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Oooh yeah, so do brenn and Gareth ever get together? I sort of want that to be a part of the thing we have, and it would be interesting to have in here))

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Oooo yes that would be good! I totally want them to get together eventually lol

I'm thinking that, with some bullshit logic, all of these rps could be going on in real time in this chat (time warping maybe?)
so things here can be cannon if you want to
or it can just be for fun <3

I'm thinking it's some obscure chat site they've all found that they start using to find others like them, and they form a little group

maybe even have outsiders try to call them out for their 'bullshit,' and it become a urban legend or something?

Mia and Simon, Brenn Gareth and Felix are all gonna be in the state they are right now of course

Ice we totally need to get Skyla mentioned at some point

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I've put so much thought into this while I was answering everyone else

Yesss we totally need this to be the thing that points out just how much danger Simon could be in

we could have the characters send pms to each other and for an added layer to the rp we could actually pm each other so not everyone knows what's going onnnnnnnn


Brenn just sort of has a hate/love relationship with Astral, and he loves Gareth at least as friend's he hasn't realized yet about how much he cares about him.

And Felix and Derlik ar a thing, but Derlik really hasn't been too harsh on him, yet.


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It'll be so much fun!

Yes, that sounds so cool, I've been wanting to do that for a while now, ngl, cause Iris and I (who I will be asking if they want to participate as well, edit: Maddie's here!) were working on something like that

We could also have a separate cannon where this and the other rps are in different worlds if you want to, and just have the drama from this affect these versions of the characters

Also!! Gods are totally gonna eventually find this!! So!! Get ready for drama!!
I'll probably have the Nice gods find it first and just be super supported for it and offer help and a place to stay
but then the Bad gods show up and just,,, be assholes
Not even just Derlik and Astral either

Also, I'm totally gonna eventually have more rps with these gods
And the people who pick them up will be invited to this

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I have nine in total:

Astral- Sun
Marcos- Moon
Celeste- Stars

Derlik- Chaos
Ethal- Bloodlust
(i forget let me check my notes real quick I'll edit this–)- War

Halm: Souls
(I forget let me check my notes–)- Eternity
Serna- Ressurection?? Something like that lemme check notes