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Overworld/World of Era

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Sapphire loses her memory after a world-ending war.


Fantasy, Urban, Post-Apocopylty


The World of Era

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It's the multiverse.

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Three types

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Undertake multivese

This universe contains...
483 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Neah Void
group Acryl Child of Nightmare and Ink
group Afterlife N/A
group Aim Son of Dream (Shattered Dream Timeline) and Cross
group Killem Child of Shattered and Cross
group Apocalypse Fusion of Horror, Dust, Killer, Nightmare and Error
group Lovecraft Eldritch Being
group Blueprint Son of Ink and Blueberry
group Redd Shady Art Dealer
group Sleep Fusion of Nightmare and Error
group Blaze Guardian of Positivity
group Nighty N/A
group Skull Fusion of Killer and Horror
group Crescent Son of Nightmare and Killer
group Seki Toyoake Background Character
group Kawa Toki Background Character
group Kawa Toki Background Character
group Mura Himi Background Character
group Jimi Mika Background Character
group Koma Miyako Background Character
group Taki Keji Background Character
group Yajin Kiko Background Character
group Itsuka Oshin Background Character
group Crimson N/A
group Pepper Head of the Royal Harem
group Jam N/A
group Frost Queen Cookie N/A
group Sunburst/Moonlight Background Character
group Omen N/A
group Red Velvet Cookie Classic Villain
group Kuni Genji Background Character
group Espresso Cookie N/A
group Dace N/A
group Litmus Son of Horror and Farm
group S Background Character
group Akino Priestess of Love
group Rise Background Character
group May N/A
group Lilac Cookie N/A
group Keno N/A
group Areth N/A
group Jade N/A
group Vivid Guardian of Negativity
group Xenophone Fusion of XGaster and Cross
group Cute N/A
group Mire Son of Horror and Dust
group Kelp N/A
group Mare N/A
group Liam Background Character
group Nebula Fusion of Nightmare, Cross, and Outer
group Anti-Virus Outcode
group Lucid Fusion of Nightmare and Dream
group Alice N/A
group Alter N/A
group ?
group Morning Glorie N/A
group Daffodil N/A
group Enigma Background Character
group Daiymo Background Character
group Pale
group ?
group Nyias N/A
group Eren Jeager N/A
group N/A N/A
group N/A N/A
group Kochi Outan N/A
group Kuantum Fusion of Gaster and Killer
group Outer!Killer
group Fell!Cross
group ?
group Clockmelt Background Character
group ?
group DarkMellina N/A
group ?
group Yose-Atsume
group Color
group Delight N/A
group ?
group Fresh!Lust
group Kuchi Mina Background Character
group X!Papyrus Background Character
group Astral Fusion of Ink, Error and Dream
group Alive Background Character
group Aster Background Character
group Gray N/A
group Foth N/A
group Magpie
group ? N/A
group Killer Soulless Killer
group Grim The Grim Reaper
group Mota Inen Background Character
group Chimera Guardian of Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and Darkness
group Plum Guardian of Negativity
group Stardust Hyades Background Character
group Prince Nightmare Prince of a destroyed kingdom
group Floyd N/A
group Frost Guardian of Negativity
group Mara Kiyomi Background Character
group Elsobah Sauc The Empresses
group Philip Hitchcock The Magician
group Edasason Sauc The Emperor
group ? Background Character
group Sumi Takyu Background Character
group Kesshou
group Moto Yoshin Background Character
group Orin Tahi Background Character
group Kawa Hemi Background Character
group Fuki Muke Background Character
group Kimi Miko Background Character
group Kawa Miko Background Character
group Ihan Maro Background Character
group Naka Iron N/A
group Tabo Mori Background Character
group Egan Shiru Background Character
group Ogan Yorun Background Character
group Supernova Fusion of Dream and Killer
group Mafia!Blaze Classic Villain
group Naka Mako Background Character
group Shira Ikomo Background Character
group Bard Cookie N/A
group White Hole Fusion of Outer & Dream
group Black Hole Fusion of Outer & Nightmare
group Toshi Hatsu Background Character
group ?
group ?
group Kajo Tanshi N/A
group Gin N/A
group Taka Tomi N/A
group Guardlight N/A
group Fresh Virus
group Nightingale Fusion of Cross and Nightmare
group Blueberror Glitch
group Sundrop/Moondrop/Eclipse Daycare Attendant
group Honey N/A
group Oleander N/A
group Mothlight N/A
group Deeplight N/A
group Rot N/A
group Dusted Horror N/A
group Bluejam Son of Blueberry, Error, and Ink
group Dunte N/A
group Mistake N/A
group Feral!Dream Guardian of Positivity
group Dreamy Guardian of Positivity
group Timekeeper Cookie's Ruler of the Ephemeral Flow N/A
group Mayo N/A
group Eternal Nightmare N/A
group Ringo Background Character
group Nightwing Background Character
group Protonight Messier Background Character
group Darklight Fusion of Dream and Nightmare
group Kris N/A
group Ekon Son of Ink and Error
group Butterfly Daughter of Epic and Color
group Dusted Sugar Cookie
group Boreal Demon of Negativity
group "Dancer" Minion
group ? N/A
group ?
