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you know
Eric: Headstrong leader, but finds himself too often a deer in headlights
Memphis: Tries to act tough but completely crumbs when someone cries
Sleepy: He just wants to go home
Jay: Second-degree arson enthusiast
Craig: the most loving deadbeat there is
Shane: touch starved brains of the group
Dennis: Wants to be a leader, but his hands shake
Markus: Will break you nose then profusely apologise
Colton: Stabs drywall just to feel something, kinda hot tho
Jack: Says "yoink" when pick-pocketing

@squiddicus language

blaze: she'll either die of heartbreak or because she fell off a train
riyah: she's wise, she flies, and she's got purple eyes
qili: has been through a lot and wants you to go away
ceryn: needs a hug
nova: chaos incarnate, probably flirting
evaryx: has not got time for your shenanigans, people

@LiteralCyborg group

Minnie: Can and WILL drink boiling water and is still somehow the team leader
Sage: Mom cat, not cat mom
Ethan: The Quantum CrackheadTM
Reese: Angsty techie who always has the braincell
Mike: Big manchild who will be missed
Arthur: Really regretting taking on five superpowered teens


Tipo: you just gave the human embodiment of paranoia a knife, how do you feel?
Murdock: mad scientist with a heart of decay and the brain of a toddler
Valpuri: surprisingly dysfunctional mom
Iggy: he's in touch with his (feminine/murderous) side
Anastasia: #gaslight #gatekeep #girlboss
Miles: imagine the most kickable puppy
Laurent: oh my god someone just turned an oversized sweater into a human being
Mauve: she may bite you and give you the poison status ailment at any given moment
Adeline: an introverted, sweet bookworm who drinks tea and bakes bread and has killed a man
Davey: unhinged college professor vibes
Marcus: he's so cool and sexy and suave, but then you discover he has the music taste of a grandpa
Beck: 🥶💪💯
Asher: this white boy is a soundcloud rapper

Deleted user

Eliza: Seems like an immature brat but behind the scenes is a evil genius.
Ezra: A cinnamon roll who has a weapon and doesn't know what it is.
Liberty: A girl who wants to be a princess but not the queen.
August: Do not disturb.
Justus: He's like a black cat where dismay and destruction always follows, but he's such a cute kitty awww.
Ruziel: Forgive but don't forget, filled to the brim with tolerance, but once you cross the line you better be saying your prayers.
Checker: He will always step up to the plate, but he will never be able to fill anyone's shoes.
Eli: Fabulous and he knows it.
Quentin: He never asked, but he's glad you made him.
Prince: He doesn't want to hurt nobody, even if they hurt people he loves.


Naomi: Sharpshooter who can wreck a threat's day from a mile off; also, fucked-up disabled veteran, sole survivor of her last unit, and certified bi disaster.
CJ: Paramedic, benevolent troll, also a fucked-up veteran (different branch) and bi disaster; achillean leanings are limited to tall musclechubs.
Brandee: Pre-law dropout, polyglot, mechanic supreme, pilot, and stunt driver; tiny, inked up, and irascible.
Kieron: Sweet, naïve, and fuckoff huge; eats like a bear preparing to hibernate and lifts like a freight elevator; did not ask to get dragged into this whole mess.
The Wannabe Evil Archmage: This manipulative jerk; seeks power and control, but isn't afraid to destabilize everything to realize that.
Talula: Explorer, intermediary, arguable cyborg and probable transhuman designer baby.

@s0ft_stardust group

Isabella: The protag with a special gift that they want to use instead of being pressured to by a prophecy
Rain: Sad ghost boi who wants to give love though he doesn't understand
Nova: Mysterious witch on villain arc
Lux: If "Happier Than Ever" by Billie Ellish was a person
Baxtor: Looks like could kill you, but is a dark academia cinnamon roll
Brooklyn: Looks like could kill you, but is a 2011 emo/scene cinnamon roll
Yumi: If goblincore and mermaidcore had a baby
Moxxie: Weirdcore clown that is surprisingly a great therapist
Tiara: Mentally ill angst teen with a victim and a god complex
Mukoro: Gamer boy… That's it

@Darkblossom group

Lorreth: Will flirt with you, could kill you, and might be annoying or endearing depending on who you are
Sashay: Overly-trusting turned paranoid trust issues after disastrous events, also if you mess with her you'll have a bunch of well trained dragons to deal with


Vanya: Corrupt, cowardly, but harmless.
Zuzana: Knows worrying amounts about explosives, also very protective of almost everyone she meets.
Nevken: Surprisingly poetic, for his rather brutal ways of dealing with things.


