via neck; he prefers if no one pays attention to that area.

  3. Before coming in, you must leave anything that is iron and sharp at the door; including your binyeol. The guards outside will take care of them while you are there.

  4. You have to be at least four steps away from him. Only when checking for his heartbeat and temperature, you are allowed to be close.

  5. Address him as Your Royal Highness and Sir; nothing else. Even if he tells you to call him something else, follow my orders.

  6. Do not be afraid of him and do not show it. Feeding his precarious needs is not going to help with anything. You are there to keep an eye on him, to figure out what is wrong with our soon to be king. Never forget that.

  7. Four weeks, that is how long you have to solve this. You are expected to follow my orders, be there every evening, not run off, and cure him. Please find out what is wrong, the whole kingdom depends on you.

So many have run off out of B's bed chamber refusing to go back. No success has been made even before the previous king's untimely death. Will A be able to work her way around B's odd antics? Or is she going to dash out like the rest? Perhaps, there is more than meets the eye. Who knows? All could be revealed under the pale moonlight.


  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer)'s rules
  • Be as active as possible. If you can only send one to two responses a day, that is perfectly fine. I'm a bit busy right now so I might only be responding so much in a day.
  • This is a literate rp, at least one paragraph per response with good grammar and spelling.
  • Keep in mind this rp is somewhat based off of a show called "The Scholar Who Walks at Night" which takes place during the Joseon dynasty. The rp takes place in the same time period only in a made-up dynasty though.
  • ^Also since this is a vampire x human rp, there is going to be blood as well as some violence and gore.
  • Having minor characters is a-okay with me; just as long as they make sense and help drive the plot.
  • Romance is also more than chill, this is meant to be a slow-burn romance. We're gonna keep it PG-13.
  • If you have any ideas to add onto the rp, please let me know.

I don't really have much to say except I'm sorry if this is a lot to read. Might add more to the list, but it's all good for now. For this I am going to be B and you, whoever joins, will be A. When someone does join, I'll probably ask for a sample. Afterwards I'll put up a template. I really do stress to read the rules before joining. If you have any questions, just ask. :D


(Here ya go! I thought I’d post two, one with not much dialogue and the other with a lot of dialogue)
Somewhere in the wooded mountains, nestled between the tall pines and redwoods, the earth seemed to open up it’s yawning, gaping mouth leading into its large throat with dripping rock and dark corners. But, if one stood at the entrance to this gaping cave mouth, they would see the faintest points of light inside. For you see, the earth’s mouth was not empty.
Redhollow’s Cave System was akin to the inside of an anthill. It did whatever it wanted, branching out, running up and down, stopping randomly. If one took a wrong turn or didn’t look closely, they would entirely miss the thriving civilization just beyond the first few narrow, winding passages. But that wasn’t a problem for those who dwelled in Redhollow, of course. If one did manage to find their way there, they would be greeted by a large, open space with not one straight line or flat plane in sight. Stalagmites and stalactites dripped from the ceiling and shot through the ground, the floor seemed to be made of shelves, steps, and slopes, and the ceiling no different. Aside from that, one would see that the points of light from the entrance were coming from small electrical glowing orbs inserted into the walls, ceiling, and floor, and from the small windows of buildings carved from the rock. Structures reminiscent of Victorian era architecture could be made out from the walls, they rested in crevices, atop little shelves of stone, or just on the ground. Nestled between them seemed to be large areas of light illuminating what looked like trees and other vegetation, surrounded by walls of glass. They were connected by metal bridges and passageways, on which there seemed to be people riding on deceptively simple bikes and motorcycles, and streamlined, triangular-looking vehicles with what seemed to be only three wheels. Pedestrians also walked these streets of metal and stone, whether in groups or alone. There were also rivers and waterfalls scattered throughout, sometimes winding right alongside the city’s streets. High up above, there also seemed to be small windows of natural light seeping in.
One could almost forget that this was the only human city for miles.

“Same here,” Mina responded to Lo. “I’ll just tell you if I don’t want to talk about it.”
She took note of Alek’s skittishness, licking her fingers. Then she turned to Eden, putting her hands on her lap and tilting her head at the reluctance of their voice as they said her name. Jonathan leaned forward beside her.
She smiled a bit. “So you want a story, do you? I met him about six, seven years ago? I think was at the…”
“The Red Spot,” Jonathan offered.
“Right, right. Our favorite library. I was supposed to find a book for my college class, but I got distracted and ended up looking at an encyclopedia for ancient civilizations that existed on the mother planet way back when.” She chuckled, pushing up her glasses.
“I was just looking for a novel that might catch my eye,” Jonathan shrugged. “But I also found myself looking at encyclopedias.”
“No,” Mina turned to him, a knowing grin on her face. “You were just passing by, then you came back to look over my shoulder like a nosy dog.”
He feigned offense. “How dare you. I was keeping to myself!”
“Uh, huh. Sure.” She laughed, making him laugh with her.
Calming down, she continued. “Anyway, he asked me about the encyclopedia, we got to talking, found out we went to the same university, and the rest is history.”
“I’m still surprised that you kept my attention for that long,” Jonathan muttered.
She snorted. “Still? Still?” She playfully nudged his shoulder.