group Derza Goddess of Fate
group Shalim N/A
group Armonía Daughter of Cross, Killer, Dream and Nightmare
group Windigo N/A
group Legend N/A
group Wraith Background Character
group Error 404 N/A
group Fanni Daughter of Sans and Frisk
group Gail Frost
group Sakurako Priestess of Love/Lust
group Blackberry Captain of the Royal Guard
group Masi N/A
group ? N/A
group ?!Frisk The Player
group Ephialtes N/A
group Novalight Background Character
group Cleo N/A
group Ganz N/A
group Edge Background Character
group Charis Background Character
group Daniela Heart Background Character
group Guffe Son of Error and Ink
group Black Moon
group Andromeda N/A
group Blackhole N/A
group Lust Exotic Dancer
group Sam Parasite
group Angel of Death N/A
group ?
group Belladona Caretaker of the Ruins
group ?
group Matrix N/A
group Stretch Judge of the Underground
group ? This man has slanted azure eyes. He has waist-length, straight hair the exact color of polished amber. His form is notably slender. To you, he has a mistrustful aura about him.
group Undyne N/A
group Rood Background Character
group Error!Frisk N/A
group Lemon N/A
group R Background Character
group Kyle N/A
group Ardor Demon
group Clematis Background Character
group Nim Former Guardian of the Tree of Feelings
group Mulan N/A
group Aeon N/A
group Rogue!Error N/A
group Silence Black Fusion of Error, Ink, Dream and Nightmare
group Ruru N/A
group ? N/A
group Anon N/A
group Misery N/A
group Sealer N/A
group Rose N/A
group Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon
group Mist Background Character
group Artemis Background Character
group N/A N/A
group Alptraum Background Character
group Fringe N/A
group World N/A
group ?
group Die Classic Villain
group ?
group Helios N/A
group Fell!Lust N/A
group Zagerus N/A
group Canopus Background Character
group ? N/A
group Farm N/A
group ?
group N/A
group Rachel Poole
group Aponivi N/A
group Haifaa Al-hamed N/A
group ? N/A
group Raggorith Background Character
group Blight N/A
group Molten
group Encre
group Spectre N/A
group N/A N/A
group Lv20!Cross N/A
group Mer!Ink N/A
group Yaya N/A
group 304 N/A
group Vocab N/A
group Grills
group Sunflower N/A
group Olly
group Mimi N/A
group Bitty!Horror N/A
group ? Background Character
group Cyber Background Character
group ? N/A
group Aku N/A
group Zu Creator/Void
group Luna the Nord N/A
group X!Ink
group Konoha N/A
group Bitty!Cross N/A
group Nox N/A
group Izz Background Character
group Mer!Dream N/A
group Burning Desire N/A
group Azzy N/A
group Tart N/A
group Poppy
group Yanberry Classic Villain
group Tee
group Ezra N/A
group Hallucination King of the Kingdom
group Mer!Error N/A
group ?
group Renga
group Pocalypse
group King Sans
group Sanity
group Time
group Eddie N/A
group Mer!Horror N/A
group Mer!Cross N/A
group Paperjam Child of Ink and Error
group Nate N/A
group ? N/A
group ? N/A
group Miyahi Toki Background Character
group Gradient N/A
group Shisha
group Nevin Jovel N/A
group Astral Fusion of Dream and Nightmare
group ?
group Saga!Core
group Bitty!Nightmare N/A
group 500
group Sohnetoh Caha N/A
group Mer!Reaper N/A
group Strigormor N/A
group ? N/A
group Gazneas Goddess of Free Will
group ?
group Rogue N/A
group Jade N/A
group Kitty Background Character
group Lynx N/A
group Mystic N/A
group Kinoko N/A
group Cosmic Background Character
group Aqua N/A
group Apollyon N/A
group Asriel N/A
group Atra N/A
group Belle N/A
group Anti-Error N/A
group Barry N/A
group Belladona N/A
group Ash N/A
group Beacon N/A
group Blackhole Son of Error and Outer
group N/A N/A
group Brianna Price Background Character
group Garfield Shaw Background Character
group Ryley Graham Hazeltree Mother of Piers
group Owen Hazeltree Brother of Piers
group Chara Classic Villain
group Frisk N/A
group Mettaton Star of the Underground
group Toriel Caretaker of the Ruins
group Alphys Royal Scientist
group Flowey Classic Villain
group Grillbsy Background Character
group Neko N/A
group Cauchemar Sauc Antagonist
group 417 N/A
group Ahozhoras Hopplaz The Sun Tarot
group Gerald N/A
group ?
group N/A
group Anika Gautier N/A
group ?
group Mer!Dust N/A
group N/A N/A
group ?
group ?
group ? Background Character
group Kutuna Background Character
group Efart N/A
group 01A N/A
group ?!Dust N/A
group Fresh!Red N/A
group ?
group 02A N/A
group ? N/A
group UwU
group Lucky Luke N/A
group ?
group ?
group Ment N/A
group Rune N/A
group Burgerpants N/A
group Dawn N/A
group Saga!Nightmare N/A
group Swap!Error N/A
group Life Goddess of Life
group Papyrus Background Character
group Geno Glitch
group Magic God of Magic
group Raven N/A
group Goth Son of Reaper and Geno
group Gyro Son of Reaper and Geno
group Hiragana of Reaper
group Princess Fatal
group Ypsilon
group Galaxy N/A
group ?
group Darknight N/A
group ?
