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(No it's good! I do not have much experience writing scenes like these so I hope mine is alright. You're good, don't worry.)

Oh how the stars above him feel so warm against him. Her lips refreshing for his thirst. Her touch making him melt underneath it. The sensation of her heart echoing against his void chest. All of this is making him feel alive. It was not even the fact that he felt alive, it was just….he is happy. He is being loved by Jimin and loving her.

A sigh had flew from his lips after the kiss was broken. The sounds of her static breathing filled his ears like song birds. He kept his eyes closed as he breathed deeply, taking in the beautiful sounds of her. It was awhile before he had opened them again. Sensing Jimin resting her head on him, he beamed.

"No, not at all, my dear," He whispered in response. "Whenever your heart desires." Maybe the worry had finally turned into dust and blew away. Maybe it is still lingering within in his hollow heart and burning soul. Wherever it is, all Kangdae knows is that the feeling of her head on his shoulder has never been so rewarding. Heat still pressed gently on his lips and face.

Slowly, he traced his fingers against her cheek. His fingertips glided over her skin. Tilting his head slightly, he stared at his lover. "Are you alright, Jimin?"


(Oh, yours are great! I love reading yours)

As his whispers washed over her, her smile widened. For a moment Jimin took in the feeling of his touch on her cheek, then raised her head to press her lips against his temple.
“I’m wonderful,” she murmured. “You don’t need to worry about me, Kangdae.”
Her hand ran through his hair again, bringing him closer to kiss him again. These were more gentle, less firm, and her lips would slip away only to come back and press onto his again. Her face was still heated, but earlier her heart had been pumping quickly and now it was slowing down.
She was not really thinking anymore, only feeling and doing. One kiss lasted longer than the others. It became fiercer as her hand slid behind his neck. It was like she was parched again, feeling a need to satisfy a sudden thirst.

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"Good," He cooed. His laughter was low before he exhaled. "Even when expressing love to each other, I want to make sure that you are alright."

Excitement and anticipation sent shivers down his spine as she moved her hand through his hair. Take him. Lead him. Lead him into a paradise that they could only know. Lead him into a place that only she can take him. That is all he was able to think as he felt her lips laying on top of his.

He is melting underneath her touch. His lips glided underneath hers, moving softly yet quickly. Time had faded away from his mind. A sudden flash of need soared through him at the sensations. Oh how addicting such a thing can be.

Kangdae let his hand rest on her back. It pressed lightly, yet enough to bring Jimin the closest she could be to him. Not a single space left between them.


They stayed like that for a while, close and pressed into each other. The feeling of Kangdae’s hand on her back made Jimin shiver with pleasure. She did not want him to stop holding her, nor for her to stop holding him. His softness was electrifying, his eagerness thrilling.
Then she slowed, and moved to kiss his cheek. After taking a moment to breathe, she then asked, “And you? Are you alright?” Her voice was a whisper, and her eyelashes fluttered slightly. Her hand moved back to his soft hair. If he truly wanted to stop, she would be fine with it. If they continued into the night, she would not mind that either. She was not in pain, as far as she could tell, but her underclothes were most likely stained by this point. The thought dismayed her, but she did not want to think of such things now. She leaned against him, simply waiting for his reply.

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Kangdae did his best to control all the fervor flowing through him. So when Jimin had begun to slow down, he was only able to do the same within a few seconds. With eyes still closed, he sighed at the feeling of her kissing his cheek. He laughed a little.

At first, he just nodded in response. His vocal cords were stunned. Lifting his chin up, he opened his eyes gazing up at her. Ah, the most beautiful soul on this earth.

"I am……." The words freely slipped off of his tongue. His body was shocked from the sudden change of tension to relaxation. It wanted more. He wanted more. He wants to love her. From now until the sun rises, that is what he wants to do.

"My dear, whatever it is you want to do….whether that is to continue on….or to stop, I am fine with either just as long as I can see my stars above." Pausing for a second, he kissed the tip of her nose. "I love you. I love, you, Hwang Jimin."


