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I think maybe adding a 'Clothing' section, or even a 'Style' section, into the 'Characters' category would be very helpful. Often when I am looking at others characters I find it hard to picture them because no clothes have been described D:! It would especially be helpful if a item or piece of clothing is important to your character or story and you can't actually use the 'Item' category because you are not a premium member.

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May I suggest a notifications tab at the top of the forums (near where the inbox tab is)?

I know that following threads is already a thing, but you can really only be notified through email. This is fine, but it's not ideal.

Having a tab at the top to show you notifications for only threads you've followed would be super useful.

I dunno. It's your project. I'm just making a suggestion.

Edit: Also, think about pinning this thread to the top of the thing.

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@Chronicle 100% yes. I don't follow the email notifications that well, and I need to figure out how to set up an in-site notification system for them. I actually just pushed up some forum redesigns that should make finding threads with notifications easier, but having them in a queue from a tab at the top would be wonderful also. I'll see if I can figure that out – thanks for the feedback!


I absolutely love this site, I've only been using it for a few days but this has definitely been the best way I've found to make sense of my world. I do have a few suggestions, mostly regarding the linking system. It would be really helpful to link Items to Locations and/or Landmarks. Also at the moment it is impossible to link Deities to Religions, the only option is to link Characters, on the same note, it would be nice if, as well as having an open ended field for religion, if there was also a link field. It would also be helpful to link Characters and Races to Countries. It would also be nice if, in the Character history section, if you could link Characters or groups from the Character's past. Like ex-lovers, former affiliates, etc. Also, I don't know if this is possible already or impossible altogether, but can users create custom fields in the categories that are already available? For example, could I add a new field in my character's social category? That would be pretty awesome. Once again I love this site and I'm excited to watch the site grow and be a part of it!


First of all @andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer), I have to commend you on how quickly you manage to get new updates out. I've got a couple suggestions:

For Characters, I think it would be nice to have some more fields to expand upon their personalities. Instead of just the "Personality Type" field, it would be nice to break that into 2 other fields for "Outward Personality"(what they show to other characters) and "Inward Personality"(what they keep hidden from others). Also, I think the "History" tab should be supplemented with another tab for the history of that character during the actual story.

This would definitely be a long term project, but I would love to have a storyboard or "corkboard" feature. To elaborate: We have "index cards" of all of our scenes, and we can arrange and connect them in any order we want. On the cards, we can write a brief summary(let's say 500 character limit) of the scene, and link to all of the characters, items, locations, etc. involved. You hover the cursor over one of the cards, and it displays the brief summary along with the numbers of all the linked pages(but only the number), and if you click on the card, it takes you to the actual page for the scene(in a new browser tab of course). This feature would probably be best put at the top left where the "Home", "Discussions", and "Scratchpad" are. And of course, we can share all of our storyboards if we want.


Would it be possible to add the ability to nest/link religions to other religions? Trying to keep track of which religions spawned which cults/etc. is sort of hard at the moment, especially if you want to have multiple religions and cults in the same 'verse.

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Random Suggestions:
What if you buy the premium categories separate, like for $0.50 each or something, so that you only get the ones you really need or want, without paying for everything? If you only want countries and languages, for example, so you don't have to pay for everything.
Also, what if you get a free view of each of the premium categories, not able to edit them, just see the information they offer, so you know which would be the useful ones?


Heads up: I'm not opposed to paying something for extra features, but the prices there are now are frankly outrageous. Maybe lower them?

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Hi, I'm not sure if this has been previously mentioned, so sorry if it's a repeat. I think that an app version of this would be really helpful. I'm not sure if apple store does this, but I have an Android and as far as I'm aware, there is no app for this website, and I find it really useful, however I cannot take a laptop with me everywhere, so being able to edit while on my phone(especially off-line) would be really helpful. Thanks.


i agree with @saph sparrow on this, id appreciate maybe a 3 dollar function in the subscriptions area where you can choose like, maybe 5 out of the 15 currently available premium options that you wanna use that month, or an individial pay-per-slot option in addition to the all-in price. (im actually going to have to cancel my subscription and wait until next paycheck to buy again, whoops.)


One thing that would be nice is a section in Planet - Time that specifies Year length, since there is a day length and not a year length I've been putting it under calendar system which doesn't feel quite right. ^u^


Also Being able to link some races as being part of another race (Like if you have species as races and want to make ethnicity within the species) would be an interesting addition, although I don't really know how many other people have stories where that would be even relevant, so it's not something super important

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Suggestion: I don't care if ads take over the site. I think the premium membership is complete bs and I don't want to pay such a big sum of money every single month just so I can access the other 70% of content this site has to offer.


I have a suggestion about the forums. I think certain words (especially slurs/hate speech) should be banned, maybe? It hasn't been much of an issue or anything until today when a nonblack dude tried to convince me that he could say n***a. Maybe every time a word like that is typed, it's censored just like that? Idk.


@Miranda there already is a means by which you can have more particular questions/descriptions on things. You just need to click 'add custom category' name said category and in your case write 'How is your character as a person?' in the area that says 'field in category'. It will apply to everything in that section giving you extra sections and questions for you to answer letting you go more in depth.

What I'm referring to:

Hi! would it be possible to write better description in the categories? For exampel in "personality type" to write "how is your character as a person?"


Hi! Is there any way people without premium could have a few days only with access to some templates (magic, deities etc.) reserved for people who pay? After the few days were over, then we wouldn't be able to make any more, but would still have free editing and viewing access to the ones we had made during the short window of time (including the only 5 universes rule).

If not, then I completely understand, this is just a shot in the dark :)



Hello there! This is my absolute favorite website of all time, but as I was updating one of my characters I noticed that there was no spot to put where they lived currently or in the past, only their birthplace. Could we possibly get a spot to add were they live or have lived? Thanks!

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I know people asked before about it but I'll ask again: will paypal be an option to make payments? The currrent system is too limited, specially in my case since I'm not from USA so my card isn't accepted in this site, but I have no problems making payments in other places using paypal.

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Is this a place to report minor bugs as well? Because I currently have a bug that isn't exactly urgent, but is bugging me

The sidebar that holds the Notebook Pages and the main links has a scrollbar that - at least on my system and browser - goes beyond its boundaries. The only issue I'm having with this is that it means that I can't access the link to add more page types (if that's even still there), but I figured it was worth reporting

Does anybody else have this issue?

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