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@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Well, since my Plots as clickbait titles thread went so well, Thanks to everyone who posted there! I decide to make another shitpost thread

So the main premise is kinda self-explanatory

Sophie: Sheep phone charm, Magic amulet, Wool scarf
Ava: Phone, A bag of chips, Journal
Micheal: Doll parts (eyes, hands), Tablet, Penguin earbuds, Toy Penguin
Charlie: Phone, Water Lily, Note reading "I'll be back", Shovel, Rabbit Hoodie
Lucas: Chocolate, Storybook, Brass Knuckles, Half-Phantom, Dog Mask
Jax: Candy, Oragami, Liver Meat, Apples, Fox Ears
Matthew: Picture of Sophie, Random Cat, Fish, Honey Milk, Sun pin

@Anyanka99 groupoh shit waddup

Alga: bunch of flowers and herbs, giant keys and a hunting knife
Tavi: loose change (stolen) a little flask
Nayet: also stolen loose change, a gold chain and a crow feather
Rothos: nothing because he ran away and had no earthly possesions

@Alastor_Radio_Demon group

Beleth: A noose, some spare bullets, a necklace of three bullets, and a guitar string
Leyak: Her switchblade, some human teeth, a femur bone, a guitar string, and a shriveled up eyeball
Mastema: Some death nettle, a few leaves of poison ivy, a loose beaker, a vial of cyanide, and a vial of arsenic
Ziminiar: A few bottle caps, a small flask full of whiskey, a dried out monkey paw, a half-empty bottle of Aspirin, and a small vial of morphine
Iza: A journal, a pen, a box cutter, and a large vial of poison dart frog poison

@sock group

Ren: Jade bracelet, book, half-written letter
Chan: Notebook, 3 rubber duckies, cat stuffed animal
Zephyr: Jade pendant, scrap of fabric, earbuds
Lucas: Pack of cigarettes, slightly crumpled origami paper, hair tie
Elyas: An earring, planner, stressball
Himari: Star charm, reading glasses, sticky hand

@SpookyScarySnoteleks group

Azami: Journal, knife, an entire bowl of ramen, old photos
Jax: Candy, surgical equipment, a mask
Tori: A pen, a bottle of seawater, a paper fan
Peregrine: A sword, a bottle of sake, cigarettes
Estella: Sheet music, a leather jacket, yellow lipstick
Teigi: Notebook, pen, cat toys

Deleted user

Delta: A staff, a bunch of fancy dip pens, a leather journal, postcards, rooibos teabags
Theo: A lot of paper, some vials, a bunch of herbs (no, it's not weed), and a few small knives
Karma: A pair of broadswords, a woven bracelet
Anise: Some knives
Dolma: Two arms and an eye


Rolan: Knuckles, beanie, Dragon Charm
Archie: Money, Deer horn knives, Fountain Pen
Katana: Katana (yes Katana uses a Katana), blue hairband, roller skates.
Yuzu: Oranges, Flowers, Note saying "I love you"(Yuzu) and "I know"(Rolan)
Reef: Tiny bottle of sand, berries, Slingshot
Drew: Light Sword, Dark snake staff

Deleted user

Mia: A notebook, can of wasp spray, gummy bears, band-aids
Fern: Her sword, someone else's sword that she stole
Myra: A book, her inhaler, maybe her cat
Scarlett: A small bomb, her pendant, the hopes and dreams of her family
Nora: Backpack, hoodie, notebook paper with a list of phone numbers
Kiron: His journal, coins, shiny rocks, a knife
Tor: His writing pad, his pen, the handbook
Leo: A handheld computer, a gun, his scarf
Odessa: A note, her gym bag, gum
Lynn: A knife she wasn't supposed to have, money she wasn't supposed to have
Blaze: Her ring, a handful of fireworks, money
Red: Weapons, a pack of cigarettes, a bandana

