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(By request of Kiibo, I am adding another character. (They decided which one)

Name: Gonta Gokuhara
Age: 16
Gender: Non-binary
Pronouns: Any (prob. gonna use he/they most in rp)
Quirk: He can basically earth bend but with the addition of summoning plants at will, even in the driest places. Can also communicate with insects. (Thanks for the idea, Kiibs)
Hero name: Vinewhip (also kiibs' idea)
Appearance: This (not my art)
Personality: Gonta is an incredibly caring type of person who loves his friends, as well as making them. They're very kind and accepting, and they love helping people. They trust incredibly easily, which can be a bit concerning at times, but he just wants to make people happy. He is also incredibly passionate about his interests.
Motivations: Helping people, making the world a better place, to become a true gentleman (this one's canon)
Strengths: Impressive physical strength, loyal
Weaknesses: Easily manipulated, trusts too easily, quick to blame self
Sexuality: Pan-ace
Extra notes: Refers to himself in third person, so don't mind that! (I love them too much to not add them- Seriously, this is one of my highest comforts)