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Kangdae was not sure what was going on. Why he was crying or why he just let the tears fall freely from his eyes; he had no idea at all. The only thing he was sure of was that he felt an odd sense of protection amidst the unknown surrounding the two of them.

"Brave? Me?" He whispered. He was at loss for words. What is he brave for? Crying or kissing her cheek? Or is it for the fact he has revealed his secret that could potentially lead him to lose everything to her? It did not make sense to him for he did not really feel as if he was being brave.

For a while, he did not say anything. He did his best to limit his sniffling and tears, though his efforts were staggered. Gently, his arms squeezed Jimin for a brief moment. The sound of her weeping made him want to weep even more. This isn't what he wanted to happened. Hearing her cry made him feel guilty, and he hoped she wasn't feeling the same.

"And what about you, my lady?" He asked. "Do you feel brave or are you scared at this very moment?" Picking up his sleeve, he used his to wipe some of his tears. "I can wipe away your tears, if you will let me, or we can stay like this for as long as you like. I do not mind."


She continued rocking them back and forth, the sound of their rustling clothes like a metronome. Jimin wasn’t sure why she was doing it, but it was comforting to her, and she hoped the same was true for him.
Yes, you, she said in her heart. He had been vulnerable in front of her. He had trusted her… with his undead life, really. He said he had not done so in a long time. Couldn’t he see how brave that was?
She kept her eyes closed, her mind once again drifting, though this time into nothingness. At last, her tears had stopped flowing, but her cheeks were still wet and she hadn’t really bothered to wipe them. Feeling his arms tighten around her, she shuddered slightly. Listening to him sniffle made her want to weep more as well, but it seemed her body did not have any more tears to give.
She looked up at him when she heard his question, a little surprised. “I… I don’t know, my prince.” It was difficult to form words now. If she was being honest, she was starting to feel sleepy, but she wasn’t going to mention that. “I can’t say I’m either one.”
A small huff of laughter. She couldn’t decide anything, for once. “I can wipe them away myself, but I’m starting to like the idea of you doing it. And I want to stay, but you know we can’t stay forever. I don’t mind either, haha. We can do what we like, for now.”

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Once he felt her shuddered, he loosened his arms. Glimpsing down at her, he looked confused. Her surprised expression left him to question what it was that is making her look this way. Was it something in his question?

"Prince….." He shook his head. Why is she calling him her prince? Of course, he is her prince, but it did not make any sense to him. She called him Kangdae not too long ago. And they are lovers too, are they not? "But….it is just the two of us. We are lovers. We can call each other by our names, can we not?" He asked.

Her laughter caught him off guard, but he managed to laugh along with her a little. Forever. Oh how he hates it. He sighed as he heard the word. What is the point of life and love if one is not meant to live forever? It does not make any sense to him. He wishes they could be like this, in this moment forever.

"I want to be with you in moments that feel like forever. That they will always be full with joy and happiness whenever we look back at them," He whispered. His eyes stared back into hers as he cupped her cheek. "Let's make one now, a moment that will last for eternity. Let's have fun together."

After wiping away a tear from his cheek, he let go of her and dashed over to the doors of the balcony. Kangdae opened them up, then turned to face Jimin. The corners of his faded crimson lips curved up into a little grin. He reached his hand out, beckoning her to come over.


She had to laugh again. “But you called me lady, did you not?” It seemed that he could be so silly sometimes. “Besides, I’m still getting used to it.”
As his cold hand met her warm, wet cheek, her smile faded slightly. Jimin could still see how his eyes glittered with tears that had not yet flowed. He hasn’t cried in so long that his body must’ve stored it all, even now. Forever… joy, fun… it seemed like a fantasy. They couldn’t truly have that, could they? When was the last she ever made a moment of joy, of fun for herself? When she was a child? It seemed like that was the only time anyone ever experienced true, innocent joy. And forever? Who could comprehend forever? Did Kangdae, a vampire for only three years, know what forever meant? Perhaps one moment would stay with her for a long time, but those moments ended, and things change.
But… “You tempt me,” came the reply. She turned to face Kangdae at the balcony, taking a moment wipe her own eyes. Returning his grin, she went up to him and took his hand.

