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The realm of the author's magic, a parallel world to the human world

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Teen Fiction

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History - What is Ashall’s history?

Created as an alternate dimension by The Author when they needed a place to store their creations and banish their enemies. Magic thrives here and allows for all types of species to thrive and grow. Classes are divided to create a purpose for each skill and individual. All of the Creators worked to create the realm in 1860.

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Technology - What is the level of technology like in Ashall?

Technology is as developed as in human realm, but used less frequently due to alternatives such as magic. Those who travel to the human world often bring updates so that things can stay constant.

Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Ashall?

Most laws are the same as in the human realm, however gravity and other forces can be altered by those of the warrior class

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Ashall?

Magic can be found as a natural ability in some species, can be learned but is difficult without some genetic background

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Most people living in Ashall have either a counterpart in the human realm or often travel to the human realm to maintain order and keep the world updated.

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This universe contains...
3 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Salkire Sitting upon a mountain, this city houses the castle home to The Author, and accessible to only those of a warrior or magic class
terrain Violent Meadow Realm of the Fairies
terrain The God Pinnacle Home of The Giver, built under the mountain is the city of Bernoc

4 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Hailstorm Recurve Bow (70″)
emoji_events Dying Light A tall staff with a glowing stone trapped at the tip, used by the Halfling who holds The Giver's spirit.
emoji_events Valor's Key A leather necklace with a glowing stone hanging as a pendant.
emoji_events Lifedrinker Katana (75")

1 building reorder
business Buildings close
business Salkire Castle The home of The Author, a place of magic and silence. Words are rarely spoken there as the magical aura is so strong the creation of anything could occur with the right or wrong words thought or sp...

2 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Spark A large bird wrapped in flames which creates wildfires
pets Grey A creature which serves as a dog in the human realm, but in Ashall serves as a wolf in a pack. Strong built creatures which are extremely pack loyal.

6 deities reorder
ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit Chaos The creator of wild events, wars and many underground creatures. Worshipped as the ruler of the Underground.
ac_unit The Author Creator of the Universe of Ashall, the alternate dimension created to protect those not of the human race, allows the slow introduction back into the human realm
ac_unit The Lover Creator of all water and water-dwelling creatures in Ashall. A symbol of war and peace. While beautiful and loving, also a dangerous force to cross. If one that she loves is injured, she will relea...
ac_unit The Warrior Creator of the creatures of the sky in the Ashall realm, responsible for weather changes and shifts in landforms. Honoured by the Warrior class as a legendary fighter, one who maintains inner balan...
ac_unit The Mother Creator of the earthen spirits in Ashall, the creatures and plants bow to her as a goddess
ac_unit The Giver Creator of light, energy and magic in the Ashall realm. Honoured as a god to all for the gift of fire as well as the creation of the races related to this gift such as dragons, the phoenix and many...

1 government reorder
account_balance Governments close
account_balance The Vampire Court The governing body overseen by the Vampire Elder, charged with determining future advancements for the race.

1 group reorder
wc Groups close
wc Nightspawn Clan The Vampire Clan under Darrien Aiken

2 landmarks reorder
location_on Landmarks close
location_on The Ember Heart A cave buried deep within The God Pinnacle, shelters the heart which allows for the protection and livelihoods of all who live there.
location_on The Stone Arch A tall stone arch which allows for passage between realms

4 magics reorder
flash_on Magics close
flash_on Warrior Spirit Allows to user to have better reflexes and fighting techniques during combat situations
flash_on Creation The ability to create and develop life. Basic creator magic can bring life to clay or stone, whereas a higher and more refined practice can lead to fully created beings out of written word. The mos...
flash_on Siren's Call The historic song of the Sirens which lured men to their deaths, a magic that is purely spoken word.
flash_on Necromancy The craft of reviving those who are deceased

5 races reorder
face Races close
face Halfling Humans which have the ability to host the power of a creator spirit. Often become the regular human hosts for such a deity.
face Mage Those with the ability to use any form of magic, often classified into smaller categories once their chosen form of magic is selected. Often practice the same magic for their whole lives.
face Vampires A historic race, one of prestige and maturity
face Elves An ancient race which rules over all fae creatures
face Creators Those with the ability to practice Creation magic, powerful beings who are worshiped as gods and can create life at will

1 religion reorder
brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Creed of the Five Divines The worship of the five creator spirits who created Ashall, practiced by those of warrior, mage, and wild classes

1 tradition reorder
today Traditions close
today Creator's Day A day to celebrate the creation of the realm, a day of happiness and peace.

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