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Guardians of the Villages

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My version of Naruto that has two timelines.

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Second and third stories I ever made that happen in the same universe just one on timeline one and the other on timeline two.




Guardian of the Villages

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Naruto's story

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First OC

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Naruto physics

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Naruto magic

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Naruto technology

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This universe contains...
79 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Itachi Uchiha Side Character
group Aisu Kitsune Ninja
group Yahiko Founder of the Akatsuki
group Ibiki Morino Background Character
group Might Guy Side Character
group Kisame Hoshigaki Classic Villain
group Hiruzen Background Character
group Aisu Neko Ninja
group Kaori N/A
group Juura Uzumaki N/A
group Rock Lee Side Character
group Ino Yamanaka Side Character
group Tobirama Second Hokage
group Senju Hashirama Side Character
group Hinata Hyuga Side Character
group Chiyo Side Character
group Temari Side Character
group Matsu Background Character
group Teuchi Background Character
group Deidara Classic Villain
group Chiriku Background Character
group Danzo Side Character
group Jiraiya Barefoot Sage
group Jugo Background Character
group Konan Classic Villain
group Konohamaru Side Character
group Shima Background Character
group Sasori Classic Villain
group Gerotora Background Character
group Kankuro Side Character
group Gamaken Familiar
group Gaara Side Character
group Kakuzu Classic Villain
group Great Toad Sage Sage
group Ebizo Background Character
group Ebisu Side Character
group Iruka Umino Side Character
group Madara Uchiha Classic Villain
group Sasuke Uchiha Star-Crossed Lovers
group Izuma Uchiha Background Character
group Kushina Uzumaki Side Character
group Kiba Inuzuka Side Character
group Roshi Background Character
group Sage of the Six Paths N/A
group Yura Background Character
group Kurenai Yuhi Side Character
group Yamato Side Character
group Aoba Yamashiro Background Character
group Kabuto Yakushi Side Character
group Tsunade Side Character
group Minato 4th Hokage
group Suigetsu Hozuki Background Character
group Pain Classic Villain
group Fukasaku Background Character
group Hidan Zealous Religious Individual
group Hanzo Background Character
group Sakura Haruno Side Character
group Baki Background Character
group Kotetsu Hagane Background Character
group Cat Granny Background Character
group Yugito Ni'i Background Character
group Shikamaru Nara Side Character
group Shikaku Side Character
group Raido Namiashi Background Character
group Nagato Side Character
group Tobi Classic Villain
group Tenten Side Character
group Zetsu N/A
group Shin Background Character
group Asuma Sarutobi Side Character
group Sai Side Character
group Homura Mitokado Member of Konoha Council
group Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit Demon
group Karin Side Character
group Izumo Kamizuki Background Character
group Orochimaru Classic Villain
group Naruto Uzumaki Protagonist
group Shino Aburame Side Character
group Choji Akimichi Side Character

7 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events ?
emoji_events ? N/A
emoji_events Pink Right Switch Controller N/A
emoji_events Herald Seed N/A
emoji_events Cure Poison Curses all active poisons.
emoji_events Stellarnight Dreamoire This book is covered in a very comfortable cushion and pillow.
emoji_events Fleshhook of Mythic Sustenance A fleshhook of mythic sustenance snaps and become useless if used to serve the rotten flesh of a mythic creature to a powerful outsider.