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He gave a simple shrug and laughed a little. "I am not sure whether to call you 'my lady' or 'my dear' yet, or if you'd like me to," He replied. "You make my name sound so beautiful when you say it. Your voice is always sweet to hear."

As she walked over, his brows rose up as he tilted his head. "I do?" Kangdae felt her warm hand in his and lead her outside onto the balcony. His grin grew wider. With his free hand, he did his best to close the doors then he returned his focus to her.

Jimin…When his eyes laid back onto hers, he felt frozen for a couple of seconds. The way through moonlight reflected on her skin and eyes, it was as if he was staring at a piece of art. And he is. Oh if only his heart could beat. It would be pounding hard against his chest.

Sighing, he glanced up at the roof then over at the railing. Which way would be easiest for them to go? It is not he that he is worrying about more so it is Jimin. He doesn't want anything to happen to her in the amidst of trying to spend time with her.

"Jimin, do not be scared or guilty to do this. I will be at your side the whole time," He reassured, then kissed her forehead. After giving her a nod, he lead her over to the railing at the end. From there he let go of her hand and went to jump over the railing.

When Kangdae landed, he got up and brushed over his clothes. It wasn't the first time he has done those nor will it be the last. He looked up and smiled, "Come on, it is alright! I will catch you."


Jimin blushed slightly. “I don’t have preference. Call me both, if you like.” A small chuckle jumped from her lips. “Do I? Well then, I shall call you by your name.”
She saw his eyebrows raise, and the expression it made on his face made her laugh again. Perhaps it was a symptom of her sleepiness; everything seemed amusing to her. Reasoning that it may not it be the best time to be giggling every five seconds, she took a breath to calm herself. Though she heard the doors close, when she met Kangdae’s eyes, they sounded far away. Perhaps this is what forever was. In that single moment it felt as though a thousand years had passed. The thought to close the distance between them crossed her mind, but at that point he broke eye contact.
Her brow knotted up, slightly confused by his words, even as she felt his cool lips against her skin. She returned his nod, but it only knotted further when he led her to the railing. Then he jumped, and suddenly she felt much more awake.
After a moment she reassured herself that he would be fine, but it didn’t stop her from rushing against the railing and looking over to see him, nor did it stop her from breathing a sigh of relief.
That breath turned into a shudder. Despite his words, she was already feeling a little scared and guilty. Her gaze shifted from Kangdae below her to her hands gripping the rail. This probably wasn’t allowed. Then again, most of what they had been doing tonight probably wasn’t allowed. It reminded her of those nights when she was young, when she would sneak out in the night to see Bam. Her childhood. Joy…
“My apologizes, Kangdae, but I am already scared and guilty,” she admitted. She took a moment to prepare herself. There was no way, not in a thousand years, that she was going to jump. Gathering up her chima and sokchima, she stepped over the railing, one leg after the other. There was a small space between the railing and the end of the balcony where she could tip toe onto, then drop her feet over to where she was hanging with her hands grasping the railing. After silently composing a short prayer, she let go.

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"It is alright! You will be fine," He reassured. As he smiled, he lifted up his arms. "Let the fear go and have excitement run through your veins then jump! I will catch you."

Perhaps he should have thought his through more. This is much different from what he regularly sneaks out. The distance from up there to the ground is pretty high, but he didn't realize it till now. It is so feasible to him that he has forgotten about the limits of humans. Although, he forgets what that's like. To have humanity and to have limits as one. He does not even think twice before going over the rail or jumping onto the roof.

Kangdae kept his eyes on Jimin, waiting for her to jump. Seeing as she was on the edge, he bent his knees and crouched down. His arms lowered to his sides. At the same time she let go, he jumped up. Catching her in his arms, he wrapped them tightly. When reaching the ground again, he landed on his right knee.

"Wasn't that fun, my dear?" He asked, laughing a little afterwards. Gently, he placed her down then stood up. Taking a few steps back, he stretched his arms before letting out a deep exhale. Not bad for the first time catching a human in his opinion, although he was a little worried about how Jimin would feel.