group Alight N/A
group Pirate
group Nightmare Guardian of Negativity
group Reaper God of Death for UTMV
group Piers Hazeltree Red Bird of Paradise
group Classic Judge of the Underground
group Pesadelo Seer of the Moon
group Luna
group Red Judge of the Underground
group Error Destroyer of Universes
group Horror Judge of the Underground
group Ink Protector of AUs
group Ccino Coffee Shop Owner
group Dust Ex-Judge of the Underground
group Blueberry Trainee for the Royal Guard
group NightTerror Daughter of World and Nightmare
group Sonar Seer of the Sun
group Cadela N/A
group Yukari Eikichi Moondancer Mother of Sapphire
group Phastma N/A
group Luna Borremans The High Queen
group Evard Moondancer Father of Sapphire
group Yorukyofu Daughter of World and Akumu
group O-bake Daughter of World and Akumu
group Sapphire Moondancer-Hazeltree Blue Bird of Paradise
group Moon Guardian of Negativity
group Mirror Blue Bird of Paradise
group Jevil Chaos Jester
group Illusion Guardian of Negativity
group Mr. Nightmare History Teacher
group Mr. Dream Teacher
group Reverse Blue Bird of Paradise
group Ms. Moondancer Creative Writing Teacher
group X Former Royal Guard
group Deimos N/A
group Mr. Cross N/A
group Cross Royal Guard
group Incubus N/A
group Dye Background Character
group Crow Son of Reaper
group Flowerfell Judge of the Underground
group Gaster Former Royal Scientist
group Errosion N/A
group Sketch Assistant to Sun
group Sapphire Eikichi Blue Bird of Paradise
group Bill!Sans Dream Demon
group Bill Dream Demon
group Raspberry Captain of the Royal Guard
group XGaster Classic Villain
group Thanos N/A
group Template N/A
group Strawberry!Nightmare N/A
group Mer!Classic
group Draco N/A
group ?
group Alpha N/A
group ? N/A
group ? N/A
group ?
group ?
group ?
group Verbena N/A
group ?
group ? N/A
group ? N/A
group ?
group ?
group Balance Background Character
group G N/A
group ? N/A
group ? N/A
group Ash N/A
group ? N/A
group ?
group ?
group ? Background Character
group King Asgore N/A
group Wako Toro N/A
group Daishi Toro N/A
group Kura Hunki Background Character
group ?
group ? N/A
group ?
group Drift Background Character
group Scissors N/A
group Sapphire Moondancer Blue Bird of Paradise
group Myrasil Demi-Deity
group Haley Jackson Background Character
group Brayden Hazeltree Father of Piers
group Keeley Moore Background Character
group Aere Goddess of Pity
group Decay God of Death
group Chaos Agent of Chaos
group Grief Son of Reaper and Nightmare
group Remix Judge of the Underground
group Epic Judge of the Underground
group Color Judge of the Underground
group Kichiro Moondancer Brother of World
group Crystal Moore School Witch
group Dream Guardian of Positivity
group Fantasy Prince of Kingdom
group Hanji Zoe Side Character
group Fatal Error Vengefully Glitch
group Sun King of Positivity
group Shattered Dream Ex-Guardian of Positivity
group Chaos King Classic Villain
group Kasei Yukoshi N/A
group Ashet Background Character

449 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Mario N/A
terrain Black Verse N/A
terrain Mad Father N/A
terrain Lord of the Rings N/A
terrain League of Legends N/A
terrain Katanatale N/A
terrain Moonblossom AU N/A
terrain Mer AU An AU where some skeletons are normal, and others are merskeletons.
terrain Kingdom Hearts N/A
terrain Lion King N/A
terrain InuYasha N/A
terrain Ib N/A
terrain Hyper Dimension Neptunia N/A
terrain Howls’ Moving Castle N/A
terrain Homestuck N/A
terrain Hollowtale N/A
terrain Hellsing N/A
terrain CPAU N/A
terrain Halo N/A
terrain Half-Life N/A
terrain Gurren Lagann N/A
terrain Gundam N/A
terrain Ganz N/A
terrain Existential Crisis AU N/A
terrain Fullmetal Alchemist N/A
terrain Fruittale N/A
terrain Fruit Basket N/A
terrain Foster’s House for Imaginary Friends N/A
terrain Firefly N/A
terrain Fire Emblem N/A
terrain Doki Doki Literate Club N/A
terrain Fantasytale N/A
terrain Final Fantasy N/A
terrain Overworld The main hub and universe Overworld/World of Era takes place in.
terrain Resident Evil N/A
terrain Finding Nemo N/A
terrain RoyalVerse Cross is the prince of a kingdom and is forced to have a harem, despite not wanting one.
