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Name - What's the name of Zestrian 'Council'?

Zestrian 'Council'

Description - How would you describe Zestrian 'Council'?

The Zestrian Council is ruled by the terrible King Cooper. He claims it's a council, yet he is the only one that makes decisions and enjoys killing with the flick of his finger. Any that try and rebel are assassinated in the dark of the night.

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Type Of Government - What type of government is Zestrian 'Council'?

A dictatorship. King Cooper is a tyrant, forcing his people against their will to work for him.

Power Structure - How is Zestrian 'Council''s power structured? How is it organized? Who has what powers?

King Cooper is the only one who has any type of power, although he allows his assassin and his brother to advise him because they are the only two people in the world that he loves. He has a few advisors, but he rarely turns to them.

Power Source - Where does Zestrian 'Council''s source of power come from?

Fear. Anyone who has ever denied or rebelled against the king is either publicly executed, tortured and killed, or assassinated at night. No one has dared disobey him, so he's able to keep his power tightly in his hands.

Checks And Balances - What checks and balances does Zestrian 'Council' have in place?

Almost none. All power goes to the king, and anyone with a higher status, like his elite soldiers or generals, are required to report to him and obey all of his orders with an even higher chance of death.

Jobs - What jobs does Zestrian 'Council' provide? What jobs are necessary to run it?

The government doesn't necessarily 'ask for people to work.' More like 'force them to work.' If there's a need for servants in the palace, people are taken from their homes and forced to work. Every young man between ages 15 and 23 are required to work in the army until they reach age 23. Nobody chooses where they work or when.

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Sociopolitical - What sociopolitical ideologies does Zestrian 'Council' hold?

King Cooper has never really thought about sociopolitical things before. He's too focused on holding onto power, though he does say that all people should side themselves with the 'political side'. (Which has a population of 1)

Socioeconomical - What socioeconomical ideologies does Zestrian 'Council' hold?

Cooper doesn't care about how the money works. His command is that 3/4 of everything anyone earns goes to him, with the exception of his brother and assassin, as mentioned earlier.

Geocultural - What geocultural ideologies does Zestrian 'Council' hold?

Cooper has made the Kingdom of Zestria a place that keeps to themselves and doesn't leave the kingdom. Zestria is very compact and isn't spread very far other than the few forests around, so people can just talk to each other.

Laws - What are the laws of Zestrian 'Council'?

Obey the king; 3/4 of everything you earn goes to the king... there aren't really any complete 'laws,' but everyone knows what they should and shouldn't do just by who gets killed and why.

Immigration - What immigration policies and ideologies does Zestrian 'Council' hold?

No one can move into the kingdom, although he allows a few people from the neighboring kingdom, Elantria, to come as long as they work for him. Anyone found hiding or helping an immigrant is to be killed.

Privacy Ideologies - What does Zestrian 'Council' think about privacy?

Nothing is private. Cooper can walk into whatever conversation he wants and learn exactly what he needs to know, and if he isn't told what is going on, then the offender dies.

gavel Process
Electoral Process - What is the electoral process of Zestrian 'Council'?

Whoever is the first son/daughter of the previous king/queen. The king/queen is only allowed to have one child, and if they are twins, then one of them dies. For people like the advisors and the assassin, the king/queen chooses them for themselves.

Term Lengths - What are the term lengths for people in Zestrian 'Council'?

The king/queen is the leader of Zestria until death.

Criminal System - What is Zestrian 'Council''s criminal system like?

If someone is found disobeying the laws (or even if they aren't, for that matter), they will either get tortured to death, publically executed, or assassinated. Imprisonment isn't even an option.

visibility Populace
Approval Ratings - What do the people think of Zestrian 'Council'? What are their approval ratings?

Everyone is terrified of the king and desperately want to get rid of him, but they're too scared to talk back and don't want to risk themselves and their families lives.

International Relations - What do international governments think about Zestrian 'Council'? How are their relations?

Zestria and Elantria have a very close alliance, and both think highly of each other.

Civilian Life - What is civilian life like for the people ruled by Zestrian 'Council'?

Very oppressed. Everyone is too scared to do anything but follow orders, even those who are more rich. The servants and soldiers live slightly better, but are also forced into hard labor when they're not fighting or working.

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Zestrian 'Council' created? What is its founding story?

Once, the kingdom was a beautiful valley filled with vibrant trees and wildlife. A people lived in a forest in the valley, who were seperated into four 'clans' and lived in peace and harmony. Meanwhile, people started migrating to the unforested parts of the valley, creating beautiful cities and villages.
But there was a young girl who craved power more than anything who lived in the clans. She was forgotten and ignored, and she wanted to do something to get attention. After failing and getting caught trying to assassinate one of the leaders, she was exiled and left for dead in the wilderness. Still desperate for power, she went to the city of what is now Kingston (the capitol) and grew to become older. When she was 19 years old, she was able to become an important CEO of the government. She worked her way up and became the president of the area.
Her chance for power finally in her grasp, she killed the rest of the government, created the kingdom, and made the rest of the people suffer.
Her dream, which she has passed on through generations and generations, is to destroy the clans and finally take over the people who had rejected her...

Flag Design Story - How was Zestrian 'Council''s flag designed?

Zestria's flag is a blood-red color with black specks. It is believed it was once the clans' flag, but no one knows the real story...

Notable Wars - What notable wars throughout history has Zestrian 'Council' been involved in?

The Clan/King war: The clans came out of hiding at one point to try and destroy the kingdom. Both sides lost many, but eventually the soldiers were able to chase them back into the forest.
The Elantria/Zestria war: The two kingdoms were at war for seven years before the Elantrian king died and the two kingdoms established peace.

Holidays - What holidays are relevant to Zestrian 'Council''s history? What holidays does it recognize?

There's only one holiday celebrated in Zestria, and it's Kings Day. Everyone is forced to celebrate the king with parades, special meals, and a special presentation to the king. It is usually held on the king/queen's birthday.

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Vehicles - What vehicles does Zestrian 'Council' use or own?

Civilians use their legs to get places, while Cooper has access to several boats and carriges that he uses to get around.

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  • The assassin and the brother of the king are very important parts of the government.... and really the only other parts of the government...

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