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Aisu Kitsune

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Age - How old is Aisu Kitsune?

78 yrs. old



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Weight - How much does Aisu Kitsune weigh?

45.4 kg.

Height - How tall is Aisu Kitsune?

152.4 cm.

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Short, Straight, Jheri curl

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Pierced right earlobe, signature tattoo on her neck

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Aisu Kitsune have?

"Lovely" is often uttered by her. She is prone to lip-picking when bored.

Motivations - What motivates Aisu Kitsune most?

More than anything, she wants to become the leader of the village.

Flaws - What flaws does Aisu Kitsune have?

She is mentally unstable, manipulative, and addicted to a dangerous substance.

Talents - What talents does Aisu Kitsune have?

She is skilled in programming, playing the flute, and juggling.

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Birthday - When is Aisu Kitsune’s birthday?

August 1st

Background - What is Aisu Kitsune’s background?

This is Aisu Kitsune, an fifteen year-old Sannin. When she was 3 years old, a Demon Ice Fox attacked her home village, Yukikaze. Her mother and father, Kayako and Inu, hid her in their home while they fought the Ice Fox. In the end of the battle, everyone was dead except for Kayako and Inu. The Fox apparently in search of a Jinchuuriki, concluded that the Kitsune Clan was that strongest to withstand their battle. The Kitsune Clan's Kekkai Genkai had been formed by 4 main groups. The 4th, the Hitanaita Clan, was the weakest of the four. It's Kekkai Genkai was only Sharingan and the ability to obtain Mangekekyo without the murder. The 3rd, the Chiieuke Clan, was middle-ranged. Its Kekkai Genkai expect, it's only fault was it haden't mastered the Hyoton Kekkai Genkai. And the 1st the Kitsune Clan, mastered them all. It's Kekkai Genkai was to obtain other Kekkai Genkais! These 4 specific types of Clans we're formed by different clans. Example, if someone from the Byakugan and the Sharingan formed, it was mutant. The more clans that formed with different Kekkai Genkais formed one of these 4 clans according on what types of power they obtained. Kayako understood he wanted Aisu as his Jinchuuriki, and she agreeded to let him be sealed inside of her, because she knew what power the Ice Fox would be extremely useful. But the Demon decieved Kayoko and Inu, and devoured them. He tore open Aisu's house and stood there, growling deeply at her. She was horrified but what the Ice Fox had, done, and stared at him in fear. He let out a husky growl, and the Spirit of the Fox was then sealed above her heart, and she lie on the

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Blood type A-

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