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Name: Chang Kangdae
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kangdae has nut brown almond-shaped eyes. He stands around six foot two, but his posture always makes him look bigger. His skin is pale ivory; rarely does it ever tan. Although he is commonly seen in a traditional sangtu, Kangdae prefers to have some sort of variant of it, usually just the topknot, or leave his dark black hair down. When let down, it barely touches his shoulders. Most of the time he wears a black nobleman's coat with blue designs on it along with a black jacket and pants. His jacket is designed specially to hide the sides of his neck. The only accessory he wears is a wooden necklace with the king's coat of arms on the pendant. He hides the necklace under his coat and jacket.
Personality: It is always difficult to figure out what is on his mind. Kangdae is the kind of person who thinks high of themselves a lot. If he's bored, he'll find a way to cause trouble in order to entertain himself. The prince was not always this vexing or cold. Deep deep inside lies remnants of the compassionate vivid person he used to be, although he very much prefers to keep it hidden. He covers it up by being scary, a trickster, and even at times, manipulative. For Kangdae it is hard to open up about anything, he strongly believes there is no one to listen to him. Also he keeps a lot of secrets and eavesdrops a lot. Determination is both his enemy and friend. Once he sets his focus on something, he is not going to give up at all; he will get it by any means.
Backstory: Kangdae had a simple childhood. He spent most of his time beside his mother, caretaker, or father since he was the only child on the castle grounds. A lot of times he was studying and training so he would be more than fit to take the throne when the time comes. If he wasn't studying or with someone, Kangdae would sit next to the red wisteria tree by the pond in the west side of the castle writing. He loved to write poems and short stories. Being surrounded by adults made him feel mature yet alone. By the time his brother, Doyun, was born, Kangdae was fourteen. At 18, he was sent to the north to spend time with his younger brother. By the time he was to go home, he was escorted by ten other men. The group was attacked just thirty miles outside of the capital. Not much is known about what happened, but Kangdae returned alone and much different than before.
Other: He has the habit of putting his index finger on his lips when listening to someone. Also, Kangdae likes to sneak out of his bed chamber every Friday evening for an hour.


(I have a little bit, ig I’m just unsure of her hairstyle, clothing, and what her life before working in the palace would look like. Perhaps you could point me to some sources of info?)


Name: Hwang Jimin
Age: 20
Gender: female
Appearance: She stands at 5’6, with a slim figure and few curves. I’d say she’s a tone darker than Kangdae, but still pale with a few random freckles here and there. She has upturned eyes the color of mahogany, pouty lips, and a round, heart-shaped face. She wears her long, slightly wavy dark hair in a braided bun at the nape of her neck, probably the ttoya meori style? She wears a violet hanbok with darker trim.
Personality: Jimin’s generally very quiet, thinking before she speaks. In a way, she also has a lot of repressed emotion in her as well, usually only showing a hard, professional exterior in most situations. A rule follower and a people pleaser, she is basically seen as an ideal woman. She’ll occasionally have a mind to laugh or show her sassy side, however. Upon entering the palace and rising through the ranks, she has learned she has leadership skills and is good at managing people. She can take things too personally however, can be extremely perfectionist, and abrupt change is not something she’s particularly fond of.
Backstory: As a toddler, Jimin remembers being taught to read, write, and weave by her mother, but gradually becoming more neglected in favor of her older brother. She was later sent to her uncle, at first mending his clothing and cooking the meals, but eventually became something of an apprentice to him. She still performed the household duties, but he would let her listen to him explain his work or watch him do it in the evenings. Sometimes both. Late at night, Jimin would sneak out to see her uncle’s horse, and occasionally try to ride him. She’d had been enchanted with horses from the moment she first laid eyes on them, but she was always told that riding one was unladylike. There was one time when her uncle wasn’t home for a long while. He had said he was needed at the royal palace, and that he didn’t know when he’d be back. It was a little strange, but she managed well enough. There were a few older maids in the house who looked after her.
When Jimin was around 12 years old, her uncle had decided he was getting old enough that he needed an actual apprentice. That, combined with her family’s insistence on sending her to the palace, was enough for him to send her back to her family for a few days before she actually went. It was strange, suddenly being at the center of attention again. She was taught how to generally behave and speak when inside the palace, and then she was there.
Looking back, Jimin isn’t sure how she did it. She always thought she was just doing as she was told. For a few years, she was trained in more palace etiquette and different tasks, and then served one of the concubines, and then somehow, the Queen. Was it her noble status or her daily merit? Perhaps both.
Other: haha secretly a horse girl- but anyway she tends to stare when something confuses her or piques her interest. Her left eye will twitch when angry, and sometimes she hums little tunes when alone and/or bored.
(Tell me if I need to change anything! Love Kangdae btw)


(Thank you! Just to clarify, for how long is she supposed to stay with him? “From sunset to late evening” kind of confused me. Like, is she supposed to stay till after dark?)