A big beam swept across his face. Some sort of sensation of giddiness came over him. It was difficult to not hold back the excitement that was in him. This isn't a sneak out for blood, which is fun to him, but rather, this is a sneak out to have fun. To spend time with someone he is incredibly fond of.

His eyes gazed around the area. No one else was there except for the two of them. The only thing watcing them was the moon way up in the sky. He turned to Jimin then knelt down beside her. "Are you alright? That was quite a height, but that was amazing to see. You are brave," He beamed. His hand reached over to move away some strands of hair in front of her face. "Where shall we go? Over to the stream? Pass the palace grounds and to the city?"


For what seemed like a split second, it was not excitement that soared throughout her veins, but utter terror and adrenaline. It filled every part of her, making her squeeze her eyes shut and her muscles to freeze up. Then she felt arms wrapping around her and themselves landing on the ground, causing her to gasp and her eyes to fly open. She began breathing heavily, and when he set her down she pulled her knees against her chest and tried to compose herself. A wave of disorientation came over her, and she moaned quietly.
“I’m afraid… I’m afraid I must disagree with you,” Jimin said after a moment. It was good to hear him laugh, though she couldn’t say she would join him. She did smile a little though, glimpsing at his bright beam. The excitement about him was easy to see, and it was rather contagious, despite her fall. To spend time with Kangdae and for him to be excited about it seemed too good to be true.
Inhale, exhale. “I’m alright,” she decided. “Just give me a minute. Heh, I… perhaps I am. Thank you.” His fingers felt even colder now in the night air as they brushed against her skin, pulling away strands of hair. She then also decided to take in their surroundings. “I wouldn’t mind going over to the stream.”
After another moment she carefully got to her feet, putting a hand on Kangdae’s shoulder for balance. Brushing off her hanbok, Jimin offered him a small smile. It had been a long time since she had done something bold such as this, it may take some time to get used to.

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Immediately he crouched down and observed her. Tilting his head to the right, he watched as she pulled her knees in. His hand reached out but jerked to a stop as he listened. After, he finally placed his hand on her back, slowly patting her. Unsure of his actions, he kept on patting in hopes of helping Jimin feel better after the jump. "I am sorry for making you do that. We will not do that next time. It is alright," He reassured.

Her smile reassured him a little. It was difficult for him to resist the urge to beam. Briefly, he went back to moving away the strands of hair. "The stream.." He whispered to himself as his hand dropped onto his lap. Gazing back at her, he gave a nod. "We will go over when you are ready and okay."

Kangdae got back up again. His eyes wandered up towards the sky and moon again. Usually he did not think much about it or he would get angry everytime he saw the moon shine. And this time, he felt so many things at once to the point where he was confused. He did not even realize that Jimin's hand was on his shoulder because he was trying to figure out what he was feeling. It was thrilling.

Glancing back down, he took a moment to think through getting over to the stream. While he has been over there countless times, he tried to think of anything that may be any amount of dangerous. Looking over at Jimin, he sighed. "Shall we go now?" He held out his hand, returning her grin with his own.


Jimin closed her eyes, appreciating the patting despite his freezing hands. Amusement made her lips curl into a smile; she could tell Kangdae didn’t really know what he was doing. “Oh no, there’s no need to apologize. It wasn’t fun, but maybe it was good for me. I’d forgotten what it felt like to do something like that. I’d forgotten that… sometimes it’s fun to break the rules.”
It still felt strange to even admit it, but deep down she knew it was true. Those nights with Bam, breaking the rules to be with the horse; she didn’t regret it. Even when it was scary, even when she was about to be caught. Her eyes opened as she felt Kangdae’s fingers brushing against her skin again for a brief moment. Maybe there will be horses by the stream. Her smile grew at the thought.
Seeing how distracted he was, she followed his gaze and looked toward the moon. It’s beauty was still great, but now perhaps it had more meaning than it did two nights ago. Jimin tried to imagine a jealous moon, the crowd of stars around it yelling “Fools!” down at them from the heavens. Poor, poor moon, is the sun not enough to rival you? Do the stars not aid in your glory? Do not envy us, for the clouds can smother the sun and the stars in the sky are many.
She turned to Kangdae. His skin seemed to shimmer like a silver blade, his hair shone like dark silk. His eyes, under the moonlight, sparkled like droplets of onyx. She could’ve stared at him forever had he not spoken. She blinked, then took his hand. “We shall.”

