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Baxtor Sycan

Baxtor Sycan close

Father Figure, Represents D.I.D, healing inner child, and gender expression

last updated about 1 month ago

Brookyln Scyan

Brookyln Scyan close

Sisterly Love/ Mentor, Represents toxic relationship as teens, Sexual Assault, and healing while in a relationship.

last updated 10 months ago

Isabella Scyan

Isabella Scyan close


last updated 10 months ago

Lux Scyancas

Lux Scyancas close

Parental Figure, Represents toxic relationships with adults, burnout children, and depression

last updated 9 months ago

Mukoro Scyan

Mukoro Scyan close

Autistic Representation

last updated 12 months ago


Nathan close

last updated 3 months ago

New Character

New Character close

created about 1 year ago

Nova Sycancas

Nova Sycancas close


last updated 10 months ago


Rain close


last updated 10 months ago

Tiara Cintrone Scyan

Tiara Cintrone Scyan close

Strangely Supportive/ Dark Comedic Relief

last updated about 1 year ago