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just a space for you to vent about your problems, no matter who you are or how small they may seem, all are welcome.

a few rules:

  • No spam

  • Any NSFW or triggering content must be put under spoiler tags, as well as any actual fandom spoilers.

  • Keep your drama out of here. I don't care how much you may dislike a user or what they may have done in the past, they're still people and should be treated as such, especially in a place like this.
    — and on that note, don't pick apart people who are clearly struggling. The fact that this has to be said thoroughly disappoints me.

  • Political rants, extremely harsh language, sensitive topics, debates, and respectful or completely anonymous complaints about other users are all technically allowed, but to avoid any problems I'd advise against them.

  • And fun, friendly conversations are perfectly fine so long as you aren't interrupting anything big

currently I am the only moderator but I'm hoping to assign more at some point
and that is all <3

@Pickles group

I am here.

But soon you will not be here.


You're older than most of us and significantly more male so statistically speaking, we'll be here longer than you
Cape woosh