She stared at him. With his eyes closed, he almost looked unreal. Were it not for her hand in his hair, she would have believed him to be a statue. That statuesque beauty seemed to stand out to her again, but then she saw him nod, and the illusion was broken. Desire rose in her again, and she felt herself leaning closer. He had the impression of someone drunk on love now, but then, perhaps they both were.
Jimin smiled. The little snowflake kiss on her nose, his low laughter. It was like a dream. She kissed his cheek again in return. “Then let us give each other what we deserve, Chang Kangdae,” she murmured. “I love you, too.”
Her lips pressed onto his once more. She drank him up and poured into him. Slowly, gradually, she pulled him close until she was lying down and he was on top of her. If only time could stop, and she would live in this moment forever.

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A low exhale drawed out from his lips. His gaze was set on Jimin; it is unbreakable at this point. No matter what, he just couldn't look away. Not away from that smile. Not away from those sweet plump lips. Not away from the stars on her face.

Is he drunk on love? Yes, yes he is. His senses were filled with it. The smell of blood pumping had filled his nostrils as his touch was overtaken by her fingers in his hair or his hand on her back. Her voice filling his ears, leaving him in shivers. Practically every single part of him was overtaken as if a spell was put on him.

He grinned at her words. His lips parted, welcoming hers. Kangdae pressed up against her, as he took in the kisses. His hand reached up to her hair to protect her head as she pulled him close. Using his other hand, it laid on top of the bed. Savor each moment, he thought to himself. Savor each moment with Jimin.


She was on fire. She must have been. Everything inside of her was so hot and burning. His coolness was a relief, a necessity. His cold would keep her from burning up as she poured her warmth into him. She was burning. She was drunk.
When Jimin felt Kangdae's hand in her hair, her eyes began to water, though she had no clue why. No tears spilled out, but they wetted her eyelashes. There were the quiet sounds of shifting fabric, soft breathing, and occasional moans, but in her mind, it was so loud. It was like the pounding rain or swaying trees with their leaves brushing against each other all at once. She could not think, there was only the desperate need to hold him, to never let go. Her fingers gently tugged his robes.

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He wished she could just rip his robes off. To feel her fingers digging into his back, he never had ever wanted to feel such a thing before. He wants more. Even in the waves of delight washing over him as their lips twisted and convulsed, desires were overwhelming him. Groans echoed from the bottom of his throat. Sometimes he would turn his head a little just to make the kiss deeper. His grip on the bed tightened. Despite being able to hear the sounds of the late night, the noises of their lips moving filled his ears.

Something was pulsating against him. His eyes opened wide, almost at the verge of popping out. The pupils were bleeding red, but they did not fade back into the normal dark brown shade; they stayed crimson. Another thirst had tainted his lips. Moving his hand from her hair, it gently stroked the side of her face all the way down to her neck. Eventually his lips broke away from hers, only to press lightly against the soft skin on her neck.

It was not long till he pulled away again. This time his lips move back as fangs had appeared. Inhaling deeply, his gaze fixated where his lips previously laid. His head shakingly titled to the right as he moved it closer. It kept steady though as it twitched slightly getting closer and closer. The fangs almost, just almost, brushed against the skin until he forced himself to stop. Within seconds they had disappeared, but he softly collapsed on top of her, resting his head beside hers. Very gradually, he took deep breaths while keeping his eyes closed. He was too embarrassed to open them.


She let him lead then, as he deepened the kisses. As his grip tightened on the bed, her fingers dug deeper into his robes. Things she had never felt before built up inside her, causing moans to be forced out. Something about his touch gliding down to her neck made a tear in her eye fall, down into her ear.
When the kiss was broken, she gasped, her chest rising and falling as he moved to her neck. Her eyes fluttered open, but her mind was groggy, as if she was coming out of a stupor. Then he pulled away once more. Her mind gained a sudden sense of clarity. The beautiful statuesque illusion from before had all but completely been erased, and in its place were the red irises and sharp fangs that gave him an appearance more in line with the stories of old. But he was beautiful. Oh, he was monstrous, and he was beautiful, how could he not be? Instead of those deep dark orbs, it was the pools of rubies and blood that she got lost in. Instead of soft, smiling lips, it was gleaming, snake-like teeth that she could not tear her gaze away from.
Her breath became shaky. As his fangs nearly brushed against her, she whimpered softly, her eyes wide. Yet, she could not move. Her hands had gone limp, and one of them released its grip on his hair. Then as quickly as they came, the fangs were gone. His soft, cool body pressed against her, and she buried her face in it, trying to cool herself down. It didn’t really solve anything though, she had shared her warmth with him. At least it was not actually emitting heat.
“So this is the limit.” Her voice was only just loud enough to be heard. “Kangdae, understand this. Not once as you wept were you weak, but this… this was the one moment where you strayed into weakness.”