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(No problem! Sorry for the confusion. Yes I would say till after dark, which probably means a little over an hour to two hours, if that clears any confusion up. Also, I forgot to mention, we'll just start off with her coming over if that's okay.)

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Another day in Pyeonghwa is coming to an end as the sun began to go down over the horizon. Kangdae stood on the far end of his bed chamber staring out at the balcony. Aside from going over plans for the enthronement ceremony and preparations, there was nothing else for him to do. Well, anything that had require for him to be alone at least. The daylight and concern from others has kept him in this very spacious cage. All he could do was read, write, and sleep till he had business to attend to or till the moon rose up in the sky. Sometimes he wondered if he really was the crowned prince or just a noble prisoner.

Stepping out onto the balcony, he leaned over. His hand slowly reached out meeting with the fading sunlight. Time has past long enough for him to understand his capabilities with the sun, but this was just a habit. He kept it out for a few moments waiting to feel any slight irritation or burning. Nothing.

Kangdae chuckled to himself as he examined his hand before turning away to go back inside. Only a few more moments left till he can roam around outside freely. Shouldn't be very difficult to wait till then. Sliding the doors shut, he walked over to the table desk that stood a short distance away from the bed. His aekjureum laid on the floor beside it along with the jacket. He only picked up the coat then put it over his shoulders.

After a while, he decided to sit down in from of the table. A few books laid on the left corner while his ink and brush sat on the opposite side. Right as he made the decision to grab a book, something lead his attention towards outside. Clearly someone is coming this way to this room. It was not strange to him how he could pick up a person's smell from a distance anymore. He closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply. When he opened them again, they lit up a bright shade of red before returning back to their natural dark brown.

The doors in front of him opened just a bit for a guard to stick his face in. "Someone's here for you, Your Highness.", the guard had announced. Kangdae could not help but roll his eyes hearing the announcement. He simply nodded as a response then motioned for the other to close the door again. What was it now? Taking a deep breath, he shook his head while looking back down at the book. Perfect.


Jimin stood outside the door to the prince’s chambers, trying to take deep breaths. She was here, there could be no hesitation now.
She went over the Queen’s rules in her head, her hands reaching behind her neck to take her binyeol from her bun. When Her Royal Highness had first pulled her aside and told her of her task, she resisted the urge to cringe. She respected the crown prince, as she did all the other members of the royal family, but even she couldn’t deny something about him was off. But it wasn’t her business, and they rarely crossed paths anyway, so she never worried herself over him. But now, and every evening after, it was her entire job. At least, until the prince’s ascension to the throne…
She took another breath to clear her head. I can do this. I’ve done everything else.
She left her binyeol with the guard, and at his nod, she entered the room. She announced herself, saying plainly, “Your Highness? Her Majesty the Queen sent me here to keep an eye on you in the weeks before your enthronement ceremony.”

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There is point for him to look over. Surely whoever this is will only end up leaving in a short amount of time. He smirked at the thought of it as he opened the book up. All the others had given up after a few days, maybe it is time to break his personal record. No, perhaps it is time to be patient; in order to make a plan, clearly. Although, an unfamiliar notion overcame him as he managed to steal a glimpse without lifting his head. Exciting how his mother sent over a servant of her own. Well this explains the sweet aroma of magnolia berries mixing along with the smell of iron. Mother must be so persistent to send one of her own ladies in waiting to me.

Kangdae finally decided to glance up at the young lady standing across from him. Biting the inside of his lip, he squinted. Is that just it? To watch over him? Sounds too simple to be true. He knows there must be more to it. Obviously she was given a list of things to follow. On the other hand, he cannot pinpoint what the true purpose of her being here is. "Is that all?", he questioned, "I suggest leaving now. It'd be best for you to do so. We cannot have a lady in waiting standing in front of me with her shoulders tensed."

Swiftly, he got up from the behind the desk. Staring back at the guard, he motioned for him to close the doors. He kept his hands behind his back as he made his way over to the court lady. Briefly, Kangdae simply stood in front for a few seconds before deciding to circle around her. His eyes trailed up and down as he examined her. After stopping, he went back to sit down on the cushion again. "Also, might I ask what your name is?"