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The Wonderland Project

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Six college students agree to participate in a psychological experiment to test Professor Bernard Shelby’s “Fishbowl Theory”. The students are induced into a dreamscape in which they assume the roles of characters from Alice in Wonderland. They must escape the death grip of the dream reality but at what risk to their sanity?

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Urban Fantasy, Retelling, Adventure

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group Amara Al Tahir Amara is one of the six students and a theater major. She assumes the role of the White Queen in the dreamscape.
group Isaac Bishop Isaac is one of the six students and an English Major. He assumes the role of the White Rabbit in the dreamscape.
group Jolene Keating Jolene is one of the six students and a Latin major. She assumes the role of the Mad Hatter in the Dreamscape.
group Asia Chiu Asia is other one of the six students and a love interest of Alec. In the dreamscape she assumes the role of the Cheshire Cat
group Marco Paquet Marco is one of the six students who participate in The Wonderland Project and one of Alec’s love interests. He assumes the role of the Queen of Hearts
group Alec Boyd Alec is the main character and assumes the role of Alice in the dreamscape. He is also the love interests of Asia and Marco and most of the story is from his POV

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emoji_events Amara’s Rings A set of complex golden rings
emoji_events Isaac’s Quill Pen A quill pen with a golden nib
emoji_events Jolene’s Harp A carved harp
emoji_events Antique Pocketwatch An old pocket watch on a chain
emoji_events Rosewood Violin A delicate violin made of rosewood and a horsehair bow
emoji_events Red Velvet Choker A choker made of soft red velvet with a ruby surrounded by diamonds at the front.

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