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If only he knew what had overcome him. Kangdae could not explain it; he wished that he was able to. On the other hand, if he did, then this wouldn't have happened. They could have went on if the two of them had desired. Jimin then would not have seen his fangs. She would not be in danger of him, of it. Regardless of all the what if's, sadly, it had happened and he is ashamed.

He feels drained. The force of fighting against his natural bloodthirsty urges must have overwhelmed him. Still, even in his now exhausted mind, he does not understand how the thirst had appeared out of nowhere. As he tried to ponder about it, all the thoughts of it were weighing him down.

Jimin. Her heat continued to radiate against him. Finally, he mustered up the strength to get up and sit at the edge of the bed. He should have gotten up and away the moment he realized what was going on; he's a fool for not doing so. His head hung low as his shoulders had dropped. Strands of hair fell in front of his face.

Strayed into weakness, her words had clung to him. All of it is true, there is no way for him to deny that. Certainly, he feels weak now. He wanted to say sorry, to say "I love you". This is not his limit, he wanted to argue, he can do much more. They could have went on if it had not overtaken him. He wanted to ask for forgiveness, to beg for it even. Shame had gotten him into a chokehold for he could not say anything.

Somehow, even after his head had jerked again, he nodded. "Let it be known then….that I was not taking advantage of you, Jimin," He barely audibly admitted. "I do not know what happened, though it lingers and lingers even as I weep. Even as I love you, look at you, smile and laugh with you, it lingers therefore the weakness is always with me."


The fire was gone. A hollow, empty feeling had replaced it. Yet, when she brought a hand to her face, it was still warm. Her lips felt as though they had been crushed. It was difficult to get her mind to focus. It went back and forth between the feeling of when they were pressed against one another, his red eyes and fangs, them grazing her neck. For a moment she had not registered that he had moved to the edge of the bed.
Jimin sat up, and had to overcome a brief sense of dizziness. She tried to smooth down her hair, tucking away any flyaways. Inevitably her attention was drawn to the sound of Kangdae’s quiet voice.
“No, my dear, you were not,” she affirmed. Though she had been afraid at the time, not once did she think what had happened was intentional on his part. “And I cannot judge you for it. We all have weaknesses, after all,” she murmured. “But there is a difference between giving each other what we deserve and indulging in consuming desires, so this is where we must draw a line. It is in order to keep each other safe, you very well know.”
She wanted to reach out to him, take his hand or touch his shoulder, but she worried that he did not want to be touched. She sighed, taking a moment to think. “Please, can you tell me— is it because you are hungry? Or perhaps because I am bleeding?”

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Kangdae knew that it would be unwise of him to just wallow in any form of self-pity or weakness. On the contrary, he felt as if it were the only way to figure out what had happened and why he did it. Now, he felt like he himself did not do it, but more so the natural instinct of being a vampire. Of course he still did it and there's no denying it. There is no way for him to really now. He is the only vampire on palace grounds, or at least, that is what he believes.

Jimin's words pierced through his thoughts like an arrow into a deer. Almost startling for him despite the unnatural sluggishness in his movements. Turning his head, he glanced at her over his shoulder. Strands of hair still covered most of his face. Hesitation gleamed in the dark pupils of his eyes while they stared at her.

Her words made sense to him. All of it did. Though, in all honesty, he was more worried about her wellbeing than his. An undead monarch falling in love with a human lady in waiting, he should have prepared better for her sake. He wanted to sit beside her, lay his head on her shoulder or vice versa. He wanted to pull her into a gentle embrace, but could he?

He said nothing. Typically he would have argued something or find some string of words in hoping to convince that he can make the situation better. It was not until Jimin had asked him when he finally let his lips part as he began to speak.

