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Kreigspfad close

A metropolis filled to the brim with huge buildings and blazing lights that reach the sky. Its seemingly rich history, is home to the Enforcers, a powerful military force in terms of power and numbers. It's rumoured that the high ranking Enforcers reign over the city from colossal skyscrapers. While the immensely wealthy people live above, the lower class struggle to make life a bit bearable.

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La Soledad

La Soledad close

La Soledad is a working-class borough town with several river canals. It was originally a huge lake, but artificially created lands (chinampas) reduced its size.

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Qamar close

Qamar is a major city situated in the eastern nation, often called the City of the Moon.

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The Void

The Void close

The Void… it takes everything. Whenever you get sense of security or glimmer of hope, it immediately snuffs it out like a candle. It will take your eyes, your ears, your mouth and lastly, your sense of self. You will become nothing.“ - ???

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Tletonatlan close

An ancient civilization which vanished off the face of the earth during the Great Calamity. After the tragedy, some survivors agreed to a mutual alliance and rebuilt the city. It is currently known as Zenpatlan.

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Zenpatlan close

A city whose residents are descendants of the survivors of the deadliest outbreak of Dolls. Known for the original settlers making their strong defenses against Dolls, Zenpatlan is claimed to be the birthplace of Soul Art and its users. It was once ran by corrupt officials until they were disposed of by Maza Redlock and later Jóse Victoria after they came into power.

It features wide, cobblesto...

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