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Brenn looked up at Gareth sighing a little bit, "Look, we're better off here than with some of the other gods. I've been stuck with Derlik before and he basically tries to break every single bone in my body when I'm there. Even though I'm normally in my plastic form he still tries to. And even if we could leave where would we go? I don't have any safe spaces on Earth anymore, and I don't want to go back to Felix anymore, okay?"


”Yeah that’s honestly the biggest problem…even if we do find some way to escape the gods forever, there’s a reason we were all picked up in the first place, our lives were meaningless, and we didn’t have anyone to take care of us.”

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"Yeah… he really did screw us over," Gareth said softly. He held Brenn close to himself, kissing the man's cheek gently.
"Still, we can make the best of this, yeah? Somehow…"

"Neither do I. I'm sure Marcos has his reasons, but I just find it hard to believe they're good enough to do this." Elliot sighed, hands in his pockets.


Simon had begun to get a sense of what the other two meant to each other, and he felt a pang of jealousy that he quickly scolded himself for. ‘That’s stupid, Simon…’ but he couldn’t help but wish he had someone who cared about him like that. He shut down the thoughts, knowing they were unrealistic.


"Uh huh, we're pretty much just stuck here." He said quietly, shaking his head, "I think I'm a lot more worried about you know though." He said with a sigh, "But we'll be here for you and stuff." 'And I'm here for Gareth.'

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Okay! If you need help, do no be afraid to ask sugar!

And okay, +Wren, I understand… I keep this secret, don't worry.

Wren simply stared at the screen a moment longer before looking away. He wanted to trust Serna, he did. But he found it hard to trust any god due to how easily he had trusted Marcos before and then… Well, then he was wherever this room was.


Torin nodded faintly. "Yeah. I just…he's been mostly honest, I thought, and if he's lying about one thing…" If he was lying about one thing, he could be lying about others.

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"Right. I'll do my best to find a way over to your side," Gareth assured Simon. He looked at Brenn, slipping his hand into the man's.
"We'll… survive, right? Cause I hate to be a downer, but I can't say we will make it out okay."

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+Cas, +Nix, how are you? Is Halm giving you any trouble?

Serna didn't have much more to say to Wren at all. So, for now, he was left alone yet again…

"It's hard to tell if he's been lying about other things," Elliot finished quietly. "Yeah, I get it…"
The door to Marcos's room started to open. It took a moment, but then Skyla came out, using both hands to hold the handle. She had a stuffed doll, one Marcos had given her, smiling. She looked up, seeing Torin first and going over to hug him.
"Mr. Torin!" The girl grinned, but she froze when she saw Elliot.


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im scard but nothng has rlly happend yet

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What he said. Were all rlly on edge but it hasnt been to bad


Simon nodded, smiling softly. “It would be nice to see other people again.” He’d stopped asking Astral if they could go back down to Earth, not wanting to owe Astral any favors. As if the god wouldn’t just take what he wanted anyway. “Hopefully we survive…” he said, a bit half heartedly, for what reason, the others probably wouldn’t be able to know for sure.

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Well, it's good to see he hasn't done anything yet. Derlik's still checking in, right?

"Retirement does sound nice, of course," Gareth said ruefully. "But I'm not gonna go back to it until Brenn can come with me too. It's a dull life, but it's better than this…" The man sighed, shifting some.

Skyla took Torin's hand. When she saw he was okay with Elliot, she relaxed.
"Where's Miter Marcos?" She asked, looking around.