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The only thing that Adam wished was different, is he wished that Lucian was older. Or perhaps that his father didn't leave, or that, even though he pushed the thoughts away, his brother wasn't in fact blind. He wants to move on with his life, he wants to get out of the hole that is New Haven.

New word: Solitude

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“No!” He spun around to face his father, his red-rimmed eyes flashing in anger. “You have no right to say you love me, that you try to protect me!” Terrowin’s face etched with silent misery, and he started to his feet.

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Colby's heart pace quickened as they neared the water. The roaring waves crashed along the beach, washing up lost treasures, deceased marine life, and garbage. The ocean looked violent and murderous.

Next word: Collapse

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Okay, so basically, someone gives a word, if you have that word in a writing piece of yours, put that snippet (and bold the word) and then leave a word of your own.

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Trey was the first to collapse blood leaking from his wounds. The dagger fell from his cold grip, "Trey!" Alex screamed dropping her wand and racing to his side, she cradled his head in her lap knowing he was dying.
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“Arthur,” Uther huffed, “I’m sorry for what happened, I know you and the boy were close, but I need to to understand that he is dangerous. Magic can only be used for ill. The rules in Camelot are that we must execute anyone possessing magical abilities, and your servant can be no exception.”
Next word: Fear

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"I'm in Fear for your life lily, Please leave the kingdom,"
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The woman nodded. She counted out the five coins, inspecting each one closely before she tucked them away into the pockets of her light blue dress.

Next word: Light

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He was so close to falling asleep, but the soft creek of his door opening and closing made him sit up. He recognized the footsteps walking over to his desk as Natasha's. She flipped on the light at his desk, making Adrien shield his eyes from the unexpected brightness.

Next word: hope

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"Hope?! We fight a fucking war and you rely on hope?! It was the first to die, and now nothing will ever be the same again! There's no hope anymore, look where the fuck you are! With such thinking, you'll just get yourself killed."

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He was sent downwards when Wind charged him and grabbed ahold of the back of his legs, then swore as his newly-retrieved sword tore through the sailor's calf. "FUCK! I don't want to hurt him, but this asshole's sure not taking it easy on us!" the kid exclaimed.

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Carson made a small ‘o’ with his mouth. That memory was one of his foggier ones, but Cadence's screams were forever etched into his memory. She was always the most defiant in their battalion. On multiple occasions she talked back to their Commander, lashed out, even sniped a few people's limbs every now and then. She was also the most disciplined. She was branded, slapped, starved, but she was never broken. The only reason she didn’t get a death penalty was her legendary sniping skills.

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“It makes me wonder why you didn’t return to Pontus. It would’ve been so much easier than sticking with us. You have a life to go back to.”
“Not in good conscience, I don’t. I have friends that I don’t want to see die. A girlfriend whom I would be willing to die for. I can promise that I’m not leaving you. I want to make sure all of you are okay. Not to mention, our dragons, whom I think they’re truly after, are also friends I’m not willing to abandon.”
Aurelius scoffed. “Imagine taking that chance you have and tossing it aside. Does that not feel… wrong? Ungrateful, even?”
“Quite the opposite. I would offer to take you guys with me. You have a place with me. But I know none of you would have that, so I choose to stick with you. It’s much more ungrateful to cast you aside.”

Next word: stare

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Lauren and Gavin – who were both known for being stoic and emotionless – stared at the vehicle in shock. The car was totaled. Windows were smashed in, seats were torn, metal warped and scratched. On the hood of the car was a large dent, the same dark red liquid pooling in the crater.

“Is that-” Lauren hesitantly reached out with shaking hands. “Is that blood?”

Gavin was silent, but this silence was different than his usual demeanor. Even behind the bandanna, Lauren could see his clenched jaw and his brow was furrowed more than usual. They might have lost contact for years, but Gavin was still the same one she grew up with.

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“I am knowledge and power. I know eternity on a level more intimate than any god could comprehend. I am the ancient of ancients, a being too pure for a lesser mind to comprehend…and you want to use me to spy on your husband?”
“Yes. That’s exactly what I want.”
Moukib actually laughed. “I suppose I can do that. But just once. He already hates me enough as it is.”

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Night had come and gone and a new day was here, bringing with it the soft shine of the rising sun and a light breeze in the balmy air. The sky was dusted in pink clouds that filtered the sun’s rays and turned the towns and grass below into dappled works of art. The atmosphere outside made it hard to believe the tragedy that lay ahead in mere hours.

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"I mean, it's not my story, James told me."

Adam thought for a moment, thinking the name sounded familiar before realizing the severity of what Lucian was saying, "Wait, who is James?"

Lucian giggled, "He's just my friend, he comes by nearly every day."

Something in Adam stirred, fear, paranoia, anger- he wasn't sure, but it wasn't good.

"Lucian, he comes in the house when I'm not here?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry, it's been several weeks, he's not going to hurt me."

"Weeks? Lucian, why haven't you told me?" Adam said, starting to get a little aggravated.

"Adam, it's ok, he told me to keep it a secret, but today he said that the time has come to let you know."

Next Word: Impossible