forum Your Oc(s) are stuck in a elevator, what do they do?
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Nova would see it as absolutely hilarious and force everyone to play games to pass the time. By the time they get out, about seven secrets have been spilled, everyone is embarrassed and no-one is safe.
Qili would be furious. She'd probably break open the lift button panel and try to rewire the whole elevator somehow.
Blaze could use the Force to open the lift doors, but "where's the fun in that?"

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Paisley: long annoyed sigh. if it's a glass elevator she would use her powers to break it and get herself to safety. if another one of The Six were trapped in there with her, she would get them out too (not Shea though). If it's not a glass elevator then her sigh would be even longer and then she'd break open the ceiling panel and climb to safety.
Abel: they would laugh their ass off to the point of near tears because that is just so fucking funny. they'd probably jump around a little bit. if there are others in the elevator than he would probably kill them out of boredom then turn to vapor and slip through the cracks of the elevator.
Rhyda: read the vibrations all around her to see if anyone's nearby. if not, she'll climb through the top and to safety. fairly unfazed. doesn't care if anyone else is in there with her.
Shea: laugh because it's funny. interrogate some people around her jokingly. make up some random story about her life and make all the people around her think she's insane. When help arrives, she parkours herself to the top of the elevator and skitters away.
May: panic slightly. calm herself down. ask if everyone around her is okay if there are others. she would then break open the circuit board and see if there's anything she can do but probably just wait for someone to come help.
Felix: he would look slyly at the person standing next to them with a raised eyebrow and say "well, now that we're alone-" and from their reaction Felix would either kill them and wiggle out of the elevator or take full advantage.
Bianca: tell everyone to remain calm if others are in there and then find the problem and fix it to the best of her ability. if she can't fix it, she'll call for help.
Drew: sit in the corner with his head between his knees and pray the elevator gives out soon. upon rescue, drew sighs sadly.

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Ella: Would simply teleport herself out of the elevator
Crispin: Would start out all calm, cool and collected but it would eventually just spiral into madness and would probably resort to trying to pry the doors open, and would probably be on the verge of tears. He really hates small spaces but is really in denial about it, so once he's out, he would pretend like nothing ever happened.
Jackie: It's already cannon that she would live stream the entire thing on her Instagram story
Ara: He'd get in touch with somebody to help him get out, but in the mean time I can see him pacing around and just kinda muttering things like "For fuck's sake," and "I don't fucking believe this."
Dallas: If he remembers that he has telekinesis then he'd just use that to get out. The more likely situation is that he just kinda sits there, bored out of his mind and waits for someone else.
Gerard: Immediately starts panicking. Has his will written by the time he gets rescued.
Andor: Is living out his superhero fantasy and uses his telekinesis to get out. If anyone else is in there with him, he's probably making them call him SupermAndor or Captain Norway or something dumb like that.
Milo:I kinda picture this being like a Gilderoy Lockhart situatation where he's all confident and telling everyone that he's got the situation under control when in reality he has no idea what he's doing. Every now and then he'll press a button or kick at the door, just to make it seem like he's doing something.
Farli: Is just kind of vibing, honestly. Physically he's in the elevator. Mentally, he's somewhere else entirely.


Everything in this similar thread still applies, I think. (And Talula would probably try to fix it.)

oh, Im new to notebook ai and I didn't know abt that thread 😅

It seems to happen, so it's probably no big deal. I mostly just didn't want to re-iterate or re-post what I'd already been over.

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liz- gets everyone stuck in the elevator and almost gives everyone 3rd-degree burns. does not freak out initially but is concerned about a lack of oxygen, then forgets that plants produce oxygen, and further concern the rest by laughing hysterically.

stella- sees this as an opportunity and suggests truth or dare. everyone agrees (except clove and frances)

clove- immediately freaks out, starts sobbing uncontrollably and calls his mom while unintentionally growing vines from the walls.

frances- unsure of what they should do considering the crying med witch next to them and a fire witch, a human, and a girl with some tarot cards (typically their thing). standing in the back and awkwardly pats cloves' shoulder. eventually they give up being comforting and knock on the elevator door for a bit.

stella (again)- asks very "juicy and interesting truths" that would be if everyone else were also human.

paige - suggests dares that would be possible if they weren't in an elevator.

eventually august lets them out. liz (augusts twin sister) thanks him and offers and awkward high five. clove, still sobbing, hangs up on his mom and thanks clove dramatically and hugs him. Paige and Stella wish they were in there longer and thank him anyway. frances says nothing, traumatized.

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part two of my dudes
Riyah is silently trying not to freak in the background.
Ceryn would just call for help, and tell everyone to "stay calm". Probably has flasks of herbal tea in her bag to calm people down.
More on Blaze: she calls every single friend she has to tell them "you will not BELIEVE what is HAPPENING to me right now!" She is unapologetically living for the drama and probably livestreaming the entire ordeal, including Nova's game of truth or dare.

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Isabella: Spam hits the emergeny button
Rain: Being comforted by Nova
Nova: Comforting the kids and their husband
Baxtor: Silent panic atteck
Lux: The only one being an adult and calling for help
Brooklyn: Caring for anyone freaking out
Yumi & Mukoro: The ones ones freaking out
Tiara: The reason they're stuck

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Circe: Sits down and pulls out book
Raje: Grabs arrow from sheath and starts stabbing buttons
Mic: oof
Livvy: Glares at elevator walls until it starts moving again
Kip: calls for help, no one comes

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Nathaniel: Destroys the control panel out of anger. Threatens everyone who's in there with him. His last stage is manifesting his wings and looking like an angry crow

Bane: Cowers in the corner because he hates small spaces. Could probably shadow travel out

Julian: Comforts and calms everyone down. Does the logical thing and pushes the emergency button. Gives poppy seeds to Bane to calm him down

Jax: Impatient pacing trying to come up with a plan

Gwen: Humming a happy tune and being oblivious to the situation

Val: Pushing random buttons until the elevator starts again

Amity: Gives everyone something to do as means of escape