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Random Suggestions:
What if you buy the premium categories separate, like for $0.50 each or something, so that you only get the ones you really need or want, without paying for everything? If you only want countries and languages, for example, so you don't have to pay for everything.
Also, what if you get a free view of each of the premium categories, not able to edit them, just see the information they offer, so you know which would be the useful ones?

Ooh, I like these ideas. Also, a 30-day money-back thing would be nice. I bought premium for about a month to try it out and when it didn't suit my needs I was just totally out the $24, which I wouldn't have paid if I'd known premium wouldn't work for me (obviously solved by the above suggestions), because frankly the prices do seem a bit ridiculous. I hesitate to say so since I don't personally know how much this costs to upkeep and develop and whatnot, but it does seem a bit overpriced, particularly for something that has so little customization capability.
I'm also going to echo the option of making new fields in existing categories, and make a couple of additional requests of my own. 1. Could you make the images on characters adjustable? Just the ability to slide them up and down so you can set a different part of the image adjustable would be wonderful. 2. Could the lists of each thing (characters, groups, universes, etc.) display the images with the page titles? I might just be weird, but it's easier for me to see at a glance what I have and find what I'm looking for with an image than with just a title.
Thanks for designing this and being so prompt with updates!


Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but I was wondering if it's possible to link characters and location together? I have some characters that shift around from one dimension to the next so it gets confusing who's where doing what. For example maybe under the character profile sheet, you could have: "Current Residence", "Primary Residence" that would link to locations.

Thanks! I really hope this gets implemented, it would save my head from splitting into two


I love this site, however I'm a bit worried, I'm unable to buy a membership with my paypal! Is there anyway I can do this or is it strictly credit/debit card?


Hi @andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) ! I know you got seven hundred things on your mind, but I just wanted to let you know that the Languages tab is very underdeveloped. For the Language tab specifically, the ability to connect characters to languages needs to be implemented, and in general, I hope for the ability to create custom fields for the tabs (or even separate entities? :o). Maybe you could implement that as a premium feature? :3

Once again, thank you so much for your hard work. I love you, keep going strong as always! :D



I don't know if there is a way to do it, but regarding the linking. Could it be switched to replace a field when linked? For example, I am creating some characters and I have linked their race, but the race field remains empty, and when i log on I am prompted to add it. Wouldn't it be more encompassing to have the link replace the original field if utilized? (Also just started here and am still importing things from word documents). Or even to be able to link a page within the description of something else so basically just a hyperlink that can sit in a normal paragraph.
P.S. With the addition of towns and countries maybe some fields for demographics? With possible in text links to race pages?


I am finding this website to be really helpful but I have one major suggestion:
I think it would be very useful to have a plot planning section (with the universe, character, location and item tabs) as part of the free package.
I think this would be really useful as at the moment there isn't really anywhere on here for me to plan my plot, and the plot is a key part of any story, just as much as the settings and characters.
I would love it if inside the plot section you could create different chapters and then link characters, locations, items etc. to these chapters so you could keep track of where each chapter was taking place and who was involved. It doesn't need to be anything super involved, just a space for a summary of what is going to happen, a place to link characters, a place to link locations and stuff like that.
Also maybe when you first use this site a little tour showing you how to use everything could be cool?
And one last thing, I don't really like how the custom added categories automatically add themselves to every single one of your characters. I added a custom category of Harry Potter info to my harry potter RP character and then all of my characters had this section. I think being able to choose whether your category was added to all your characters or just that one would be a good addition.
Apart from that I'm really enjoying using and it's really helping me to organise my ideas, so thanks very much.

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Hey all, just checking in with a friendly reminder that, while I may not respond immediately to every comment, I am actively reading each and every one and cataloging/organizing the suggestions so each feature I get to make is best made for everyone. I appreciate all of the feedback and the suggestions.

Right now, I'm in the middle of a rework of fields on all pages which, as you can expect, is pretty complicated (especially since making sure no data gets lost in the transition is my #1 priority). I'll have more information about how it all works soon since I don't want to give too much away while it's still in development (since it could still change), but the big takeaways from it are this:

  • You'll be able to add or remove fields from all the default page categories (general, appearance, nature, etc). If you're not using "magical powers" or some other field, you'll be able to remove it. Likewise, you can add your own fields to e.g. the existing appearance category.
  • You'll be able to add linking fields as well, so you'll be able to link any page to any other page.
  • You'll be able to have different categories/fields per page type… per universe. So you can add "magical powers" to characters in one universe, "childhood hero" to characters in another universe, and so on.

Plus more (probably!) – just gotta finish coding it! (And: I can't wait to get to some of the other suggestions here!)

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@Bianca do Angelo BE MY FRIEND TOO PLEASE!! I THOUGHT YOU DIED BUT YOUR HERE NOW AND I AND I’M SO HAPPY! :D (No suggestions here, sorry!)

@Bianca di Angelo

@Bianca do Angelo BE MY FRIEND TOO PLEASE!! I THOUGHT YOU DIED BUT YOUR HERE NOW AND I AND I’M SO HAPPY! :D (No suggestions here, sorry!)

i should probably tell nico too…im glad hes happy(er) now

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@Bianca do Angelo BE MY FRIEND TOO PLEASE!! I THOUGHT YOU DIED BUT YOUR HERE NOW AND I AND I’M SO HAPPY! :D (No suggestions here, sorry!)

i should probably tell nico too…im glad hes happy(er) now


@Bianca di Angelo

@Bianca do Angelo BE MY FRIEND TOO PLEASE!! I THOUGHT YOU DIED BUT YOUR HERE NOW AND I AND I’M SO HAPPY! :D (No suggestions here, sorry!)

i should probably tell nico too…im glad hes happy(er) now

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Something I thought of is could there be a way to actually have like a family tree? Not just say who's who but like have an actual chart thing.

This would be wonderful.

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It would be really nice if we could put deities in basically any slot where characters go. Ex: the maker section of items. I have the pages of a gods spell book that would be nice to have him listed as the creator of and most of the items I'll be putting will most likely be religious artifacts of the gods of the world of which all would need the gods be listed. Another example would be governments members section. Basically anywhere a character can be added I would find great use for placing deities.

Also a dimensions/planes/worlds category would be nice, tho I suppose locations works to an extent.

Another thing that would be nice is having birthplace allow for any of the location pages IE: Locations, Countries, etc.

A bit of a problem I have is with the default descriptions like "how tall is this race on average?" some of them get cut off and only show a part of it. Ex: Airforce section of government for me is "What does (government) airforce look" and it cuts off there.

Edit: also some places that are deity slots link the character section still(I assume a relic of a time before the deity section.)

Edit2: It would be nice to have races and creatures be listed in the children section of the deities.

Edit3: Basically being able similar things in that type of link slot would be extremely nice ex: locations countries landmarks or towns in birthplace link slots.

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Maybe there could be a place in our profiles to be able to add a signature. We could add things we like, info about books we're doing and a little about us(no personal information of course). I don't even know if you're able to tbh, but that would be nice in my opinion.


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I like the signature idea and also could there be a way to like put together a rough picture of your characters? Like as you choose hair color and stuff it starts putting together a picture which you can adjust.