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"I was not sure, and yet, I was just very worried after you jumped. It was very amazing to see you do such a thing and to do that, I am forever grateful for you," He beamed. His eyes lit up as he stared into hers, yet they wandered down to the ground momentarily. "Maybe sometimes it is necessary to break the rules for the sake of one's well-being."

Kangdae kept smiling as Jimin placed her hand into his. Immediately after, he felt the heat radiating against him. Everytime they touched each other, the first thing he noticed was the warmth, but his attention wandered to something else. Sure he has snuck out before, but that strange feeling of giddiness had never really been there before.

Perhaps it is because he is not sneaking out by himself. Rather it was because he was with Jimin. Going somewhere with her, just the two of them, maybe that is why. To be with her longer at night and to stare into her eyes shining under the moonlight.

Looking over his shoulder, he quickly glimpsed over up at the balcony. After that, he began to walk in the direction of the stream. "Let us go then!" He nodded. Walking in slowly strides, he did his best to make sure his steps were not too big. "It should only take a few minutes to get there. We will be there in no time, my dear."


She blushed a little at his words, but her smile fell. “Well, of course you had a right to be worried. I could’ve seriously hurt myself had you not caught me.” She paused, pondering over his last few words. It always seemed to her that rules were there for exactly that: one’s well-being. To keep one safe. And yet, as they had discussed during previous nights, some of those rules were rather arbitrary. She was not allowed to ride a horse in public. She had not been allowed to go outside as a child. Often it was a risk to speak her mind. She could not love…
Just as the first thing he noticed was her warmth, the first thing Jimin felt was his cold as their hands locked together. Somehow it caused a pang in her chest and her heartbeat to quicken. A shiver passed over her, a combination of the cold, the excitement of the night, and sleep deprivation. She continued to shiver slightly as they began walking, her heart pounding just a little faster as they drew father away from the balcony. This was all so strange, almost frightening. Never had she imagined when she began this assignment for the Queen that this is where she would be in just a few days.
At yet, at the same time, being with Kangdae made her feel somewhat relaxed. If she protected him inside the palace, then he protected her outside of the palace. And of course, this was starting to remind her of those young men her mother would talk about a long time ago, the young men who would sometimes court the women they wished to marry. Though this felt much less formal, it was the most familiar part of this occasion, and thus Jimin could take some comfort in it. And to spend time with Kangdae like this, well, it was more than she could ask for.
“I’m not particularly anxious to get there, Kangdae,” she said, a light smile coming back despite her shivers. “I do not mind if it takes minutes or hours, I will enjoy my time with you nonetheless.”

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Kangdae shook his head. His brows furrowed together as the corners of his lips turned downwards. Any traces of his excitement momentarily disappeared. "I will never let such a thing happen to you," He promised. "No harm shall ever come your way. I rather have it affect me, regardless of what it could be."

Glimpsing over to his side, a long breath drew out from his lips. The stern expression had completely left him as he was staring at Jimin now. Oh how he will never get tired of looking at her. He could practically do it for years and years without getting tired at all. And to be with her now and holding her hand, he must be the luckiest being in the world!

He wondered if they could possibly sneak out again tomorrow evening. Should they go to the stream again or somewhere else? Perhaps they could use Junho, as long as the horse is kind to Jimin. It has been awhile since he rode Junho; everytime he did, the horse would get scared and have a fit. Hopefully it will be nice and gentle to her though, he hoped, but he mustn't say anything about it yet.

As she spoke, he nodded along. His eyes glued to her lips, watching as they moved. Then his own curved into a grin. He chuckled as he gazed back, "And I as well, every single second with you is a gift that I shouldn't take for granted." Gently, he squeezed her hand. "But I can see that you are a bit sleepy, and that is what concerns me. We will get there when we do and on our way back, I shall carry you."

