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You can use OCs or really anyone from anything! My hyperfixation with Danganronpa turned this into a crossover.

Three characters per person max! (due to change, but at the moment, stick to three or less)

Character sheet:
Hero name:


(Understandable. I have just my main OCs and a weird habit of making Danganronpa V3 and MHA crossover stuff because combining my hyperfixation with the thing I rp on here is fun- Lol)


(Lol I only have two OCs and wanted to make it interesting in comparison to my, like, seven or eight other role plays of this fandom, so I turned it into a crossover. Lol)

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Name: Rantaro
Age: 16
Gender: Non-binary!
Pronouns: They/Them
Quirk: Electric water
Hero name: Avocado
Appearance: HOT
Personality: Sweet, innocent, avocado
Motivations: Kokichi and Katio
Strengths: don't know
Weaknesses: don't know
Sexuality: demiromatic asexual

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(Note that things like gender identity, pronouns, and sexuality are headcanons of mine.

Name: Kaito Momota
Age: 16
Gender: Transmasc (because y e s; I just like this headcanon)
Pronouns: He/they
Quirk: I've got absolutely no name for this, but can harness the power of the stars and create things (kinda like how constellations look like certain things) from stardust. That's his quirk in short
Hero name: Definitely just Luminary of the Stars (he calls himself this, anyway)
Appearance: This (not my art)
Personality: Kaito is a very energetic and upbeat person who can cheer just about anyone up. He's full of energy and incredibly passionate, and he's great at motivating his friends. He also sees himself as very heroic, and he would do anything to save his friends. Won't admit it, but is also scared easily and rather anxious at times. If they ever display signs of it, they will deny when asked.
Motivations: Saving people, being the hero, being someone people can look up to
Strengths: Very motivational, great at giving advice, strong, determined
Weaknesses: Easily scared, bad at taking advice, hides negative emotions
Sexuality: Pan-ace

I may add another character, too!)


Name: kokichi ouma
Age: 17
Gender: male
Pronouns: he/him
Quirk: mind control, kinda like shinso’s but he needs physical touch to control yah
Hero name: puppeteer
Personality: a crazy ass little bean with a lying trait for a personality. He loves to toy with people's minds and should honestly be a villain( hint hint)
Motivations: to one day rule the world, whether a villain or a hero
Strengths: he's not honestly sure
Weaknesses: cuddles and physical attention, any targeted hits to his back or sides
Sexuality: this boi gay as hell