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(If you wanna be Gonta (on Notebook and/or in rp), let me know! I just need to know if you're gonna rp as him, too! If so, I've got the form, but you can edit it as you see fit!)


(Booping this by adding another character! I'm excited for this, so I hope it happens.

Name: Tetsuya Iidabashi
Age: 16
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: They/them
Quirk: Simply, their quirk is that they're a robot. They also have abilities associated with that, in terms of fighting, most notably their ability to shoot laser beams.
Hero name: Kiibo
Appearance: This! (still not my art, but take some motivation from them)
Personality: Kiibo is a very polite and serious person. They are also very interested in learning more about people, and while they may not understand everything, they try their best. They are also passionate about their views as well. They are the kind to think things through, but their emotions can get rather strong sometimes. In general, they just want to be accepted by society and hope that people treat them nicely like they try to treat them.
Motivations: Making the world a better place, stopping discrimination, proving their worth
Strengths: Their attacks can be rather powerful, they are also very passionate
Weaknesses: Fairly easily overwhelmed, their quirk can drain them after too much use
Sexuality: Pan-ace (I projected that onto everyone, I know)
Other: I figured that Kiibs was born as a human, so they have a name. Will still call them "Kiibo" in narration, though. Actually, I talked with my gf to make sure that their quirk could be that they're a robot. That works, so. :)

I had to add another of my comforts to this. :) )

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