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Leo put her hand to her heart, which stung her more than ever. His one word, so short and everyday and yet so painful, impaled her like a dagger, tearing her skin so much that it surprised her that she couldn't see any blood. All her solicitude, grief, and fear swirled into one maddened feeling - burning rage. She gritted her teeth, fists; she let the tears flow, only one word circling in her mind.

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For some reason soaring above the ground, everything seemed so much more tranquil to M'envoler. Even though all it took was a fall for his world to end, it didn't faze him. Not even a ripple of fear washed over him. How different the world was from up above was enough to gain his interest, hold his attention, and capture his heart.

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(Ah yes, my little piece of wip fic…it's fic for my friend's fanfic…lmao)

The most pressing thing, however, was his other life.Tip had only gotten a few glimpses of it, but… he didn't like what he had seen. Apparently, he was Pit's clone or something, and was pissed off about it. He had a feeling that more had happened after his… creation, but all he got were fragmented pieces and flashes of frustration. If Pit had remembered anything about their relationship, he hadn't said anything about it. Palutena, who was literally a "benevolent" goddess in the other world, had been awfully tight-lipped about anything that might have happened. Tip hadn't missed the worried glances she'd occasionally shoot the two of them, though. He supposed that he'd remember it eventually, but it still bothered him that she wasn't telling them about their past lives.

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“Of course,” Kit said as he walked over to his father’s desk. It was littered with Alden’s notes, but the white envelope sat on top of it all with his name written in his father’s delicate handwriting.

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He caught her eye for a second, then snapped away. Valkyrie sighed.
“Will they bother using me much?” she asked, “I haven’t been asked on any other missions yet.”
“I couldn’t say,” Cyrus replied, “They might send you on more scouting than anything.”
“Seems a bit disorganized, if I’m being honest. I thought I was joining a more cohesive cause than this, but a lot of people seem content with simply killing.”
“Some do, but if you look in the right places, you can find more important work. Ask around more, I guess,” Cyrus said, but he sounded unenthusiastic, his words slurring together a bit and his gaze lowering, “Though bigger moves are typically kept secret, even from me, in case we have traitors among us.”

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"You're my dad?" He said.

"Yes, I am your father. And the stories I told you, apply to you too. Adam, this is very urgent, I don't have a lot of time." He said, looking more nervous by the second. He started fidgeting with the hem of his shirt, glancing around him.

"No, you-"

"Adam, let him talk," Lucian said, a single tear falling down his pale face. Adam thought that his brother might cry, but actually seeing it made his chest hurt.

"Fine, but after this, you had better never come here again, got it?" Adam said, eyeing James' hands and eyes. He too started to glance around him.

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Gavin shook his head and closed his eyes. “The White Knight works directly for the Dictator. They’re a pinpoint sniper, maybe even more accurate than me…” He paused, staring off into the distance. “The White Knight is responsible for bringing in 90% of criminals in Ironopolis alone.” His hand went to his bandana. “And trust me, what happens inside the Detention Center is not something for the faint-hearted.”

Porter raised his thin eyebrows. “You’ve been there?” He asked in a small voice.

Gavin nodded somberly. “Both Alex and I have. It almost broke him last time, I don’t know if he could handle it this time.”

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"Who would have thought that, going to war, I would end up five meters underground, listening to the love advice of a gay chess player who, together with his husband, is exterminating Ehnyrs on a massive scale and fleeing the government in fear of imprisonment."
"I beg your pardon. I'm bisexual."

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Jesse woke up, and the light, although dim, seemed too bright. His head pounded, and his ears were ringing loudly. It took a minute for him to remember where he was, but it quickly came back to him; he was in the infirmary after the fight with the demons the previous day. One of his arms was covered in bandages and his thigh on one leg as well. Aside from this, he was bruised from head to toe, especially along his spine and jaw. Despite all this, he felt mostly fine; as long as everyone else was okay, he would be, too. When he sat up, he saw Rosalie watching over Leon pensively. He recalled what had happened to Leon and realized that the Silent Brothers still hadn’t arrived. How long had he been out himself? It felt like a day, but after glancing out the window, he saw that the wintry sun had not even reached its peak

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Mae-Ling almost lost control when she heard the news.

