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The Eternal Foundation Universe

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Comedy, action

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The universe of earth where all my stories are placed in.

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Dakota becomes Belphegor in the Living Tell Lies, their actions inspiring the Weapons Program and the Titan project both to continue running. WhitePaws is conceptualized and the project begins. Military notices illegal experimentation, sends Cello to help fix it.
Elise, Rick, Rupert and Sergei create the Ancients. (Questionable chronology placement. They're all time traveler's from different eras)
Scott, Ella, Bridger, LaCu and Cello go through the events of Underman
Ram goes through book 1 of Weapon Twenty-Four, VV Cephei Titan project officially gets close to finishing.
Ram + Co meet Titan, overlap. Titan and Peyton are starting their story at the same time.
Ram + Co go through book 3, Titan and Peyton have their story unfold. Blaze storyline picks up early in WTF 3, with Blaze vs. Cello. World breaks, and disturbance starts.
Lucifer possesses William, they go through their story. Cello meets WhitePaws, Cello Vs. WhitePaws in WhitePaws storyline. America in disarray, factions are starting, outside world getting in on it.
Shiva storyline happens. Four sides have been formed in the world: American Army, American Rebels, the Uninvolved, and the Containment Units. Cello becomes general for American Army, Reason Denaley becomes general for American Rebels.
EF 1 Tanner Daniel meets Peyton about the Uninvolved and the potential to take it all back. Boss and the boys join the army, start to destroy the war and its sides. American Army breaks, Cello becomes Uninvolved, joins the Eternal Foundation’s concept team.
EF 2 + Watchdog. Tanner and Peyton start to collect their board, + members. Eternal Foundation is created and named. Mehri and Belphegor say NO. Meanwhile, off in the mountains, someone’s keeping track of what’s happening, carefully documenting and preserving history. They’re a scholar, and an astrologer, but most importantly, they see the coming of the Starfolk. Something’s been written in the stars, and only Gunnar notices that the stars are changing, constellations re-aligning into something new. He writes it all down, and then sets off for civilization, looking for answers. He’s headed for the famous Eternal Foundation, since they’re so hell-bent on saving America. He figures he better warn them of what’s to come.
EF 3: The Eternal Foundation faces their first challenge: Colossus. Belphegor fights it and loses. Peyton has a mental breakdown because of Titan. But yo, what’s this? Titan shows up, and he’s brought company! It’s Ram, back from his forced island vacay, and they’re both soaking wet. Hope! But then Titan also loses against Colossus. Time to bring out the big guns, and by that I mean Dakota’s bacc! They protecc. They attacc. But most importantly, they want their reputation bacc.
EF 4 + Starfolk: Time for Peyton to finally face Ben again and shut down that project forever. She and Titan take their leave to do just that, but as soon as they’re gone, the badness strikes. That all happens in a different book. For now, Peyton goes back to Australia and confronts Ben, explaining everything about Titan and the Eternal Foundation Starfolk: Starstone has arrived, and aren’t you curious? Starstone is from, you know, the stars, and it brings with it other starfolk. Nemesis, Folklore and Timeless are coming along with them, and guess what, these are the closest things you’re going to get angels, according to Lucifer. Lucifer urges Will to help him release Hell to fight them ff, but Will hesitates. Just because he gets along with Luci doesn’t mean he thinks Luci’s a good person. Well, Will hesitates too long, and the starfolk attack the Eternal Foundation HQ, subsequently killing Cello. Tanner is missing in action, and with Itha injured and Peyton gone, that’s the EF’s chain of command broken down. It’s up to Ram and Mehri to get everyone together and rally the troops. They search for anyone who could lend a hand, taking Will and Boss’s warnings about staying away from Hell seriously as they try to stay a step ahead of the Starfolk, figure out what they want, and gather a team capable of defeating them.

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Magic System - What is the magic system like in The Eternal Foundation Universe?

It's unclear. Most everything is science based, but they're starting to wonder if there's not some strange magic stuff going on anyways.

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Same as earth, just more scentient.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in The Eternal Foundation Universe?

It's more advanced, as you might imagine.

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Stories that take place here, not in order:
Weapon Twenty-Four - 1-3
VV Cephei Titan
Boss + Co
The Eternal Foundation Series 1-5
The Living Tell Lies
The Ancients

Summer Nights - Siames
Wonderful Life - Katie Melua

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This universe contains...
43 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Cello Nicholas Ryan Rigor Depends on which story he's in. He appears in The Underman, The Living Tell Lies, Boss and the Boys, The Eternal Foundation Series, WhitePaws, and Blaze, among others. But he's always been involved...
group Underman Antagonist
group LaCu Rebellion leader/High politician
group Osric Tan Supporting protag
group Colossus
group Kiger Milan
group Fisher Duncan
group Gemma Nessa Hayes Smol bean child
group Mehri Silverlake
group Anthony Armati Ghost/conscience
group Jiji Faraji
group Joe Smith
group Shiva
group Lucifer
group Tawny Guth
group Bridger Whitehart
group Tanner Daniel
group Reason Denaley
group Dakota Jaye Royal Anti-hero, villain, hero, depends on the book they're in
group Elise Little Old Not-So-Gentle-Person, sweetest cookie baking grandma you've ever met. Also a WWII bomber
group Fire Opinionated Kitten
group Briose Cat ❤
group Corgle Dude Side character, plot device
group Baltic
group Elena Bus
group Joan Johanne Silverlake
group William James Gunther
group Belphegor
group Sorrel Guth
group Carson Armstrong Anxiety-ridden side-boi
group Itha Balewa
group Ella Payton Draft
group Roxanne Venne
group WhitePaws
group Peyton Raleigh Hayes Main protag
group VV Cephei Titan Giant sweet soft murder man
group Scott Kathrine Draft Main character
group River Reid
group Ram Wilson Main protagonist
group Harley Blackwell
group Deer Deer
group Cameron Bosshammer Main Character
group Cade Holloway Supporting protag

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terrain Locations close
terrain Eternal Foundation Headquarters It's a mix between an office building, an apartment complex, and a military base.
terrain Dakota's Farm The property is buried deep in the Nebraskan hills, and actually fun fact, everyone knows it's there. No one wants to bother Dakota however, and since the land isn't technically owned by any citize...

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events The Belphegor Armor What the armor does: Beyond basic protection, the armor is built to intimidate, and to break up Dakota's human form to confuse enemies. It works especially well if it's dark out or foggy, as the st...
emoji_events The Merc White 2005 Grand Marquis Mercury with chipping paint and nary a flat tire in sight. This thing's used to rough and wild, but requires incredibly specialized handling to make it *go* in that kind of...
emoji_events Dakota's Gun This gun was crafted by Dakota late into their time as Belphegor. It has a versatile use, with a detachable muzzle that allows for the gun to be modded into a shotgun, automatic rifle, submachine, ...

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book Caulo ea Reulo Caulo ea Reulo is an ancient song celebrating the family of the Espafango.
book Idea 2

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