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Mia couldn't help but sigh softly. Still, doing something to help would have been enough. She had just been… too scared.

"Yes, I think it's because he's spending so much time over here. He really does seem quite upset. Good." Gareth sighed, moving so he was leaning his back against the wall, Brenn in his lap.

Skyla 'hmphed.'
"But whyy?" she whined, pouting. Elliot's eyebrows rose.
"Ah… L-living dolls?"

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(I'm literally thinking: huh what if Marcos had a gym with this really nice equipment and he showed Wren. And Wren absolutely gets scared of everything XD)


Simon smiled softly at Mia, trying to reassure her that everything was okay. He looked back up at the wall. “I’m sorry that he’s bothering you guys so much, I can try and get him to stay over here more if you want.” He offered. After all, Astral couldn’t hurt him right now like he could hurt the others.

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(He probably would end up hurting himself if he tried to use them, we all know it XD)
(So yes, this is vvy much the first room Marcos is taking Wren on the tour now lol)

*Mia leaned against Simon's larger belly, curling up just a bit while offering a weak smile in turn. She didn't want Simon worrying about her, he was the one who got hurt after all…

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(Also as I'm reading the early parts of the rp, the flowers in Marcos's garden… they represent each god as the hold their souls…)
(@ me: marcos where is Astral's so I can get the silver water-)