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Home is Here

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group Mukoro Scyan Autistic Representation
group Nathan
group Lux Scyancas Parental Figure, Represents toxic relationships with adults, burnout children, and depression
group Isabella Scyan Protagonist
group Rain Confidant
group Tiara Cintrone Scyan Strangely Supportive/ Dark Comedic Relief
group Brookyln Scyan Sisterly Love/ Mentor, Represents toxic relationship as teens, Sexual Assault, and healing while in a relationship.
group Baxtor Sycan Father Figure, Represents D.I.D, healing inner child, and gender expression
group Nova Sycancas Guide

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flag Cronadu An underwater city

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book Nova's Past Nova has been banished from their coven for rejecting The High Priestess's sister's hand in marriage and has fell in love with two other people outside their planet, they later started a war with t...

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brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Zaricism A religion based on the person and teachings of Soldum, God of Honor or its beliefs and practices

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