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Bonita: A fanart-filled journal, PSV, Some stickers
Valerie: Beef jerky, Bat, Phone
Insato: Glasses, A cake, necklace
Gaki: Idol glowstick, Ripped up stuffed bunny, Vinegar
Alvis: Tea, Hard drive, Piano wire
Otori: Fedora(m'lady), Newsboy cap, Darts
Muda: His special knife, Broken glass, Cigarette
Tsumi: Torture instrument, Bullets, Hard drive
Tsuyoi: Knife, Collar, Wire

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Hasuko: Nurse cap, Wallet, Syringe
Bunny!Colton: Rabbit Meat
Kelly: Spray can, Tracksuit, Boxcutter, Lillies
Dawn: Mace, Gum, Some shoplifted item
Emma: Fenti beauty pallet, Phone, Comb
Tori: Phone, Legendary Ahoge, Diary
Terry: Spiders, Legendary Ahoge, Yearbook, Spider Lillies
Aaron: Football, Fake Supreme Shirt, Letterman Jacket, Tulip
Darell: Taser, Basketball, Watch
Claire: Wool, Puppet, Shotgun
Elijah: Tiger Lilies, Paint, Gun, Hunter voodoo doll
Hunter: School Trophy, Prom King Crown he stole, Tiger lilies, Ghost souls
Normal!Colton: Textbook, Orchard flowers Giant Hedge Clippers

@Toaster group

Angel: Quill-daggers
Corwyn: Maps
Barkley: Ring of Protection
Anon: (Can't die, but if they could…) Enchanted pen(cil), book, locket, crown, and cape. (Basically you get to be the next [possibly evil] Overlord)

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Amberly: letter in a bottle, A spoon, A fish, water breathing potion
Logan: Perfume, Sleeping potion, Thread
Briar: Needles, Rose Thorns, Wire
Noelle: Dust (bc she's a vampire), Poisoned apple, Sword, Armor
Blevin: Glass shards, Whip, Pumpkin
Lucien: Watch, Cologne, CEO stuff
Camille: Doll, Ashes, Ring

@Williamnot group

I put way too much work into this, but I kind of love it? I expanded beyond just the names of the items :)

Flower Petals:
(Epic item, keepsake. A few slightly wilted flower petals that have been permanently preserved with a spell. A gift the owner wanted to keep. Not worth anything. %100 drop chance.)
Small Journal:
(Rare item, book. A pocket sized notebook with a pen tucked into the spiral binding. The inside pages are covered in doodles and notes. Worth very little. %60 drop chance.)
Bloody Scalpel:
(Legendary item, weapon. An ordinary surgical scalpel covered in dried blood. It has an aura of hatred about it. Worth nothing. %2 drop chance.)

Birdseed and Dog Treats:
(Uncommon item, food. A mixture of seed, treats and various other items guaranteed to befriend any animal. Worth very little. %90 drop chance.)
(Common item, weapon. A medium sized sturdy stick that will stun an unaware enemy. Likely used to swat at branches and plants. Not worth anything. %90 drop chance.)
Beloved Necklace:
(Epic item, keepsake. A thin gilded chain necklace. Imbued with bittersweet memories. Worth a lot. %1 drop chance.)

Desert Eagle, .50 Cal:
(Legendary item, weapon. A heavy pistol capable of blowing apart cover and anything behind it. Worth a fortune. %95 drop chance.)
Vodka+Silly Straw?
(Rare item, food. A normal bottle of vodka, paired with a colorful, curly straw. Worth a little. %50 drop chance.)
Family Photo
(Rare item, keepsake. A small, folded up copy of a black and white family photo. On the back is written "Don't forget." The item is imbued with sadness. Worth very little. %2 drop rate.)

