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Mountain Moon Research Facility

Mountain Moon Research Facility close

High in a cold, remote mountain range, a rip in space and time has caused many strange and terrifying anomalies to emerge into the world. The Mountain Moon Research Facility is dedicated to researching and containing these anomalies.

last updated about 1 year ago

Star Wars OCs

Star Wars OCs close

My own stories and characters from the Star Wars universe.

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the rogerverse

the rogerverse close

Another world lies parallel to our own, its magic contained in eight powerful deities. When one deity escapes into 1920s Cambridge, the kingdom's best wizard, Brent Ashlight, is sent to track them down - only the best wizard turns out to be the most easily distracted. It only takes meeting Roger, a seemingly ordinary Classics student, to make Brent completely forget about his quest...or at least put it off for a...

last updated 11 months ago