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Name - What is Isaac Bishop’s full name?

Isaac Bishop

Gender - What is Isaac Bishop’s gender?


Age - How old is Isaac Bishop?


Role - What is Isaac Bishop’s role in your story?

Isaac is one of the six students and an English Major. He assumes the role of the White Rabbit in the dreamscape.

Other names - What other aliases does Isaac Bishop go by?

The White Rabbit

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Race - What is Isaac Bishop’s race?

American and Australian

Skin Tone


Body Type

Lightly muscled

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Isaac Bishop have?

He has a light spray of freckles over his nose and cheeks.

Weight - How much does Isaac Bishop weigh?


Height - How tall is Isaac Bishop?


Hair Color - What color is Isaac Bishop’s hair?

Chocolate Brown

Hair Style - How does Isaac Bishop style their hair?

Short and wavy

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Isaac Bishop have?

Beard, short

Eye Color - What is Isaac Bishop’s eye color?

Grey brown

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Talents - What talents does Isaac Bishop have?

He is an esteemed young writer


Deaf in his right ear

Personality type - What personality type is Isaac Bishop?

-He places a lot of importance on traditional, rules, and honor. He would rather change his opinion than compromise his reputation.
-Because of his outlook, he is often rigid and stubborn. He would make an excellent leader although that is not the path he has chosen.
-He is self-confident and believes that self-sacrifice is the most noble course to helping others
-He prides himself at being honest but is somewhat unpredictable as he is constantly changing himself to fit other's molds for him which has taken a toll on his mental health.
-He keeps his choices and opinions to himself in order to avoid people disliking him
-He has incredibly high expectations for himself

Hobbies - What hobbies does Isaac Bishop have?

Writing as well as Debate

Prejudices - What prejudices does Isaac Bishop have?

He envies those who have his power of leadership without feeling the need to change themselves for others.

Flaws - What flaws does Isaac Bishop have?

-He’s too reserved in his opinions to speak out against injustice
-His disposition can make him hard to like

Motivations - What motivates Isaac Bishop most?

-Maintaining his Honor and Dignity
-Fulfilling his promises to others
-Spite for life

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Isaac Bishop have?

He speaks with brevity and tends to keep his stronger opinions to himself to avoid altercation

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Favorite color - What is Isaac Bishop’s favorite color?

Steel Gray

Occupation - What is Isaac Bishop’s occupation?

English Major

Favorite food - What is Isaac Bishop’s favorite food?

Meat pies and fairy bread

Favorite possession - What is Isaac Bishop’s favorite possession?
Favorite weapon - What is Isaac Bishop’s favorite weapon?

The pen is mightier than the sword?

Favorite animal - What is Isaac Bishop’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Isaac Bishop have?


Religion - What religion does Isaac Bishop practice?

He does not follow an organized religion

Politics - What politics does Isaac Bishop have?

He keeps his political opinions strictly to himself as he feels that they spur men against one another more easily than anything else.

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Education - What is Isaac Bishop’s level of education?

He grew up in Australia and found himself fascinated by the classic literature. Now he intends to become a writer himself. He speaks English fluently and a bit of Latin as well.

Birthday - When is Isaac Bishop’s birthday?

July 1st

Background - What is Isaac Bishop’s background?

He grew up with three brothers and seeked to distinguish himself from them. Writing was his way of doing so. As a child, Isaac couldn't stand being disliked and often found himself lying about his opinions and interests to make others like him. As he grew up, he started to lose his own personality and became depressed.

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