As he looked down at their hands, he noticed the shivering. Frowning once again, he tilted his head. Heat. Bleakness. He always forgets about simple things that he had once experienced and felt as a human. Now with Jimin at his side, he must make it a priority to remember everything he possibly can so that she will never be put in any harm or danger.

"Excuse me for a moment, please," He said. Kangdae stopped walking and let go of her hand. Although he wasn't completely sure if his robe would do anything, he still undid the tie and then placed it over her. After that, he fixed his nobleman jacket and made sure that the robe was not falling off of her. "There we go, much better! Do you feel better? Should we keep going?"


Jimin tilted her head and upturned her brow. “I appreciate that, Kangdae, and I admire your selflessness. But… you cannot guarantee that I will never be harmed, even if you are there to take the harm in my place.”
Physiologically, she was more fragile than he. Even though the idea was a little strange to her, as all of this was, she felt he could trust him with things like catching her when she falls and wiping her tears away. But her mind wandered back to the previous morning. Kangdae could not protect her from the emotional toll that came from speaking to his mother about this situation, and the compromises she had made to keep his secret. She had been lying to the Queen for a few days now. The thought alone weighed on her mind, even now, when she should be enjoying herself.
She sighed. She shouldn’t be thinking like this right now. It wouldn’t do to ruin the mood. She could feel the prince’s eyes on her. Her breath came out small and shivering as she tried to keep him from seeing anything in her face.
It was good to see him smile, as it lifted her spirits as well. She squeezed his hand in return, and blushed slightly at the idea of him carrying her. “You have no need to be concerned, and there is no need to carry me. I can simply lean on you on the way back.” To her dismay, she stifled a yawn as if on cue.
She pursed her lips as he let go and stopped moving. Blinking in surprise when she felt his robe around her shoulders, she cautiously tugged it around herself before looking back up at him and smiling gratefully. The robe wasn’t warmed from his body as would normally be the case, but it was another layer that could trap her own heat. It just took some getting used to.
“Thank you, I do feel better,” she replied. Taking his hand again, she found herself tracing the curve of his lips with her eyes as he spoke. “Let’s-“ she yawned mid sentence and quickly covered her mouth- “Let’s go.”

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"I suppose that I cannot, even given my circumstances, He nodded. A sigh left him. "But, I feel as though I should try to, in order to pay back for you protecting me. It is the least I can do for you. I am not sure of another way to repay you."

Kangdae's mind wandered off as they strolled along. For everything that Jimin has done, he was not sure how to repay her. He could practically give her anything, and yet, he still had no clue. And for being his lover now, he was worried about the risks he is bringing to her. In fact, he is worried about all the danger he is her putting her in.

He cannot even imagine what it must be like from her perspective, lying to Her Majesty and all, but oh how he has to give her so much credit for doing so. It is quite difficult for him to try to pretend being Jimin's shoes, and the fact made him even more anxious. A guilty feeling sank in his chest.

Out of worry and that sense of guilt, he swiftly looked over his shoulder then took a quick glimpse around. He did not really sense anything or picked up another person's smell. The only thing he did pick up on was the sweet aroma of the lovely young lady beside him.

Watching her yawn, he threw his head back and laughed. When he had forced himself to stop, he took a deep breath and nodded, "As you wish, my love. Although, if you want me to carry you, do not hesitate to let me know; it would be my honor."

Gazing over, he looked at her again. His eyes widened as he grinned. "The moonlight looks wonderful on you, and the robe looks even better on you," He exalted. "My my, I am lucky to have you, Jimin. I really am."


