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Veridin's Victory

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Modern times, but Atlantis exists, mistakes are made and Seafarers come to the surface.

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Veridin, more commonly known to humans as "atlantis", was where the world began.
In the beginning, the world was water. And the water was life, gave life and sustained life. The great sea giants, all the things you think of when I say "sea creature" (sharks, whales, moray eels, clownfish, oarfish, orcas, dolphins, etc). They were the animals from which all of humanity spawned, as did all other creatures. Their semi-human descendants still live in Veridin, kept a secret from humans; they trusted them once, and it proved a fatal mistake.
They're called Seafarers, these beings who live in Veridin.

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^ see above, can you read?

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Modern, but with a touch of ~sea~

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group AJ Demyra Brother figure, literal brother, dead
group Luke Xiidike Anti-hero, that one with questionable morals and motives
group Owen Etes Best friend, main character, that one guy who can make anything into competition
group Caleb Safad Side character, smart guy, funny
group Shai Demyra Moray, protagonist, loves food

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emoji_events Seafarer Bracelet A simple bracelet, nothing much to look at. A small rope through which is threaded a rouch seashell.

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