terrain OuterVerse N/A
terrain Fantasy Murder Mystery N/A
terrain AutismTale N/A
terrain Eratale N/A
terrain Ether Saga N/A
terrain Face Riders N/A
terrain Fairytale N/A
terrain Fallout N/A
terrain Fantasy Life N/A
terrain Sleeping BeautyVerse N/A
terrain Elemental DreamTale N/A
terrain For The Forgotten Ones N/A
terrain Dreamers N/A
terrain Dragonball Z N/A
terrain Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog N/A
terrain Doctor Who N/A
terrain Distale N/A
terrain Digimon N/A
terrain Devil May Cry N/A
terrain Colored Glitch N/A
terrain Corpse Party N/A
terrain Cursed Guardians N/A
terrain D.N. Angel N/A
terrain DC Universe N/A
terrain Dancetale N/A
terrain Scooby Doo N/A
terrain Darktale N/A
terrain Death Note N/A
terrain Demitale N/A
terrain The Owl HouseTale N/A
terrain Demon of Eternity N/A
terrain Desperatetale N/A
terrain Determinedtale N/A
terrain Static AU N/A
terrain +Anima N/A
terrain Demon Street AU N/A
terrain A Bug's Life N/A
terrain One Small Difference N/A
terrain Adventure Time N/A
terrain Aladdin N/A
terrain Alice in Wonderland N/A
terrain Animal Crossing N/A
terrain Aquatale N/A
terrain Ashtale N/A
terrain Assassin’s Creed N/A
terrain Astraltale N/A
terrain Attack on Titan N/A
terrain Bioshock N/A
terrain Bleach N/A
terrain Ace Attorney N/A
terrain Build-A-Bear N/A
terrain SlumberTale N/A
terrain CandyTale N/A
terrain Cars N/A
terrain Sunset Boulvard N/A
terrain Cinderella N/A
terrain Cult of the Lamb AU N/A
terrain Auratale N/A
terrain ClockworkTale N/A
terrain Chrono Crusade N/A
terrain BrokenHome N/A
terrain VikingVerse N/A
terrain ShapeshiftVerse N/A
terrain HumanVerse N/A
terrain Nickverse N/A
terrain Magical Girl Multiverse N/A
terrain DnDVerse N/A
terrain CafeVerse N/A
terrain BandVerse N/A
terrain Halloween AU N/A
terrain Charger's Farthing N/A
terrain BirdFell N/A
terrain MythVerse N/A
terrain CursedVerse N/A
terrain Blinding Night AU N/A
terrain Negative Dream AU N/A
terrain Eldritch God AU N/A
terrain Darkness Dream N/A
terrain Danny Phantom N/A
terrain Harry Potter N/A
terrain VampireTale N/A
terrain Matcha-DreamTale N/A
terrain SCPVerse N/A
terrain KillerTale N/A
terrain Avatar: The Last Airbender N/A
terrain PirateVerse N/A
terrain MoltenDream N/A
terrain Repair-It Ralph N/A
terrain Expos N/A
terrain Sl☆te N/A
terrain Hanakaki/Flowerfell DreamTale N/A
terrain CMY/AR N/A
terrain Attack Powers Project Tale N/A
terrain R3H4D AU N/A
terrain Ghibliverse N/A
terrain DemonVerse N/A
terrain SpiritualTale N/A
terrain Greek Gods AU N/A
terrain Serial KillerVerse N/A
terrain EclipseTale AU N/A
terrain PapyrusVerse N/A
terrain It's All About the Cat AU N/A
terrain Lv20verse N/A
terrain Cat!Killer Killer is a cat, that's just it.
terrain SeaVerse N/A
terrain BittyVerse A universe with the skeletons is bitties that people buy as pets.
terrain What If? A "what if" universe for DreamTale.
terrain CelestialVerse N/A
terrain AsylumVerse N/A
terrain 2P!Verse A multiverse when character's colors and personality are inverted.
terrain Eternal Night Forest N/A
terrain Throne Borough N/A
terrain ModernVerse N/A
terrain MLPverse The universe that MLP G4 and G5(?) reside in.
terrain Creator!Ink AU N/A
terrain FNFVerse Undertale character from the multiverse take the role of different FNAF characters.
terrain EchantoVerse Echanto mix with the multiverse.
terrain 50/50 AU In this AU Dream ate 50 apples and Nightmare ate 50 apples. Dream and Nightmare are play fighting and no one knows.
terrain Anti-Void A void with nothing in it, but white in color.
terrain Nyxmare AU N/A
terrain Taletwist N/A
terrain Sonictale N/A
terrain SolloarTale ???
terrain SlaughtTale N/A
terrain ShatterTale N/A
terrain ShadowTale ???
terrain Schooltale ???
terrain ScarTale N/A
terrain ScarFell ???
terrain Savetale N/A
terrain SavageTale N/A
terrain RougeTale ???
terrain RoleRevers ???
terrain Mettatale ???
terrain Freshfell Fell version of 'Fresh' tale.
terrain FableTwister N/A
terrain DustHell N/A
terrain DragonTale Dragontale is a Chinese AU of Undertale which includes Frisk X Chara content and both Frisk and Chara are female.
terrain OuterTale AU OuterTale is an AU where Undertale is in a space setting instead of Underground. The characters all have star-themed attire, attacks, and themes (music). There are many capes and long draping cloth...
terrain Office AU ???
terrain OceanTale AU N/A
terrain Mobtale AU ???
terrain Mobfell AU N/A
terrain MinusculeTale AU Multiverse characters envisioned as insects of different kinds.
terrain Memoryfell AU ???
terrain UnderMafia AU N/A
terrain Margeant AU ???
terrain MallTale AU N/A
terrain NinjagoTale ???
terrain Nerd and Jock AU N/A
terrain Lyrictale N/A
terrain Lucatale ???
terrain LoAdInG N/A
terrain Littelswap N/A
terrain LittleTale N/A
terrain Lustfell AU In an Undertale AU where sexual heats don't go away and fertility rates are low, the monsters are VERY HAPPY to find an adult human has fallen into their midst.
terrain Leviathantale AU In this AU characters are merfolk and Leviathens.
terrain Life Activities Universe ???
terrain LastTale AU ???
terrain LamiaVerse AU N/A
terrain KindTale ???
terrain KeepTale AU ???
terrain Kamitale Multiverse AU ???
terrain Invertedfate Inverted Fate is an Undertale AU taking place after a failed True Pacifist run. Asriel won the final battle and started to reset time, but lost control of his powers, resulting in the six main char...
terrain IsominaTale ???
terrain IXOZ AU N/A
terrain IronTale AU IronTale is a comic AU created by JimmsyTree and was first published on June 6th, 2020. In this AU, Asriel killed off the attacking villagers in self-defense, only to regret it soon after. Thus, th...