“I suppose it is only fair,” she conceded. “I protect you, you protect me. Besides, I cannot guarantee that no harm will come to you, either.”
Because their strategy to keep his secret will fail, one way or another. It seemed inevitable to her. And considering all the information Jimin has given the Queen at this point, it may be sooner than either of them would like. She gripped the sleeve of Kangdae’s robe. She was then reminded that she had been tasked to find the medical journals for Her Majesty, and how tight-lipped Kangdae seemed to have been about it. She would have to address the matter again, she knew, but not now. Oh, why must she think like this at such an inappropriate time?
His laugh quickly changed her mood, thankfully. Her ears reddened as she murmured, “I will let you know, then.”
Her lips then pulled into a smirk as she met his eyes. “Me? Why don’t you take a look at yourself, love? You’re beauty has made me stare many times. You’ll forgive me if I stare and admire many, many more.” She chuckled, a little sadly. “It pains me to realize that very few have said that to me, but… hearing you say it now makes it all the more wonderful to hear. I am lucky to have you too, Kangdae.”


(Ok, I have an idea. We don’t have to do it, but it’s something I’ve been thinking we could explore. I’ve been wondering how Kangdae would react to Jimin menstruating in the midst of all this, so idk, I was thinking she could have her period come up soon. If this too weird that’s fine, the thought just crossed my mind djkdjkddjk)

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(No, it's a pretty good idea actually. Let's do it! We can do it the next day if you'd like or whenever you want to, it's up to you.)

Kangdae lowered his eyes, nodding to what she said. Neither of them could guarantee that any harm would come to either of them, no matter how hard they try to look after each other. He wanted it to be the opposite. He really did. Strange, even though he will be king soon, he still cannot avoid danger or help Jimim avoid any too.

He tilted his head to the side as his eyes stared at her lips. Very slowly, he nodded as she spoke. His eyes wandered down to her neck before he eventually glanced ahead. In between some trees, he could see the stream from where they were.

Laughing along with her, he turned his head to glance into her eyes. The emotion in them made him wonder. Not many have complimented her? The statement did not make sense to him at all. A small gap was created between his lips. Lifting up their hands, he turned them so he was able to kiss the back of hers. Then afterwards, he lowered them.

"If only I could see my reflection like you do….I feel grateful for the ability to see my reflection in those eyes of yours. It makes me feel like I am human." He smiled. "No worries, for I will be doing the same; staring back at you in awe. And from there, I will continue to compliment you. It is quite difficult to not do so."


(Alright, awesome! I appreciate your enthusiasm haha)

Her grin turned a bit less sad when he kissed her hand. It wasn’t that not many have complimented her, in fact, just the opposite. Many have indeed complimented her, but it was mainly to do with her skills, service, and labor that she provided. And, as it turned out, that got old after a while. The words sounded empty, without meaning. It was never about who she was as a person. And although Kangdae’s words could be taken the same way, only spoken because she protected him, it didn’t seem right to. The way he said them wasn’t hollow or empty or familiar. It genuinely felt meant for her as a person. And those kinds of compliments were rare indeed.
Then Jimin frowned. “Can you not see your reflection in the water?” She asked, gesturing to the stream ahead. “I was told you only couldn’t see it in-“ a yawn cut her off- “in mirrors.”
Despite his words, she began to worry. It seemed she could never stop. For a moment thoughts ran wild in her head, until she considered saying what she was thinking. They were lovers now, it wouldn’t do to keep things from each other.
“Should I compliment you from there as well?” she asked quietly. “I find myself only saying those kinds of things when prompted. And… I suddenly worry I don’t compliment you enough. Maybe that’s just because I’m technically not allowed to show affection like that, or in any other way, so I just have it in the back of my mind and I don’t know how to get it out.” Her gaze drifted to her feet as she spoke. “And now I feel as though I’m not being fair to you by not saying anything.”

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"I am not very fond of running water. Whenever I come by, I pass quickly so I have never really looked into the water to see my reflection," He responded. "Even in ponds, it is difficult to see. And the moonlight does not make it any better sadly."

He wondered if it was a good idea to bring up passing over the stream at night. In the days that they have met, he has not really brought up hunting or feasting at all. It was a goal for him to avoid that yesterday, but today is different. Today, they are lovers and so they will be the next day. Would it still be best to avoid talking about it?

Kangdae worried about what would happen if he did. Although he only feasts when he has to, not out of spite like most do in those stories. The idea of telling her scared him. He could only guess what her reaction would be.