“Ling, Shea’s dead.” Cole’s words echoed throughout her whole head, triggering something she managed to keep hidden her whole life.

She excused herself, running to her room and slamming the door. Ling pressed her back to the door and slowly slid to the floor. Hot tears escaped her eyes and her hands shook. Her hands- Ling had to hold back a scream as her fingernails slowly grew to talons. The red paint stretching with them, turning her claws blood-red. She couldn't look in the mirror, she could hardly look at herself. Olive skin bubbled into a leathery texture colored like obsidian.

No, no, no! She thought. Mae-Ling couldn't lose control, not after the last time.

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The only reason why I even did it was because I felt like I had no other choice. I’m not sure what they told my Dad, but it’s not like I was this calm, cool, collected guy who just took control of the situation. No, that was Ara who did that. I just did what he asked, and tried not to pass out as I did it.

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As the explosions rocked the world, Wild felt searing hot pain tear through his back. He landed on his stomach and rolled, stopping on his back. Dully, he noticed that the grass was on fire next to him. All around him, really. The edges of his world were getting dark and fuzzy. All he could hear was ringing, and his limbs felt like they had fused to the ground. His bow was too far away–scratch that, it was gone, snapped under a guardian's unrelenting stampede.

The last thing Wild saw before being consumed by blood and smoke once more was an explosion of golden light.

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After recovering from the five-minute break, Taia and Treos sneaked out of the fort. He, on the way, stealing a random battle-axe, she, carrying her new prize - Brynni's scythe. Free from handcuffs, they ran on hooves through The Void Forest straight to the Meadow. Along the way, Taia remembered the technique of fighting with a two-handed scythe - she didn't specialize in it, but it was better than going to the battlefield wearing only brass knuckles.

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Why can’t I just get off this boat! Thea silently cursed the Arodi who had put her into this position. For 20 years she had been stuck here, fetching water and rigging, fighting off men and beasts, if there is a perceptible difference between the two. She through angrily.
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"You are coming with me," he demanded.
"You wish!"
Murion hit his nose with his free hand. Instinctively, Rott put both hands to his face and then teetered. The ground disappeared. He had nothing to stand on. Before he knew it, he was already falling into the gap. He had one last time to see the blue of the sky, the tree crowns, and Murion's terrified face. And then the depths of darkness devoured him.

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“Why are you here?” Keran said, ignoring the implications of Kado’s last statement.
“That,” Kado crossed his arms, “is classified information.”
“This base was classified information until you appeared.”
“I can keep a secret.”
“You ask me to believe you are the only one knowing of this place?”

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'Can you tell him that you have something on?’
The truth is I probably can go. There’s been more than a couple occasions where I went to my Dad’s place later than I normally would because I was doing something with friends.
‘Oh, ok, great,’ Andor says before I can give him a real answer. ‘We’ll see you then.’
He wasn’t supposed to hear that. The thing is, no, I don’t have anything on this Friday, but I didn’t really want to accept Andor’s invitation.

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“I don’t really care for your apologies. I don’t know what to believe, Cy. I don’t. Like… on the one hand, I think you’re the same person I fell in love with, but on the other… you are a traitor. You’ve given in to a lot of darkness.”
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“It felt like forever since I saw you last. I dreamed of you every night we were apart,” Paz said.
“It’s been like two months,” sniped Kiram under his breath.

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Cyrus took care of the bulk of the cooking itself, though Pollux contributed by chopping up vegetables and preparing some of the ingredients.
“Smells good,” Pollux muttered, closing his eyes and taking a whiff of the soup cooking in the kettle.
“Thanks. It’s almost finished, too.”
“I’d almost forgotten you were a good cook, too. Too bad we don’t get to keep you around. Not to say we don’t have other capable people in the group to do that.”
Cyrus chuckled. “Yeah, I’d be a good housewife, wouldn’t I?”

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