terrain Invertedverse AU N/A
terrain Apathytale N/A
terrain ALIVE AU N/A
terrain HungaryTale N/A
terrain Humantale N/A
terrain Horrorshift N/A
terrain HeroTale N/A
terrain HappyTale N/A
terrain HorrorVerse N/A
terrain HorrorSwap AU N/A
terrain Help_Tale AU N/A
terrain HeartTale AU ???
terrain HaremVerse AU N/A
terrain Handplates AU Handplates is a backstory-based AU created by Zarla. It details the origins of Sans and Papyrus as the creations of Dr. W. D. Gaster.
terrain HalloTale AU ???
terrain GreekTale AU N/A
terrain GoodnightVerse AU N/A
terrain FlowerFell AU N/A
terrain AfterTale AU Aftertale is an AU where Chara has complete control of Frisk's body and keeps RESETting the timeline for what Chara calls "research." When Frisk first started the Genocide Run, Sans feels that the ...
terrain EndTale AU N/A
terrain End of the Multiverse AU ???
terrain Dragons AU In this universe Dream and Nightmare are skeleton-dragon hybrids and Cross is a offering to them, but Dream hides him for things(NSFW).
terrain DontnameTale AU ???
terrain Depressive AU ???
terrain Datashift AU It was originally an offshoot of Underverse, though now it's more of it's own thing, with Xtale and subsequently Overwrite affecting the story much differently than in Underverse. All characters ar...
terrain DarkwoodTale AU ???
terrain Dark Cream AT It's a timeline that Cross and Dream get together and then Dream shatters.
terrain Dancetale AU N/A
terrain CrazyTale AU N/A
terrain CommonTale AU N/A
terrain ColourShift AU Never take LOVE for granted.
terrain OtherTale AU N/A
terrain Collageverse AU N/A
terrain ChessTale AU N/A
terrain UnderWeaver AU N/A
terrain FluffyTale AU N/A
terrain CatTale AU This feline au (created by Sharklee on Tumblr) is a lovable and adorable take on the Undertale multiverse. There's no retake on the story, its just simply a fluffy character redesign.
terrain CardVerseUT AU N/A
terrain ButtonTale AU Caroline and Undertale mixed together.
terrain BirdTale AU N/A
terrain BeforeTale AU N/A
terrain Bad Time Trio AU/AT ???
terrain BabyBones AU N/A
terrain AxeTale AU N/A
terrain AsylumTale AU N/A
terrain Alternative AU N/A
terrain Trainer AU All the main cast are Pokémon trainers.
terrain AlterTale AU N/A
terrain AlphaTale AU AlphaTale was the first AU to form in the Multiverse. Back during the Human-Monster War, through the use of a grand experiment, the Monsters had managed to claim victory. Afterwards, the Monsters d...
terrain AdditionalTale AU N/A
terrain Accursed AU ???
terrain AbyssTale AU N/A
terrain 6-Tale AU N/A
terrain Deltarune N/A
terrain Epictale N/A
terrain Mafiafell Mafiatale but with Fell style.
terrain Dreamswap Dream and Nightmare switch roles.
terrain A Better Love Story N/A
terrain BlameTale N/A
terrain Doodlesphere N/A
terrain YanSwap AU N/A
terrain Orphan Horror Au N/A
terrain Castle Village N/A
terrain Color Glitch AU N/A
terrain Corrupted Swap AU N/A
terrain Demon's Farthing N/A
terrain Destiny Islands N/A
terrain Mulan N/A
terrain Artist's Ward N/A
terrain Fairy AU N/A
terrain FandomStuck N/A
terrain CastlevaniaTale N/A
terrain Temple Village N/A
terrain North Crag Ward N/A
terrain Scepter Farthing N/A
terrain StrayVerse N/A
terrain Streamer AU N/A
terrain TriangTale N/A
terrain RE8Verse N/A
terrain SchoolVerse Multiverse character in one universe going to school.
terrain Two Face! AU N/A
terrain Lv20!Cross AU N/A
terrain Issaac Beamer Vs the Supernatural N/A
terrain XFell A fell version of XTale.
terrain DistinctTale N/A
terrain Feral!Dream AU An universe where Dream was left alone in DreamTale after Nightmare's corruption.
terrain DieTale N/A
terrain OcTale N/A
terrain Changetale N/A
terrain Robot!DreamTale N/A
terrain Crystalbell Farthing N/A
terrain FusionVerse A universe in which skeletons can fuse to create stronger skeletons (Think SU).
terrain Omega Timeline The Omega Timeline is a timeline that works as a meeting room for all other timelines.
terrain ? N/A
terrain Lovecraft AU N/A
terrain Reverse Dreamtale Dream wants to plant the Tree of Feelings again and in doing so restarts DreamTale.
terrain Accidentverse N/A
terrain KajiuVerse An AU in which Dream, Cross, Nightmare, Error and Ink transform into Kajiu in cycles.
terrain Yandare!Dream AU In this AU Dream has capture Nightmare and is hold him hostage against his own will. Nightmare's gang find out where he is, but Dream turns Nightmare to stone to prevent them from taking him back.
terrain Black Moon AU N/A
terrain SageVerse Error and Ink make peace if only for a moment, as Nightmare is recruited to work for Error for something bad.
terrain One Small Dream AU Nightmare catches Dream and want to suppress Dream's magic, if only to have a talk, but everything goes wrong when instead Dream gets turned into a child with no memories of what has happened.
terrain Nightmare's Castle N/A
terrain Shattered Light And Shadow AU Nightmare and Dream are former princes to a destroyed kingdom. They are taking as slaves and Dream is sold to Cross while Nightmare is taken by the Doom and Gloom boys.
terrain YokaiVerse AU All the multiverse Sanses are envisioned as Yokai.
