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Name - What is this universe's name?

Ad Astra

Description - How would you describe Ad Astra?

A world in which celestial bodies (planets, moons, etc) are personified so that you (earth) can date them

Genre - What genre best describes Ad Astra?

Romance, Drama

date_range History
History - What is Ad Astra’s history?


Origin - How did Ad Astra originate?

The origin is still the big bang, it takes place on an earth like planet in a milky way like galaxy, with the only real difference being that the planets are people and they're walking around on a college campus waiting to be romanced.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Ad Astra?


Magic System - What is the magic system like in Ad Astra?

None! These characters are (mostly) human and therefor have no magic at all.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Ad Astra?

Just like ours! They're on a college campus, so probably some nice computers and a couple high tech labs, but nothing crazy.

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Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for Ad Astra?

I love space :)

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