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Sylflis (Of Kings and Killers)

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Centered in the Island of Tranquillia, where the kingdoms of Zestria, Emperia, Elantria, and Bersenria are!

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Normal universe physics

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It's older, so no technology. Swords and bows/arrows are used.

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A random dream that I had :)


  • Currently working on making the world more realistic.

This universe contains...
8 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Tiger Rebel Leader
group Marigold Rebel Leader
group Marin Evil Overlord
group Chosen / The King Evil Overlord
group Nya Evil Queen
group Malin Evil Overlord
group Bracken Watcher
group Blade Main character. Leader of the Clan of Darkest Nights

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terrain Kingston Zestria's capital city
terrain Zestria Buildings made from stone bricks and wood. Streets are made of stone.

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emoji_events Blade's Sword The sword that Blade vowed to use to kill The King

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account_balance Zestrian 'Council' The Zestrian Council is ruled by the terrible King Cooper. He claims it's a council, yet he is the only one that makes decisions and enjoys killing with the flick of his finger. Any that try and re...
account_balance Elantrian Government
account_balance Zestrian Leadership Cruel

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