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A group of teens who have died have the chance to come back to life and continue where they left off, but first they have to fight demons

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I like to make little worlds in my head while listening to music and this one just kinda started coming and becoming more and more of a story as I kept listening to music to help flesh it out

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Arkangels, demons, devils, and all the supernatural stuff cannot be seen by a regular human being. Demons instead affect a human by causing a negative impact on the person. Depending on how powerful the demon is, the negative impact inflicted on the human will also be affected. For example a weak, common demon might only cause minor inconveniences and negative thoughts to a person, while a powerful demon might cause greater things such as death (or more commonly a generally negative look on life, causing the person to become extremely unhappy.)

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If a person from 13-19 dies and has unfinished business, they will be asked in the afterlife if they would like to become an arkangel and have the chance to come back to life. (If they say no then they will just continue to pass on I guess.)

The job of being an arkangel is very dangerous, so the person is given a unique ability based on their personality, unfinished business, or anything personal to them.

Once becoming an arkangel, the person will have the duty of defeating any demons disturbing life on Earth.

The amount of demons needing to be killed depends on the person's sins they had while living. Depending on how powerful a demon is, the more sins they can make up for. For example, say an arkangel has an average amount of sins. It would be faster to defeat powerful demons rather than small weak demons in order to make up for the sins.

The number of sins made up from defeating demons are (unofficially) called "points." Essentially, the more points make, the faster you may get back to life, as points are the counter of sins.

Besides demons there are also devils, which are evil beings that create demons to wreak havoc on Earth. It is rare for a devil to show up themselves, but in the rare chance that they do and an arkangel defeats them, it also causes all demons made by the devil to vanish. All points from every demon made by the devil will be added and given to the arkangel as their reward.

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Music, I think Meltdown (Rin Kagamine) was one of the songs I listened to a lot while coming up with the idea


This is a HUGE work-in-progress, I'll be editing things as I work it out. I'll be marking things with brackets if there is a high chance I will change the info, or if I just haven't completely figured it out yet.
Anyways here's a pretty general overview

  • Emmy is the only one of the main group who is not dead. Pretty much she was walking home one day when a demon attacked, prompting Molly to save her. [Since Molly touched Emmy due to her lack of time to simply kill the demon, Emmy was unwillingly forced to become an honorary arkangel, as these are part of the arkangel rules or whatever.] This pretty much meant that she would have to help the arkangels with their battles without having any of the supernatural abilities given to an actual arkangel.

  • Molly seems to have a thing against Emmy, this is of course because she knew her when she was alive (Emmy is unaware of this.) In life, Molly and Emmy were close friends and eventually began to have feelings for eachother. [Tw suicide!! Emmy was extremely unhappy with her life however and tried jumping off a building, Molly saved her but ended up falling off herself in the process.] Once dying Molly was given the chance to become an arkangel. She of course took it because she was not ready to die just yet. When being informed that she would get her ability to aid her in her battles, she instead begged for a wish rather than abilities. Her wish was for Emmy to be happy so that she may continue living. Her wish was granted, and

  • Molly began fighting demons with physical attacks since she did not have any special abilities. Since arkangels are invisible to humans, Molly would often watch Emmy to ensure that she is safe, and to feel as if she still had her company. Gradually Molly realized that Emmy seemed to have no recollection of her anymore. Molly figured out that wishing for Emmy to be happy must have had something to do with it, and connecting the dots, she realized that Emmy would be happier without Molly. This caused Molly to begin to hate Emmy as she felt as if her life was ruined by her, having died for her for nothing.

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