terrain 43rd Expedition AU N/A
terrain MafiaVerse AU Multiverse characters in a mafia setting.
terrain Grove Borough N/A
terrain Castle Ward N/A
terrain Greatgate Borough N/A
terrain Hartsdale Ward N/A
terrain Fellswap Gold Fellswap (also known as Fellswap Gold) is a combination between Underfell and Underswap (Underfell Swapped, rather than Underswap Fell-ified like Swapfell). It is set in the Cold-War era of the 20t...
terrain AngelTale ???
terrain AkinTale ???
terrain LightTale ???
terrain FellSwap Red AU N/A
terrain NightmareTale N/A
terrain ArtTale N/A
terrain Alterswap N/A
terrain Absoultetale N/A
terrain Alterfell Alterfell is an Undertale AU made by Friisans, which is a combination of Altertale and Underfell. In Altertale, only six characters swap places. But now, since I stuck "fell" on the end of it, ever...
terrain HunterTales AU N/A
terrain Falsified Delusion AU ???
terrain GasterTale AU ???
terrain DreamFell AU ???
terrain DrakeoTale AU N/A
terrain DustTale AU DustTale is a Character-Centered AU about Sans. It is an AU where Sans grows a lust for LV so he can kill the human, so he kills the other monsters (Including his own brother), eventually getting t...
terrain Dreamtale Swapped Fate AU N/A
terrain EclipseTale AU Long Ago, Two Goddesses ruled over their land. Monsters and Humans lived peacefully and HE arrived. The Moons Goddess' heart began to grow dark. Then, A War started. Humans and Monsters worked toge...
terrain Empireverse AU N/A
terrain Horrorfell Horrorfell is a Combination AU, a mix between Horrortale and Underfell. Horrorfell is an AU where a neutral run was done in Underfell, and is far into the future. Due to a lack of resources- mainly...
terrain EchoTale AU ???
terrain GlitchTale AU Glitchtale is an AU created by Camila Cuevas. Though it started as a short animation based on the famous genocide battle with Sans, it became popular enough that Camila decided to make a series out...
terrain Reapertale N/A
terrain Dreamtale Dream and Nightmare guard the Tree of Feelings. Nightmare gets corrupted and Dream gets turn to stone for 500 years.
terrain Undertale The original universe that spawned a lot of exists universes around it. Can not be edited.
terrain Xtale The XTale universe (originally called X-Tale, and occasionally referred to as Xtale, XTALE, or even X!Tale) refers to the alternate universe created by Jael Peñaloza and featured in the self-titled...
terrain Shattered Dream AU Dream always felt guilty and responsible for his brother turning evil. He had always wanted to get revenge for his brother that he loved so dearly but knew that vengeance was dangerous and wrong. O...
terrain Swapfell Orange AU Swapfell is an Underfell and Underswap AU combination, the fell-ified version of Underswap (not to be confused with Fellswap, which is a swap-ified version of Underfell).This is also a community sh...
terrain Horrortale An alternative timeline to Undertale.
terrain Ruintale ???
terrain Toadswap N/A
terrain SoloarTale ???
terrain ShiftSwap N/A
terrain Robotale N/A
terrain SwapTale N/A
terrain RegularTale ???
terrain Temmietale N/A
terrain Rosetale ???
terrain ReaperSwap ???
terrain Freshswap N/A
terrain Gastertale N/A
terrain DogTale N/A
terrain DemonTale N/A
terrain DarkTale ???
terrain Danceswap ???
terrain CreateTale N/A
terrain CNAS-Tale ???
terrain CircusTale ???
terrain X-Swap A version of XTale but swapped.
terrain BineSwap ???
terrain BineTale N/A
terrain Belieftale People cannot accept what other's believe they can be, and Frisk is bothered by this. When they fall into the underground, they help the monsters overcome what people say about their beliefs and en...
terrain BineFell ???
terrain Wings of War AU The main monsters from the multiverse are envisioned as demons and angels.
terrain WarVerse N/A
terrain WARNING!Tale AU N/A
terrain Vampireverse N/A
terrain UnderWitch AU N/A
terrain Underverse AM THE X-EVENTCross' response to Underfell!Sans Underverse (originally called Underverse!Sans) is the animated series created by Jakei95 majorly connected to the X-Tale universe. It follows the st...
terrain RevengeSwap N/A
terrain RescueTale N/A
terrain ProTale N/A
terrain X-orcist AU An AU where Nightmare dies, and Dream is possessed by a demon looking like Nightmare and Cross is a priest.
terrain Wild West AU N/A
terrain WetDreamtale AU N/A
terrain VoidVerse AU N/A
terrain Utotale AU N/A
terrain Undertale [Yellow] AU N/A
terrain UnderSwap AU An AU where the personality of different characters is swapped.
terrain Boss Cross Au N/A
terrain Beauty And The BeastVerse N/A
terrain Chara Killer AU N/A
terrain Treehouse AU N/A
terrain Undertale: Red AU N/A
terrain UnderPain AU N/A
terrain Underewind AU N/A
terrain UnderHELL AU N/A
terrain UnderLust AU An AU when the monster population was dwindling down so they tried to find a way to repopulate though a drug.
terrain UnderNovela AU N/A
terrain Tribettale AU N/A
terrain SugarTale AU N/A
terrain UnderFell AU An edgy version of UnderTale.
