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Description - How would you describe Galae ?

Shole’s largest village

Other names - What other names is Galae known by?

The Iron Valley

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Buildings - What buildings are in Galae ?

Many small cottages provide housing for the citizens, and a communal compost hut, water well, trader’s market hall, meeting hall, tavern/inn, as well as several smaller shops (ie. bakeries and smithies) make up the Town Center. The Kingdom’s Mineral Bank is located about a mile from the closest cottage, built into one of the many active mines in the area.

Landmarks - What landmarks are in Galae ?

The village itself is a landmark; it is the only civilization in a ten mile radius, making it highly visible to the rare traveler.
A small stream (a branch off of the border river) runs just half a mile from the east end of the village.
A large, open cave mouth (called the Teeth due to its stalactites and stalagmites) lies to the mountainous north. It is the basis for many tales and myths of Shole lore.

Busy areas - What are the busiest areas of Galae ?

The Town Center is the only area that could be considered “busy” in any regard, and it’s no bustling metropolis itself.

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Laws - What are the major laws in Galae ?

All laws of common decency apply (don’t lie, steal, or otherwise injure someone’s livelihood).

Sports - What sports are popular in Galae ?

Foot sports such as running and distance jumping are quite popular among the youth, as is sport hunting (though this is mostly a means to get food).

Politics - What are the politics like in Galae ?

Due to the small size of Galae, not much of a political system is in place locally; a land owner from the Capital is present in order to enforce Kingdom laws, but the tight-knit community in the village lends itself to a very self-regulatory system and pressure on the citizens to not make themselves look bad to their neighbors. No one has secrets.
A simple tax system is in place for the people in Galae to keep their property while benefiting the throne (5% of all mined goods must be given to the King annually), but it isn’t very strict and the close relationship the tenants have with the land owner means that exceptions are frequently made.

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Food sources - Where does Galae get their food from?

Largely subsistance farms; families typically grow their own food or shop for locally grown produce at the weekly village crop market. They take practically no imports, only accepting small amounts of trade from the other Elloran Kingdoms (Ibrelasian wine is the most popular import, although rare).

Energy sources - Where does Galae get their energy from?

Burning wood is their primary source for heating/stove fire; no electricity or power, all other tasks are completed manually.

Recycling - How are objects reused or recycled in Galae ?

Not common; food scraps are made into compost, but waste is typically biodegradable (wood/plant material) or reused, so recycling isn’t hugely necessary. Not much waste is produced here anyway, with families typically using every last scrap of their food and products and reusing the rare container.

Waste - How much waste is produced in Galae ?

Aside from human and animal waste, hardly any; a communal compost heap is located in the village center, but aside from that there isn’t much need for a waste disposal system.

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