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Shuichi watched this moment with great interest, paying attention to the small details such as how the quirk was activated and the immediate result. Bakugo was frozen in place, it seemed, after Kokichi got a hold on him. It seemed that his quirk required physical touch to activate, although it was unclear what the quirk could do from there. Either way, with how it made the blonde suddenly freeze, there was the possibility that he did possess a mind-altering quirk after all.

"So, maybe I was right about the mind-altering quirk…" he mumbled to himself, seeming to take note of that. "Let's see where this goes."

After making the quick comment to himself, he went back to watching the interactions between Kokichi and Bakugo. What would happen next would confirm or deny his suspicions that Kokichi possessed some sort of a mind-altering quirk. If that was the case, it would explain why he felt an interest in the purple-haired boy. He would likely never speak with him unless he started the conversation, but he would always have an interest in him. He seemed to be a very interesting person, after all.


Bakugo's immediate compliance to Kokichi's command without any sort of an argument, which would have been expected from the blonde, proved that Kokichi possessed some form of mind-altering quirk. It had become obvious to Shuichi, and he noted that his suspicions about the purple-haired boy were correct. He did have the ability to control people, although it was noted that his quirk required physical touch to activate.

The dark-haired boy did nothing upon the realization, however, as he saw no reason why he should begin a conversation. He turned his attention back to his desk to avoid socialization. He had gotten the information that he needed to confirm his suspicions, and he saw no further reason to watch the interactions between his classmates. He would much prefer to be left alone than to draw attention to himself by watching the events intently. He had no intentions of appearing creepy, of course; he just wanted to confirm or deny his suspicions.


Shuichi hadn't expected Kokichi to suddenly be thrown into the air, but he certainly hadn't expected him to land on his desk. The sudden event caused him to flinch, but he quickly composed himself. It was strange how this happened only a few seconds after he looked away from him, and he had no clue what could have happened to cause this. However, that wasn't his main concern. It seemed like he would be the one to start a conversation in the end since he couldn't just ignore him when he had been thrown into a desk.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly, a hint of concern filling his tone. "That must have hurt…"

He sighed softly as his eyes met the other's for a moment. Then he quickly looked away since he hated trying to maintain eye contact. As long as the other realized that his concern was genuine and that he would prefer an honest answer, things would be fine. Of course, he would be able to tell if he was lying, but he would prefer some sort of an honest answer about everything. He knew that suddenly being thrown into a desk must have hurt.


Shuichi seemed to be more concerned than anything when Kokichi made his joking comment. How could that even apply to the current conversation? They were at school, and it was only their first day, so it didn't make too much sense, even as a joke. Then again, there was the possibility that he was taking things too seriously, like he had a tendency to do, but either way, everything seemed to prompt concern from him. The fact that Kokichi was stuttering only added to it.

"Are you sure that you're alright?" he asked, a bit more concern filling his tone. "You're stuttering a bit…"

While he tried to ignore the growing concern that he had, he couldn't do much about it. He would just have to hope that Kokichi decided to be honest with him at some point. He didn't think that the other was fine, but there was the possibility that he was simply overthinking things again. He truly didn't know, but either way, he was waiting for Kokichi to respond.


Shuichi eventually nodded in response to the statement. He didn't detect any form of a lie in it, so at least it seemed like Kokichi hadn't been injured despite what had happened to him. It seemed like things would end up being alright, at least for the time being. It also came as a relief that the other was okay, but he figured that the concern was only natural. However, he did notice that no one else seemed to pay much attention to him, which he considered strange. He had been thrown into a desk and no one cared? Strange.

"Well, that's good to hear…" he responded softly.

While he spoke to Kokichi, he had kept his tone quiet, almost a whisper, and he seemed to avoid making eye contact as much as he could. This awkwardness was a downside for him when he needed to use his quirk, since he needed to look at people for it to take effect, but he was trying to work on it. In general, he simply appeared to be a shy and reserved person who kept to himself unless he had to speak to someone, like in the case with Kokichi.


Shuichi nodded in response and hesitantly took Kokichi's hand. Even if this was a manipulation tactic to use his quirk, it would have no effect on him, so he saw no reason not to. Besides, maybe the offer was genuine. Maybe he actually wanted to be friends. As unlikely of a possibility as it was considering how he had treated Bakugo, it was still a possibility.

"Um…sure…" he said as he took the other's hand. It was rather clear that he was a socially anxious person. "I, um, I wouldn't…well, mind that…"


Shuichi was definitely a bit creeped out by the comment and the following smile, but he figured that his comment could be referring to his quirk. If that was the case, then he really didn't have much to worry about since it wouldn't have an effect on him. Either way, he still intended on trying to be friends with him. It wasn't a good idea to make an enemy out of him.

"I-I, um…alright…" he responded, his anxiety only more obvious than it had been.

He sighed softly as he completely averted his gaze again. He had been looking in the other's general direction for most of the interaction, but now he was looking at the floor. Something about interacting with new people and being thrown into random social situations made him incredibly uncomfortable, but he would just have to deal with it. Hopefully he would learn how to become closer with Kokichi, enough that he didn't feel anxious trying to talk to him.


Shuichi's eyes widened at the compliment as a blush began to cover his face and tint it red. The comment seemed to be genuine, despite what he would have believed. How could he just go and say that? They hadn't even introduced themselves to each other, and Kokichi was calling him handsome? That didn't make any sense. How could he be so bold?

"U-um…uh…I…well…" he attempted to say something, although he just ended up stammering and covering his now red face with his hat. "I…um…n-no…?"

He really didn't know what to say in response to that, and he was pretty embarrassed because of the comment, only causing him to shut down a bit. He had known Kokichi for two minutes, didn't even know his name, and was a blushing mess because of him. He was certainly right when he figured that the other was an interesting person, although this was still unexpected.