Hard Candies
(Uncommon item, food. Small, individually wrapped hard candies. Great for cheering up a sad friend. Worth very little. %90 drop chance.)
Flip Phone
(Rare item, miscellaneous. A small battered flip phone. Only started being used fairly often recently. Worth a little. %40 drop chance.)
Psychopath's Knuckles
(Legendary item, weapon. Brass knuckles imbued with a feeling of guilt as well as loneliness, but the guilt feels fake. A gift from an absentee who doesn't care. Worth a lot. %2 drop chance.)

(Rare item, miscellaneous. There's a lot of texts asking about whether someone other than the owner is asleep and a lot of replies that they aren't. Used mostly for work though. Worth a lot. %100 drop chance.)
Beretta M9
(Epic item, weapon. A pistol used somewhat often for defense. Kept on the owner at all times. It has a trace of sentiment imbued in it. Worth a fortune. %100 drop chance.)
Private Note
(Legendary item, keepsake. A magically preserved note. When unfolded it has the words "You're hired just stop telling me what to do idiot >:(" It was precious to the owner. Not worth anything. %0.5 drop chance.)

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Janice: Wine, Pomengrante, Self-help book
Alex: Business card, Melon, Something he stole from Janice
Jane: Cherry, Knife, Old phone
Alice: Loose change, Knife
Jacob: Strawberry, Letters from Jax, Random death certificates
Elise: Blood Orange, Parole ticket, Locket with a picture of Elliott

@NotSoBeautifulDiseaster group

Theo: Calculator, Moon ring, Mouse, Gameboy
Cleo: Poms Poms, Moon ring, Mouse, Headband
Skylar: Phone, Cloud Hairpin, Picture of her parents, Horse shoe
Elliott, Star hairpin, First Aid Kit, Locket, Pig plushie
Mia: Steward hat, Speakerphone, Yearbook
Drake: UFO keychain, Telescope, Dartgun
Felix: Alien Cleaner, Laser Gun, Syringe, Blue Fur


Naomi: Epic sniper rifle (weapon).
CJ: Stack of first-aid kits (healing item).
Brandee: Truck keys (summons Ugly Pickup mount/vehicle).
Kieron: Stack of protein shake mix (physical stat boost item).

Deleted user

Aster: Black kitsune mask, dragonfly wings, potions (various kinds)
Sain: A dagger, walking cane (she's blind, what do you expect)
Sora: Pale pink scarf, water (like a bottle), contact lenses
Star/Luné: A pentagram-looking necklace, a weapon (depends on when you kill her)
Sapphire: A nearly full, battered leather journal; a tessen (fan weapon); earbuds/headphones; a pencil

@LilMeme group


Sketchbook (Common/Misc. drop chance 90%)
A book full of poetry, diary entries, and ab drawing

Fangs (Weapon, drop chance 50%)
Kage's fangs, he should really start brushing

Rotten Flesh (Food, drop chance 30%)
Warning: Only eat if you want food poisoning

Flip phone (Misc/ Drop chance 20%)
An old phone, why is he so attached to this thing


Glasses (Misc/Drop chance 90%)
He needs those to see

Sunflower seeds (Food/ drop chance 50%)
There's enough to grow a garden and feed a small family of squirrels

Blood (Food/Legendary Item, drop chance 10%)
The legendary blood of Himawari, this'll give you great power

Diary (Misc/ Drop chances 10%)
Who uses diaries nowadays

@phoenixwing group

Stormchaser: A strand of fur with lightning sparking off of it
Nightshade: A claw probably
Sol: A piece of leaf
Eira: An icicle
Fang: A…fang?
Phoenixwing: A burning feather
Amethyst: Some potions

Deleted user

Corrin: A bottle of stardust, a sock, a dagger
Aethea: A frog, a piece of toast and a book with a list of all those who've ever wronged her, with a note saying YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT in red ink at the end
Gino: A pebble, a turtle, an umbrella
Benti: A chunk of rock, a moonstone, all the evil spirits he's been carrying around since he was created. woe to the one who killed him.
Lanyam: A charm bracelet, a paper crown
Daefeto: A bloody tooth, a knife, a teddy bear