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Clash Academy

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There was that giant war that was like a massive civil war between 3 different countries, basically a multi-country uprising of violent magic that made people hate magic and distrust it more than they already did. add things in book 2 of them seeing signs like "no magic users allowed" at taverns and stuff

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Kindred spirits can communicate through their minds using their magic. People's magic is connected to their soul, which means it is dependent on personality, mental health, etc. This also means that the nature and strength of your magic can change over time.

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Medeival tech though fairly advanced. The have underground tunnels going every which way at the school, and especially in maajor cities there's higher tech, like the king's palace has a system that can flood certain rooms at his command.


primarily using brick, stone, and wood for building. If something has marble, it;s truly legendary (ie the kings castle is built mostly out of white marble, and his grandfather depleted the region's supply of the stuff for it)

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The MC's kingdom, as well as the kingdoms belonging to the same alliance, have a system of schools called the Combat Training Academies, or CTA. They train promising warriors to eventually become glorified adventurers, or in some cases, an odd mix between patrol and king's guard. In a time of need, they make up the king's greatest defensive barrier in any country with CTA.
At the time of the story, a cult has snuck into this kingdom called the Dragon Cult. They have strong and legendary mind magic, and they also possess the unique ability to use rituals to do their mind magic, as well as enhance their minds and connect it to their eyes. In this way, simply making eye contact with them is dangerous.
There is a 3rd group involved in this, and they persuade the Dragon Cult to set up camp within the CTA campus Clash Academy to set up and then launch an attack on the school. They do this because it helps in their grand scheme, and in their main goal: taking over the country.

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do something to keep magic away?
if you sleep overnight in a graveyard the bones of the dead will claim you lol

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