Pirate: Bad Boy Mode
Birdie, Beauty, and Traveler, when in a group: It's not a safety thing, it's a power thing
Nightmare: Tiny smol boi is unexpectedly brutal and vicious
Fire Lord: Thinks xi's Bad Boy Mode, is more like Soft Boy mode


Sky: Energetic Bookworm attempts to be a functional person.
Crystal: Don't give the anxious one the special powers.
Ivy: If you see murder in her eyes, RUN.
Azuria: Former adventurer forgot how to adventure.
Jade: Will kill you and make a joke about it.

Faye: Feral Child will fight anyone and climb anything.
Velia: Is chill until you say she can't be a mechanic, in that case, she (or Faye) will end you.
Terrence: Clueless child attempts to explore the universe.
Marshal: Tired Dad is done dealing with Feral Child.

@Anxietyfilledcinnamonroll group

Bane: Seems like he would rip your throat out, but is a sweet helldoggie.

Julian: Soft angelic healer who could be your dad.

Nathaniel: King of hell with murder on his mind.

Amity: Keeps everyone from going into literal chaos.

Gwen: The classic archetype character that is naïve, but ends up in a life or death supernatural situation.

Val: An eccentric ginger.

Jax: Expresso depresso, but has amazing swordsmanship.

Dominic: Literally only exists for government purposes.


Pan and Eri: Eri kind of only exists in Pan's brain, however Pan will kill someone if they say she doesn't exist, but the two are constantly arguing in a friendly, shared brain kind of obssesive manner where neither will ever concede their point while they both think the other is actually correct.


Koa: Goat boy paints pictures and eats applesauce, while people are attempting to kill him.
Pecan: Politician Truffle Child wants your money, oh yeah and he is like nice, but only to his buddies. (other than that he wants your money)
Burgundy: Truffle Child has 165 IQ and has depression.

@SleezyCake group

Nicholas: Who needs caffeine when the crushing weight of expectations placed upon you keeps you awake just as well

Aldwyn: When your trust issues get in the way of forming good relationships with the people around you

Desmond: Gender dysphoria meets angst-y demon teen with a superiority complex

Delilah: Maybe killing people isn't a healthy coping mechanism

Robyn: "I designed this personality specifically for you"

@sortaslightlysentient group

Ruth : saw one too many eli roth movies as a kid and thought nothing was wrong with them ethically
Adelaide : a literal scapegoat with a heart of gold
Jessica : gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss in human form
Pip : laid-back playboy who acts like he doesn't care, but really cares a lot
Harry : sentient anger
Leonard : desperately trying to cling on to the feeling of validation from his youth, but now only gets it from international drug dealers
Michael : just kind of… existing; all that matters is he doesn't hurt anyone as he does so
Douglas : charismatic kingpin (and family man!!) who genuinely cares about his business
Oliver : the human equivalent of grey, and yet still somehow likeable

@sheabutter group

Ali: Dry mechanic with a fondness for the word "shit"
Lybra: Flirtatious pilot who uses humor to cope with his crippling trauma :D
Brandy: Hardened veteran who accidentally adopts a ton of kids
Elidi: Exhausted mom friend who doesn't have time for anyone's shit
Maggie: just doing his goddamn best
Robin: panicked commander who needs to take a chill pill
Ten: bruh ur 14 why are you here
Belle: gaslight gatekeep girlboss

@Rabbi_Arsonist group

Milaka: Hello mother, oh you killed another demon, good job!

Levi: Dolphin Man with anger issues

Lisha: Looks like a bean, will kill you, but has terrible memory.

Abree: Needs some therapy

Loki: …. Went through to much-