terrain UnderHoop AU N/A
terrain The Four Kingdoms AU N/A
terrain UnderPatch AU N/A
terrain UnderDecay AU N/A
terrain UnderTime AU N/A
terrain UnderRestrain AU N/A
terrain Swapfell AU N/A
terrain UnderNC AU N/A
terrain ReaperTale AU N/A
terrain SixBones AU N/A
terrain RiderVerse AU N/A
terrain ShatteredTales AU N/A
terrain StoryShift AU N/A
terrain RebornTale AU N/A
terrain Shattered Dreamswap AU In this universe however, unlike original Dreamswap, Nightmare decides to take half of Dream's souls (the light apples he ate) and absorbs them for himself. He takes over Dream's organization promp...
terrain Overgrowth AU N/A
terrain Re:Coded AU N/A
terrain FilmTale AU ???
terrain Swapdream AU ‎Swapdream is an AU created by Korean-speaking user Song_A. The story progresses in the comics and has become a replacement version of Dreamale as the base. The setting at the beginning is the same...
terrain Studioverse Zu runs a studio that does Dark Cream story, but everybody is an actor.
terrain Sea Monster AU N/A
terrain ReaperInk AU ???
terrain PredatorTale AU N/A
terrain OrchestraTale AU N/A
terrain LivelyTale AU N/A
terrain Their Story AU N/A
terrain FluffyVerse AU N/A
terrain DespairVerse AU ???
terrain UnderNectos AU N/A
terrain Outeralter N/A
terrain PortalTale ???
terrain Outerfresh ???
terrain OverTale N/A
terrain Outerswap ???
terrain Grouptale ???
terrain MLGtale ???
terrain Outerfell N/A
terrain OurTale N/A
terrain Minortale N/A
terrain Outershift N/A
terrain Mettafell ???
terrain McLennonTale ???
terrain GenocideSwap N/A
terrain MentalTale N/A
terrain GenderSwaptale ???
terrain FutureTale In FutureTale all the monsters appear to be robots.
terrain Dustshift ???
terrain Fateswap N/A
terrain GasTale ???
terrain GenderSwap N/A
terrain FearTale ???
terrain Akumutale The universe Pesadelo and Sonar are from.

14 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Following Footsteps N/A
emoji_events Gold Coin N/A
emoji_events Rock Crystal Quartz
emoji_events Cure Light Wounds Potion N/A
emoji_events Silver Coin
emoji_events Draught of Purification This cylindrical bottle is made of opaque black glass. It has a long neck, stands about nine inches tall, and it has an embellished label.
emoji_events Baneful Ruler-Attractor This gadget looks like a blend between a pair of headphones and a remote control. It is quite bulky and looks rather Edwardian. It's used to become invisible.
emoji_events Star Flower N/A
emoji_events Moon Flower N/A
emoji_events Blue Moonwort N/A
emoji_events Cal's Note A note left by Cal explaining how he is going to find a new life for himself.
emoji_events Emerallia Map A map of Emerallia.
emoji_events Copper Coin N/A
emoji_events Blue Bird Flute N/A

52 buildings reorder
business Buildings close
business The Crossed Blades A heroic adventurer's inn, known for its many secret doors and passages.
business The Archer's Mug A fanciful Japanese tavern, built atop an outcrop of quartz crystal.
business Nako's Clocks The workshop of a female human clockmaker named Atnan Nako, who is rumored to lead an apocalypse cult.
business Bad Spring Café A cute café in Icebell.
business River View This tiny house has a quiet atmosphere and is in terrible condition. The interior is done in colors that reminds you of the desert. The yard is large and resembles a meadow. Also people claim to he...
business Hiri's Pottery The workshop of a potter named Taki Kiri, who is rumored to craft special tankards for the Assassin's Guild.
business The Illegal Beer Hall This beer hall has drinking contests. It is the home to a gang.
business The Exalted Maiden A fanciful Japanese inn, brightly lit by glowing gemstones set into the ceiling.
business Shrine of the God and Goddess of the Earth
business Temple of the Deity of Autumn An ancient temple ruins, said to be haunted by the spirits of those slain upon its altar.
business Temple of the God of Magic
business World's Castle/House World's new home built by her friends.
business Shrine of the Gods of Evil
business Temple of the God of Souls
business Twistedwood This large house looks like an old castle and is in average condition. The interior is done in dark colors. The yard is small and looks very formal.
business Shrine of the God of Water
business Temple of the Goddess of Nightmares
business Temple of the God of the Forge
business Believue Clinic A tent hospital in Citremel.
business Temple of the God of Love
business The Lewd Hero A heroic Japanese tavern built within what was once a sailing ship.
business Nightmare's Castle The castle that Nightmare took over for himself.
business The Enchanted Pavilion A large theatre of stone walls, known for its classical siddha tragedies.
business Zacharie Shop
business ? (See photos)
business The Light Cake N/A
business The Exalted Knave A fanciful Japanese inn built within what was once a minor temple.
business Justice Reign's Castle This is the castle, Justic Reigns, operates out of.
business Bake Awake A bakery in Undertale that is for monsters and humans.
business Catacombs of the Doomed Paladin A large pair of worn, statues in a gloomy cliff side marks the entrance to this dungeon. Beyond the pair of worn statues lies a massive, crumbling room. It's covered in dirt, cobwebs, and rubble. Y...
business Corftey Fort The castle in the central of Icebell. Six strong, square towers tower above all, they're linked with small bridges and are connected by lower, narrow walls made of red stone. Refined windows are sc...
business Aerie Aleworks Aerie Aleworks is a simply brewery, crafting ale and beer alike. It is located in AU.
business Council Hall N/A
business Alpha Banashares A bank that exists within a tribe of people.
business Angel Wing Brewing Co. A brewery in the snowy parts of Expos. Guess they need it with all these skeletons around!