Quietly, he took a deep breath. No. Now is not the time to think about that. He will do his best to avoid it for her sake. Glancing back at Jimin, he noticed worry lighting up in her eyes; it made him question whether or not she saw the same in his. Nevertheless, he beamed, giving her a reassuring smile as he lightly squeezed her hand.

"Oh but Jimin, you already are!" He assured. "You compliment me by the way you look at me with your eyes. By being my other half and by the way your fingers intertwine with mine….How you are warm and I am bleak….The way you say my name…Your smile….You compliment in other ways that are not verbal, but if it makes you feel better, compliment with your words if you so must."

When they were at a reasonable distance from the stream, he stopped walking. He took a moment to take a glimpse around, making sure that no one else was in the area. The stream softly hummed while some birds made sound in the background.

"This is better than being stuck in that foolish chambers all the time," He nodded. Kangdae let go of Jimin's hand before he sat down on the grass. He looked up at the sky then at Jimin. "Gorgeous too."


“Ah, I see,” she said, understanding but not sharing his dislike for water. “Well, I hope being able to see yourself in my eyes is enough. You are indeed more handsome than my brother.” A chuckle slipped out as she stopped speaking, which then turned into another yawn.
Raising her head to look at him, for a split second Jimin thought she caught worry in his eyes that seemed quite similar to her own. But then a smile broke on his face, and she wondered if she imagined it. A slight blush rose in her cheeks as Kangdae spoke.
“Your other half…” she murmured. “Perhaps I will compliment you verbally more often as time passes,” she mused, but then shook her head. “But I think I will have to get used to the way you compliment me first, Kangdae. You truly do not speak to me like anyone else I know, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Your words make me feel better by themselves, and yet I cannot comprehend them.”
When they stopped, Jimin also took a moment to take in their surroundings. The burbling of the stream and birdsong drifting into her ears. The sweet smell of grass and the soft breeze in the air. This was a rare occasion, and she wanted to savor it. All too soon they will back inside palace walls, and who knows when there will be another moment like this. She nodded in agreement.
For a moment she stayed standing, staring into the distance. Then she glanced back at Kangdae and sat next to him.

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"It is enough. Not only do I get to see myself in your eyes, but I get to be close to you," He sighed. Watching as she chuckled, he did the same and kept on laughing quietly as she yawned. He shook his head. "I should be more handsome than him. A beautiful lady like you deserves a handsome man like me."

He kept his head tilted up, staring at her. Above Jimin, he could see the stars shining bright. Then there was the moonlight kissing her skin and showing the blush on her cheeks. Softly, he bit down on his bottom lip, trying to hold back another compliment. Letting his eyes stare, he took in every single detail he could for he did not want to miss one thing.

Kangdae draped his left arm around Jimin's shoulders, leaning into her. Using his other hand, he adjusted the robe on her to make sure that it was not falling off. When his eyes trailed up to meet hers, he smiled softly. He was going to say something, and yet at the same time, he was not sure what to say.

After a couple of moments, he finally began to speak. "Compliment me verbally all you want and take all the time you need. I could listen to your voice for the rest of eternity," He said. "You cannot comprehend my words?" His head tilted before he moved his lips closer to her ears and whispered, "Is there anything I can do to make them understandable or should I just keep complimenting you, Jimin?"


“I suppose I could agree with that,” she laughed again. Absentmindedly she rubbed the hand that Kangdae held, trying to warm it up. It was strange to have one warm hand and one cold hand.
A chill came over her as Kangdae put his arm around her, but this time it wasn’t because of his cold. Jimin felt the heat in her cheeks and ears intensify, and yet at the same time her heartbeat began to slow. A peace followed the chill, and she leaned into him just as he leaned into her. There was no guilt now, no shame. Just peace, and the feeling of Kangdae beside her.
For a moment he didn’t speak, so when their eyes met Jimin was nearly sucked into his dark orbs. Her gaze traveled down to his lips as he smiled, taking in how soft they looked. She blinked with surprise when they moved so he could speak; it had almost seemed like he wasn’t going to speak at all.
Another shiver washed over her as he whispered in her ear. Her own sheepish smile grew on her face. “Ah, not like that. It is like I said, you are the only one who speaks to me in this way, so I understand the words themselves, but not the context around them. Almost like you shouldn’t be saying those things, yet I… I like it when you do.” Then the smile fell into a small grin. “Well, it won’t be for eternity, but if you insist.” She tilted her head. “I know I’ve said it before, but your voice is so very warm and alive, and sometimes… sometimes I can feel the words you speak pulling me closer to you, like a moth to a flame. I feel the same way about your voice as you do about mine. And your eyes, also. They’re very beautiful to stare into, especially when the moonlight hits them.” She paused. “And I like… I like being held like this, and being embraced by you. Even though your body is cold, your arms are soft yet sturdy. To be held by you is a great pleasure, my love…” her voice trailed off as she yawned again.