28 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Bristling Drag You deal damage to opponents when dragging them through difficult terrain.
bubble_chart Leshy Swarm Flora Magic
bubble_chart Tribal Hunter From watching pack animals hunt, you learned to take down large prey as part of a group.
bubble_chart Super-shy
bubble_chart Spines N/A
bubble_chart Fermented Fruit A bacchanal adds goodberry to their list of 1st-level skald spells known. In addition, he can cast it as a spell-like ability once per day. When they cast goodberry as a spell or spell-like ability...
bubble_chart Symbiotic Resilience Your symbiotic vines have spread all throughout your body, granting you a lesser form of the immunities enjoyed by plant creatures.
bubble_chart Climbing Vine You can climb like a vine.
bubble_chart Animal Call You've learnt how to replicate a number of animal calls native to wildness environments. You can use your Bluff skill to mimic the calls of animals native to that terrain.
bubble_chart Animal Ferocity When cornered and wounded, you fight like a feral beast.
bubble_chart Camouflage Trap You excel at hiding your traps in the wilderness, making them more difficult for your enemies to locate and avoid.
bubble_chart Exotic Heritage Your blood carries hints of an extraplanar ancestor, granting you a talent for a certain skill.
bubble_chart Flinging Charge You hurl a weapon during your charge before drawing a new one to strike, enabling you to make another attack at the expense of the latter attack's accuracy.
bubble_chart Greater Hunter's Bond Your allies can target additional foes.
bubble_chart Indomitable Mountain Peak You become more difficult to move or pass, an elusive peak your enemies cannot surmount.
bubble_chart Indomitable Mountain Style Like a rugged mountain, you are impassable and unmovable.
bubble_chart Jaguar Pounce Your ambushes are especially lethal.
bubble_chart Tree Leaper You use the flexibility of tree branches to aid in making arboreal leaps.
bubble_chart Wilding Stride Your wild-hearted drive and honed physique allow you to move with great swiftness.
bubble_chart Wood Crafter Eschewing the use of metals in your craft, you excel at crafting armor from wood.
bubble_chart Blistercap Spore N/A
bubble_chart Red Bedlam N/A
bubble_chart Greater Eclipsing Rage Whenever the barbarian rages, the light level within 20 feet of her lowers by two steps instead of one. They still can't decrease the light level below normal darkness with this ability. A barbaria...
bubble_chart Pack Rage When a barbarian with this rage power enters a rage, any barbarian within 30 feet who also has this rage power can enter a rage. a barbarian that enters a rage outside of their turn spends 1 round ...
bubble_chart Spring Rage The barbarian's rage rejuvenates them physically and spiritually. While raging, they ignore penalties to their ability scores due to aging. They also ignore penalties from negative levels, though t...
bubble_chart Gasping Breath Aura A creature attempting to hold its breath within 30 feet of a flood walker is treated as having taken a standard or full-round action when determining how long it can hold its breath, regardless of ...
bubble_chart Pheromones The alchemist exudes an imperceptible musk that grants him a permanent +3 competence bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
bubble_chart Cruel

28 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Spider Pixel N/A
pets Little Strongheart Little Strongheart may be little for a buffalo, but she is also brave and stalwart as her name suggests.
pets Black Pudding N/A
pets Chimera N/A
pets Dragon Pixel A strangely pixelated dragon.
pets Ghost N/A
pets Water Spirit N/A
pets Father Slime An old slime that has made many more slimes.
pets Grotesque Slime A deformed slime.
pets Spike N/A
pets Seabreeze Strong willed and gruff, Seabreeze is tougher than his size would have you believe.
pets ? N/A
pets King Of Giants Goken N/A
pets Seiryu N/A
pets Ent
pets Pig Grass Rodent A strange rodent like pig that loves the grass.
pets Strange Pixel Creature Warrior N/A
pets Giant Centipede N/A
pets Fire Beetle Although nocturnal, the fire beetle lacks darkvision—it relies on its own glowing glands for illumination.
pets Orc Mage An orc who studied in the way of magic.
pets Ogre An ogre is a legendary monster usually depicted as a large, hideous, man-like being that eats ordinary human beings, especially infants and children.
pets Witch N/A
pets Evil God N/A
pets Spider Pixel N/A
pets Lolita N/A
pets General Female N/A
pets Archer N/A
pets Punk N/A

1 job reorder
work Jobs close
work River Rat A river rat is inured to the river's dangers.

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