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I found travelled!

Talking to himself was a good one. It broke up the silence of the forest around him, and reminded him he was real. He’d learned that one while in prison. Counting steps as he travelled was uplifting, a constant reminder of how far he’d come. It was hard to keep count, but he was somewhere in the hundred thousands, he knew that. What an achievement!

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"I’ll see you later, Gerard. Good luck with everything.” He flapped his wings, sending himself high above the rooftops and soared off back towards the train station. 
 “Wait!” Gerard shouted, leaning even farther out the window “That’s not what I meant! Come back!” 

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They leapt backwards to avoid the falling boulders but the way was blocked. There were shouts that Mara couldn’t make out over the noise. She flung her hands the other way and the same glyph appeared, tearing down the rock there as well.

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His footsteps echo off of the painted cinder block walls as he approaches the mirror over the sink. His masked face becomes visible as he emerges from the shaded part of the locker room, the harsh green-white lighting casting sharp highlights and sharper shadows over his body. Frost-coated fingers feel freezing as the trail down his face. Delicately dangerous webs of frost coat the top of the mask over his eyes, sparing everything from the nose down.

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Shai floated, serene, or trying to be. What was she doing here? She couldn't quite remember. But there was light, and a dark cave, and food, so it must be okay. Right? And yet she couldn't shake the feeling that she was forgetting something. The door opened. The boy walked up to her tank, footsteps muffled underwater, making sounds that surely meant something but for the life of her, Shai couldn't decipher them. He reached up to drop in a squid. It was still struggling, fighting against its inevitable doom. A loud, high-pitched noise came from the lady, who was decidedly meaner than the boy. This time, Shai remembered. These were humans. Use their language. What are you doing, feeding it without your gloves? You know it's dangerous! Shai snorted, as best as an eel can.

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Kyliin woke to familiar skies and smells. Water lapped at his feet and soft, black sand hugged his back. He groggily sat up and gritted his teeth as his shoulders erupted in pain. He breathed deeply, glancing at his left shoulder.

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He was perched atop the city’s greathouse which itself was sitting on the crest of a hill, overlooking the lower town below. The tiled roof was cold beneath Kado’s legs. He wasn’t properly dressed for the outdoors except for the fur cloak that hung loosely around his shoulders. Not that a bit of chill would stop him. There was something soothing about being so far above everything. As if nothing else in the world mattered. It was almost as if, if he stayed up there long enough, everything else would simply fade away.

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My dad and I just finished gathering wood for the fire, tonight's temperature promisses less than 2 digits. My mom yelled:
— WAIT A DAMN MINUTE, WOMAN! — Dad sighed. — Let's go, Inoue. We'll finish later.

Yay, healthy family dynamics amirite?

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Underdog took me waaaayyyy to long to find but here we are!!

"Come fight me then!" he yelled, eyes flashing with savage glee. "I love a good underdog!"

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Mileena froze, tears threatening to pour forth from her eyes at the sight of her beloved De Tearion. The exhausted Goliathan stared absently at the floor, his pale skin far paler than she remembered.

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“I-” Touya’s sentence is cut short by a coughing fit. Natsu sighs and crawls over to his brother with the scratched plastic cup full of warm apple juice. Touya had warmed it up earlier with what energy he had left in case he was to start coughing again. Natsu holds it to his brother’s lips and helps him through the fit. “I'm supposed to be one.” Touya says when the coughing subsides and the apple juice is drained.

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Dark waves rose above the ship’s deck and crashed against its hull, powerful enough to shake the entire thing. Lightning flashed in the black clouds above, lighting the shadowy landscape of mountain-sized swells all around them.

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“I’m trying to help you, boy!” Stain’s demeanor instantly changes. “I would rather not lose the only other person with any sort of common sense in this godforsaken country.” He turns his back, already beginning to walk away into the shadows, no doubt to disappear again and slaughter another Hero.

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Their heads turned to look at the barrier, if only to catch a glimpse of what lies in wait for them beyond. The barrier sparked and seemed to hiss, as something made contact with it. Or perhaps it was the hiss of the beast from beyond, who had just tried to get in. The soldiers stumbled backwards, some gripping their weapons, others looking as though they’d begun to regret their decision of coming with the landing party.

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"Traitor!" The word stings, an accusation, filling the air between them until it feels like Owen can't breathe. "Deny it," he pants. A challenge.
"Would it change anything, if I did?" Luke kicks a pebble at his feet, watching it bound away from him. "You wouldn't believe me. If I were you, I wouldn't believe me either." The silence stretches until it become almost unbearable, neither looking at the other. They both wait for the other to make the next move.

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“Busy is all I’ve heard. I caught up with them yesterday when I ran into them flitting around the Leratal. Told them I had a day off today, asked if they were interested in hanging out. Busy. They showed up looking disheveled earlier today; offered them a bit of hospitality. Busy. Now that I think about it, I barely see them around anymore. I wonder if it was just luck that I got to see them at all. How did you get a hold of them, Dortorres?”

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Natsu nods and spins around in a circle, taking in the well-placed meeting point. The trees are high enough to provide cover from prying eyes, the gas and smoke keeping anyone who didn’t follow a specific path far, far away. Sure, it smells like hell with the sweet toxicity of the gas and the choking stench of the smoke, but Natsu’s experienced much, much worse.

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“He’s a kid,” Sam said sharply, cutting the guard off. “Are you even hearing yourself? If you guys are willing to poison a child just because you can’t be bothered to get different food, then he’s not staying here. Don’t try to stop me.”

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The arvin was close now. Close enough for Lyris to realise just how young he was. Barely of age with dark brown, almost black wings, speckled with bright orange. All rich, youthful colours filled with life. Life Lyris had no choice but to take away. His honey-coloured eyes smouldered with hate. So much so that it made Lyris’s skin crawl.

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