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Name - What is Emilia’s full name?


Role - What is Emilia’s role in your story?


Other names - What other aliases does Emilia go by?

Emilia mainly goes by the name Emmy and often introduces herself by the nickname

She doesn't really like her full name because she thinks it sounds like a grandma name, however she likely won't bring up her childish reasoning if someone does decides to use her full name

Gender - What is Emilia’s gender?

Female, pronouns are she/her

Age - How old is Emilia?


B-day is February 24, pisces

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Weight - How much does Emilia weigh?

Around 90-100

Height - How tall is Emilia?


Hair Color - What color is Emilia’s hair?

Dark brown

Hair Style - How does Emilia style their hair?

Just above her shoulders, she has bouncy hair that is mostly let down besides two small space buns (one on each side)

Eye Color - What is Emilia’s eye color?

Light brown

Race - What is Emilia’s race?

Human, but she is kind of like an honorary arkangel (which in the universe are "angels" who fight demons to come back to life) (more info on universe page)

Skin Tone


Body Type

She's a pretty small girl, slightly under average both in weight and in height.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Emilia have?

Ill upload art eventually but shes kinda like cartoony idk, her most identifying marks would be her pink sweater she wears over her school uniform or her space buns

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Emilia have?

Shes a very nice person and extremely easy to get along with. She tries to avoid conflict and does her best to make people happy. She doesnt like people being angry with her

Motivations - What motivates Emilia most?

At first Emmy doesnt have any motivations to being an honorary arkangel, the only thing keeping her going is knowing that after helping out her life will go back to normal. She eventually finds motivation to continue being an honorary arkangel, her motivation being learning more about Molly and how to help all the arkangels.

Flaws - What flaws does Emilia have?

She's a hardcore people pleaser. She takes criticism negatively which can really unmotivate her. She can also be a bit selfish, although it seems she does good things because she likes to simply make people happy, she does it more because it makes her feel better about herself as a person. Shes also extremely naive and gullible.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Emilia have?

Emmy is a pretty open minded person and she puts a lot of pressure on herself to see things from other peoples point of views to make sure that she wont ever say or do anything mean.

Personality type - What personality type is Emilia?

IDKK ill come back to this

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Religion - What religion does Emilia practice?


Politics - What politics does Emilia have?

shes not into politics

Occupation - What is Emilia’s occupation?

student and half arkangel

Favorite color - What is Emilia’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Emilia’s favorite food?

passion fruit

Job - What job does Emilia have?

shes in her last year of middle school

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Education - What is Emilia’s level of education?

last year of middle school

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shes a work in progress ok


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