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Name - What's the name of this country?

Beziya Kingdom

Description - How would you describe Beziya Kingdom?

Ruzia Empire to the northeast, a wide mountain range to the east, and a ocean to the west.

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Currency - What currency is used in Beziya Kingdom?


Laws - What are the major laws in Beziya Kingdom?

This national law dictates all those found guilty of false imprisonment will face the punishment of a moderate fine.

Pop culture - What is the pop culture scene like in Beziya Kingdom?


Music - What kinds of music are popular in Beziya Kingdom?


Education - How important is education in Beziya Kingdom?

Literacy rate: 33%

Architecture - What kind of architecture is popular in Beziya Kingdom?


Sports - What sports are popular in Beziya Kingdom?

Fencing, golf, and pool

Fertility Rate

2.1 children/family

Gender Ratio

1.19 males/female

terrain Geography
Area - How big is Beziya Kingdom?

Very large

Crops - What crops does Beziya Kingdom import or export?

Aluminium, Diamond, Natural gas, Amethyst, Silver, Platinum

Climate - What is the climate like in Beziya Kingdom?


date_range History
Founding story - How was Beziya Kingdom founded?


Established year - When was Beziya Kingdom founded?

L.A. 8

Notable wars - What notable wars has Beziya Kingdom participated in?

War of Peace

Life Expectancy

76.7 yrs.

Shaping Force


Political Structure


Strong Influence


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They focus in on health and physical well-being, by being creativity and letting their emotions go when creating. The major religion worships via solemn prayer at private shrines.

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