Actually he didn't. The moment he took in an exhale, he stopped. Was he really hungry? No, he fed a little less than a week ago. Wait…Did he? His eyes wandered from the sheets back up to hers before he shrugged. "I am not so sure myself," He shook his head. Burying his face between his hands, he shook his head again then let his hands drop. "Maybe I am hungry. It could be the fact I have never loved someone this way since I died and turned. I told you a few days ago I tried meeting with a few concubines, how it never worked. It could be anything. I wish I knew why. I wish I knew…..I wish…."


In the silence, she nearly got lost in herself again. Her muscles twitched, and she found herself yawning. She covered her mouth, closing her eyes. She opened them just in time to hear him speak. As she listened her gaze was fixed in him, despite her sudden drowsiness.
Even though he said he may be hungry, there was a sense of inner guilt in Jimin. She had been afraid that her bleeding would be a problem, and how is it that the start of her cycle coincided with this? Maybe if she was not bleeding, this would not have happened. Maybe they would have been able to continue on, enjoying each other.
Partially out of anxiety, she slipped out of the bed. Pain struck her abdomen, and a soft hiss came out of her, but she ignored it and turned to look through the covers.
“Well, since you don’t know why,” she said as she looked, “you shouldn’t drive yourself insane trying to figure it out.” She found nothing. Satisfied and more than a little relieved, she decided to sit beside him. “I had hoped we could figure out a way to prevent more instances like that in the future with that information, but we can still work something out without it.”
The cramping had come back with a vengeance, but the tea was probably cold by now. She shut her eyes tight, her hand gripping the bed. “Mm…” she had been about to speak, but had to remind herself to breathe. After a few moments, she murmured, “It was… so wonderful. I want to do it again, but we should try to be more careful. I should not have…” A sigh. “I should not have brought us down onto the bed.”

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The feeling of hunger usually clings to him the way a frightened child clings to their mother. So strong, so tight. Usually it clogs his mind the entire day until he get his target. Now his mind is hollowed out nearing the point of being worn and weathered; not tensed with the stress continuing to build up. Maybe it is another kind of thirst or maybe he is in fact hungry. Whatever it may be, he just wants to learn to control it.

He almost chuckled at her words. Lowering his head, he stared down at the floor. Honestly, he would not be surprised if he hadn't already. That is something his mother does a lot, and he is his mother's son both sharing copious amounts of worries. Nevertheless, he let go of the pondering. Jimin is right, there is no use to it. "I am sure that we will," He softly hummed. "I enjoyed feeling you enjoying yourself…enjoying me. All those captivating sensations blossoming between us."

Finally he develops some courage to rest his hand on her back. His eyes do look over at her neck but only so they could climb up to get a glimpse of her cheek. Cautiously, he leans in to give her a little peck. "No….Do not say that my dear." He placed another kiss below the neck area then quickly removed his lips. "How would you have known? You were curious yet daring, there is nothing to blame for in that."

Kangdae laid back on the bed. His hand gradually slid down her back before resting on top of the sheets. "You know how in stories the hunters always win? It's because of control. They make sure they are always on top so then nothing happens to them. Maybe there is something for us to learn in that in this situation." As he spoke, he let his hand travel up and down her back. "Why not do it again? Would you like to, Jimin?"


When Kangdae placed his hand on her back, she closed her eyes and exhaled. A smile grew on her face as he kissed her. It wouldn’t take away the pain, but it made things a bit better. And it was nice to see that he was comfortable with touching again. “I suppose you are right.”
For a moment she stayed where she was, letting him rub her back. It helped with the cramps, somewhat. “Mm…” Perhaps there was something to learn from those stories. Though, it felt to her as though they had been staying on top of things all along, and only now had let their guard down. How should they learn from that, then?
She gave him a small, tired smile. “My love, I am in pain again. And I’m starting to get sleepy.” She laid down, then curled up against him. “Though, I wish I could sleep here, with you.” She closed her eyes, trying to relax so the pain would leave her. It seemed like claws were gripping her tightly around the hips, and she couldn’t pry them off.
“You know, red eyes are rather attractive on you.” She tried to sound nonchalant, even casual, but saying it made her face warm again.

