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(Marcos: Pretty much spends all his time dedicated to Torin by this point. They do have a wonderful dynamic, it would be so horrible if it was ruined. Again. I cannot take another year irl of waiting for them to kiss XD)

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(Wren: taken from being sacrificed, literally brainwashed for his "own good" and actually feels happy only to suddenly get all his memories back and become so emotionally unstable and scared of Marcos to where Marcos gets angry and literally takes out his soul by force)


((Felix: Knows that Derlik really isn't good to him or to anyone but can't leave the god because he's an idiot who's in love.))

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(Even then it wasn't all that healthy in the beginning……….)
(yeah my gods all have fooking issues XD)

Skyla pouted a bit.
"Do you know when he'll be back here?" She asked instead. "I wanna talk to him about my new dolls…"


(I definitely am lol)
(And uh…yeah, that's true, but it's gotten a lot better)

He shook his head a little bit. "No, I don't know." He replied softly.

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(Yeah, they're wanting to kiss each other but they're both too wimpy to do anything about it!!)
(No way, Marcos got her normal dolls to replace the Derlik type dolls Derlik had given her, it's a long story)

Skyla pouted some.
"None of them are doing anything… is something wrong with them?" Skyla looked up at Torin with wide eyes.
"They don't even blink like you did!"

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(Sure. I'm honestly super interested in Derlik even though he's really chaotic XD)
(like ok wren got lucky to have a god who meant well but i'm also a sucker for dark angst ehehe)

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(I mean in the aspects I've heard of already haha. I'm expecting Astral and Halm eventually, but that's a fair point… Yeah Marcos needs to hide the small child uwu)

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(Oh, like, ask Ice, Derlik is the most constant ass to Marcos. Astral just does it on a larger scale lol)
(All humans must be hidden from the Asshats in Cahoots Astral and Derlik uwu)

Mia looked up at Simon, leaning her head against him.
"I really am sorry…" She still hadn't gotten over how she had to hide everything from SImon, just to protect herself. Maybe if she had told him, he wouldn't be in this situation…*

Gareth sighed, resting his head on the wall now.
"Pretty much," he confirmed. "So long as you can keep your mouth shut long enough that he forgets you."

(and I mean, Derlik technically does, just… for the love of god don't break up with him lol, or get him mad)


”it’s okay, you know I don’t blame you, it wouldn’t have done me any good knowing the truth anyway.” He said to Mia. Well…maybe he wouldn’t have fallen in love, but he couldn’t even bear to think about that right now. He looked back up at the wall, making sure he was loud enough to be heard by them. “Yes well I haven’t talked to Astral in weeks, so so far I’d say I’m doing a pretty good job.”


(hhfh Derlik is an asshole but Astral is a fucking asshole, ya feel me?)
(Also uhh yeah, Skyla's old dolls are O.O)

"Ah…well…that's because they're…normal. Not people." Torin said slowly.