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Her laughter. Hearing it was like listening to mellifluous music or song birds in the early morning. No matter how hard he tried to chuckle, he stopped and watched Jimin. Oh how he wished there was a way to capture this moment forever and to keep it the way it is. He wouldn't mind listening to her laugh or see her smile over and over again.

Something about Jimin made him feel so…so…so different. It was not the sweet aroma of her blood or her heart pumping at all. Instead it was the way she looked at him, the way she spoke about plans or about them, and the way she lights up. Even holding her makes him feel strange, yet in a good way. Again, he was feeling so many things at once, and yet at the same time, he felt safe and protected and calm. There are some moments where he forgets that he is the crown prince and a vampire. He just is Kangdae and that is it. Was he doing the same for her? He hoped.

"You do?" He whispered again. "You like it, honey? I suppose that I should keep whispering such flattery into your ear." Seeing as a shy grin had swept across her face, Kangdae finally managed to chuckle. His hand lightly brushed against her cheek, feeling the warmth of it. As he smirked, he let his knuckles run down her forearm. Quickly though, the smirk faded as he looked back at her again.

He gazed down at her lips, watching as they moved when she spoke. Slowly, his chin moved up and down, gradually nodding to each word that he heard. With all the effort he could manifest, he focused despite his eyes kept lowering to Jimin's lips. His own began to pout as his brows furrowed.

"My love…" He whispered while smiling. On top of everything she said, those words…my love, he swore it was like lightning had struck him. Those two words; hearing them come from Jimin sound so beautiful. Shutting his eyes for a moment, he kept beaming. When opening them, he stared at her then took ahold of her hand.

"I know….that I will never be warm again, but….I want to be. Through my words and my actions, I want to be warm. Through you, I want to be," He exalted. "You deserve to be held and embraced. You deserve to hear compliments all the time and to recieve kisses. You deserve so much, Jimin, and I shall give it all to you. I am all yours and I will be warm."


“Honey?” She snorted. “That is one I have definitely never heard used for me.” His fingers seemed to cut through her warm cheeks like ice, and she drank up the sound of his chuckle like she was parched. As he ran his fingers along her arm, she murmured, “Not… not that I don’t liked it, just that it sounds strange to my ear.”
Then she blinked as if suddenly remember something. “Wait, I called you that? ‘My love?’ Ah well, it’s true and only fair, I think.”
It was a little difficult to think properly now, and Jimin’s eyes were starting to feel rather heavy. At least the conversation felt more casual and leisurely this time, so she didn’t have to worry so much about what she said. She glanced at Kangdae, her heart fluttering when he beamed. Feeling their fingers intertwine, she played with them a little before grasping his palm. It was warmer than before, probably because they had been holding hands for long enough that she shared her heat with him. The thought gave her an idea as he spoke again. She squeezed his hand once before letting go, then took his robe around her and draped one side around Kangdae’s shoulder, so that they were both wearing the garment.
“Here,” she said sleepily. “I warmed it up for you.” She layed her head against his shoulder, her eyes becoming slightly wet again at his words. “I never… I never thought I needed to hear that. Thank you, Kangdae. I think you deserve those things too…. and just as you are mine, I am yours….”
She trailed off as words left her. Silent, she stared ahead, listening to the stream go by. She blinked, but her eyes stayed closed for a bit to long. A single tear slipped out as she fell into slumber.