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The feeling of silk slid against his fingers as he gently dragged them along. He liked the whispers of it while doing so; a soft lullaby or hum that murmured in his ears. Even though his rubbing was slow, it progressively became slower. The powers of the night flowed through his veins, and yet, he felt unusually lethargic. Must have had been from fighting against those habitual urges just minutes ago. Guilt still hung within his heart though, even if they have moved on from it.

Kangdae stopped. His hand dropped onto the bed when he looked up at Jimin, smiling back. As she laid down, he wrapped her in his arms. "Let me try to take some of the pain away, my lady." Somehow trails of low chuckles left him as she snuggled up to him. At first, her words did not hit him; he did not realize the impact they had on him. I wish I could sleep here, with you…. Softly squeezing Jimin, he kissed her cheek again. "Maybe someday…." He whispered. "Maybe someday we can. Not in these bed chambers, but somewhere else."

"Pardon?" The calmness of his face drastically changed when his pupils widened. He paused as his thoughts had come to a halt. Then there is his brows which had been rose until he giggled. "Only to try to match the redness of your cheeks right now my dear," He cooed. "I have heard they can turn blue or even permanently stay blue, though from others' eyes, I've known them to be red. Do you really like them? Even when I am the way I am?"


Being in Kangdae’s arms made her very close to falling asleep, but his voice kept her awake. “That would be nice,” she murmured, though his chuckling confused her.
Jimin opened her eyes, unable to not look at him. A grin spread on her face, though her cheeks were still red. As he giggled, she laughed with him, then moved to kiss his nose.
“Matching is nice,” she said. “And yes. They’re very… bright, and deep. All at once.” Closing her eyes again, she breathed, “Especially when you are the way you are. If you were human, they wouldn’t be red. But they’re attractive when they’re brown, too…”
She trailed off. The feeling of his cool arms, the imprint of his lips on her cheek, his warm voice filled her senses. She edged closer and closer to unconsciousness.

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"It would be, indeed," He sighed. The gleam in his face had briefly fallen to a somber. Only when she kissed his nose did he smile again. Her laughter filled his ears like sweet music. With caution did he tightened his embrace.

Funny how he really never had thought of what his eyes appeared to be. All he can recall is stories and what he had barely seen in the reflection from ponds and rivers. On the other hand, it made him happy to hear that they were pleasing to look at, that she likes them.

A question suddenly had fallen off of his lips. "Shall I take you back to your quarters again, my love?" Softly rubbing the side of her head, he stared at the little freckles on her. It must be getting late seeing as she is about to fall asleep. If only he was able to have figured these details out already. He did not want the evening to turn into daytime. He did not want her to go back so soon.

Despite all these wants, he knew that even as a prince, even as a vampire, that he cannot acquire them. Nevertheless, Kangdae had everything now. Well, almost everything, but he has Jimin now and so does she have him. Even in the lonely hours of the sunlight, he felt her company.


The claws around her hips seemed to loosen, if only for a moment. At first, Jimin did not answer. After a moment or two, her eyes flickered open again as she registered her lover’s question.
“Hm?” Then, like a crashing wave, a million thoughts flooded her mind. She felt her brow knot together with anxiety. When she got back to her quarters, she would need to take care of some things. Not only that, the prospect of retiring for the night reminded her that tomorrow would come after. She would face the queen again. Her mind scrambled until she remembered that she would tell Her Majesty that Kangdae did not know where the journals were, but what else would she say?
Their conversation from this morning came back to her. All that Jimin had promised, all the lies she had told. Rather impulsively, she took Kangdae’s hand that rubbed against her head. Once again, the question rose up in her. How long could she keep this up? How long until they were discovered? Her breathing turned shaky as she remembered the footsteps from earlier. How fragile must they be? She was made of glass. If she shattered, even his strong marble will crumble.
Tears stung her eyes. She was tired, she reminded herself. It is not good to think like this at this hour. Taking Kangdae’s hand and squeezing it a little, she placed it over her chest. Gradually, her breathing relaxed. She would figure it out. She would take care of things.
“Yes,” she whispered. “You may carry me back.” Her voice cracked a little, but she tried to lighten herself up by continuing, “And let’s not forget my binyeo this time.”

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All the gleam in his face had soon turn into concern. He knew that something was wrong by the sudden change in Jimin's face. The swift change in her aura arrived just as swiftly as he asked the question. Whatever troubles that had left her mind earlier this evening must have returned. Apologies built up, but none dared to escape. Kangdae let her hold his hand. His eyes watched as she held it against her chest.

He chuckled, "Do not worry, my love, I will not forget it." Gazing down at their hands, his lips formed a small smile. Gradually, he got out of the bed. "You have need to worry." The words fell off of his tongue before he turned, ambling towards the door. An odd feeling hung within his senses; they could not pick up the guards standing outside. Not even a single aroma of one of them. Stopping at the door, he looked over his shoulder back at Jimin. Holding his finger up to his lips, he made a small shushing sound.

Kangdae stepped out into the hallway as fast as he could, closing the doors behind him. In his peripherals, no one was there. The hallway was empty except for him and the binyeo that laid on the floor beside his feet. No blood was left behind, just the binyeo. He whispered something, pretending as if he were hypnotizing the guards. If he could fake it for Jimin's sake, well, it would be better than nothing. After he was finished, he covered his hand with the robe sleeve and picked up the binyeo.

Even as he walked back inside with it, he felt his hand burning. Silver. Deadly. Biting down on his bottom lip, he waited till he shut the door to drop it. If one considers practically throwing the thing onto the floor, then that is exactly what the crown prince had done. His sleeve pulled back revealing the small burn. Another sigh escaped him. Thankfully it was not bad for it should go away soon.

Again he picked it up, but quickly sat it down on the bed. Glancing down at his hand, he shook his head. "We can go whenever you desire, my dear. You shut your eyes and start to relax too. Those guards will not remember anything so you do not have to worry."


Jimin stayed curled up in the bed, sleepy and in pain. Though her thoughts swirled, her body overpowered them and she fell into a light doze while Kangdae was outside. She heard nothing and saw nothing, and was only aware of the bed beneath her and the anxious thoughts that occasionally crossed her tired mind. And of course, the cramps.
The sound of the shutting door did not rouse her, but when the binyeo hit the floor with a light clanging noise, Jimin’s eyes fluttered open. Kangdae’s sigh came after, and then he came into her line of vision. Slowly, grunting with pain, she sat up and took the binyeo. As she slid it into her now messy bun, she murmured, “Thank you, dear.”
As she slipped out of the bed and stood up, the claws seemed to squeeze her. She ignored it, her eyes locking on his hand. She took it, examined it, then pressed a soft, brief kiss to it. Then she let go and leaned against him.
“Alright,” she murmured. “We should go, then.”

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Silver….His eyes stared at the hair accessory even watching as Jimin placed it into her bun. The pain from his palm was steadily going away; it did not hurt him as badly as it had before. Now the already healing burn is more so a simple irritation. Slowly he turned his hand to get a brief glimpse again. It returned to his side while he focused his attention back on Jimin.

Kangdae remained as still as stone, watching as she took his hand. The natural instinct to take it away appeared in his thoughts, though he never acted upon it. His eyes widened at the small kiss to his palm. For a moment he forgotten what he was supposed to do next; instead he stared at his hand with wonder until he felt Jimin leaning on him as her voice filled his ears.

"And so we shall, my love," He whispered. Same as the night before, he gently picked her up then made his way to the door. He did his best to get out and down into the hallway as soon as possible. Although he had swiftly made it, he wondered if she knows or when she will. He does not want to burden her with more fears than she already possesses so he just went on; from now on, he will be the one to carry all the anxieties.


A small wince of pain came out of her when Kangdae picked her up, but that was all. Soon she already had her head on his shoulder and her eyes closed. But then, she opened them. Kangdae was moving quite fast. As her eyes searched around, she looked back. No guards met her eyes, but the meaning of their absence had not quite made itself known in her mind.
Jimin closed her eyes again. She was so tired… The claws loosened a little now that she wasn’t standing and their pace had slowed. She wanted to fall asleep, but she worried she would never wake up. Her clothes were surely soiled by now, the pads she had used weren’t immune to leaks. She would not have any dirty clothes when the morning came.
A yawn came over her. “Thank you, Kangdae,” she whispered again. “Wake me up when we get there, please.”
With that said, she let sleep overcome her.