business Ashet's House This enormous house has a retro look to it and is in excellent condition. The interiors is done in colors that remind you of a temperate forest. The yard is small and very formal-looking.
business Aura Navigations A simple business running out of AU.
business Camp Immunity A camp just outside of Icebell. It holds soldiers for the [[Country-15892]].
business Kozo's Blades The workshop of a male creative weaponsmith named Kaoka Kozo, who was once an adventurer, but retired after his companions were turned into stone.
business The Arena A large hexagonal amphitheater, known for its sporting competitions.
business Shrine of the God and Goddess of Fear N/A
business The Indigo Shield A fanciful Japanese inn, which serves magical potions in addition to beers and ales.
business The Triumphant Hunter A neglected Japanese tavern, known for the fire elemental which dwells in its hearth.
business The Shrine of Hima Masu A stone statue of Hima Masu, Lord of Death, surrounded by a ring of broken columns.
business The Candle of Fire A heroic Japanese inn, said to be a front for the Thieves' Guild.
business The Sly Trickster An elegant commoner's inn, which has one door here and another in the Kingdom of Beziya.
business Genneo's Masonry A modest stonemason's workshop, built within a ring of ancient stone monoliths.
business ?
business Castle & Starfish Club This club has casino services. There is body swapping going on in the back.
business The Hollow Amphitheater
business Kako's Masonry A modest stonemason's workshop, built within a ring of ancient stone monoliths.
business Tetso's Armaments A modest weaponsmith's workshop, built within the walls of an embattled stone tower.

15 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Oaken Skin At 4th level, when entering a bloodrage, your skin thickens like bark, and you gain a +2-enhancement bonus to your natural armor. At 8th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.
bubble_chart Meta Sense Ink can sense the 4th wall as he is the guardian of creativity, meaning he inspire creators to create and such. But this also gave him a sense of knowledge of the creations the creators made, such ...
bubble_chart Corruption A disease of the mind that can destroy the strongest Energy Being.
bubble_chart Soullessness When someone literally has no SOUL.
bubble_chart Drown N/A
bubble_chart Desert Dweller The endless sands and waterless wastes are your home, and neither the heat nor dehydration presents as lethal of a threat to you as it does to other travelers.
bubble_chart Torrid Tolerance You relish hot climates, as the equatorial heat does not sap your strength.
bubble_chart Vigilant Charger You can ready yourself to spring an attack against your enemies at a moment's notice.
bubble_chart Voice Of Beasts Your deep connection with nature allows you to speak with all manner of living creatures.
bubble_chart Coding Errors Error can use the coding ability after years and years of observing coders across the multiverse. Eventually he gained the power to alter the codes of an AU, or a character depends on how much know...
bubble_chart Eclipsing Rage While the barbarian is raging, the light level within 10 feet of them lowers by one step. They can't decrease the light level below normal darkness with this ability. Multiple barbarians with this ...
bubble_chart Sky and Stone At 2nd level, an aerie protector gains a bonus equal to half their level on Knowledge (geography) and Survival checks involving mountainous terrain or high altitudes, and they cannot be tracked in ...
bubble_chart Short Fuse N/A
bubble_chart Darkvision 120ft. N/A
bubble_chart Entranced By Music N/A

6 countries reorder
flag Countries close
flag Portish Neighboring country Tackoed to the North- East, neighboring country Lanir to the East, a wide mountain range to the South-West, and neighboring country Rung to the West.
flag Emerallia N/A
flag Ruzia Empire Southwest is [[Country-15880]]
flag Underground The monster population that was sealed under a mountain.
flag Myetin N/A
flag Beziya Kingdom [[Country-15892]] to the northeast, a wide mountain range to the east, and a ocean to the west.

85 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Dire Bear N/A
pets Boggard
pets Orc Mage An Orc who has learned the power of magic.
pets The Hydra of Negativity N/A
pets Flower Pixel
pets Mounted Knight Pixel N/A
pets Bat N/A
pets Emperor Slime N/A
pets Fighter
pets Red Bird
pets Wizard N/A
pets Hornet Pixel N/A
pets Bat Swarm Bat swarms' dwell in large caves, ruins, or even city sewers—anywhere they can find darkness to hide in during the day and a supply of food to feast upon at night. They are only encountered outside...
pets Light Titan Alfadriel N/A
pets Orc War Drummer/Weak N/A
pets Guitar Angel A beautiful angel strumming an angelic guitar.
pets Dogo A white dog.
pets Rotfeaster Maggot N/A
pets Charging Knight Red N/A
pets Treant Red N/A
pets Mantis Red N/A
pets Waiting Shade Red N/A
pets Terror Red
pets Darkee Red A strange flying one-eyed creature made of paper and ink.
pets Djinn Red A djinn made of paper and ink.
pets Plesiousar Someone thought bringing back the dinosaurs was a good idea.
pets Dragon Red N/A
pets Demon Wisp Red N/A
pets Butcher
pets Little Demon Red A little demon made of ink and paper.
pets Pentopus Red A strange sea creature made of paper and ink.
pets Haunting Red N/A
pets Heckler Red
pets Jello She appears to be a normal girl but don't let her face fool you. She is all but immortal and won't let herself be taken down so easily ever again.
pets Kojin Sans or Kojin as he goes by is far from the lazy Bumb he once was. After meeting Jello, he now wishes to protect her from the dangers of her world and the multiverse.
pets Ruffle Red A horrifying creature made of ink and paper.
pets Eratzerae N/A
pets Wraith Red A wraith made out of paper and ink. It appears to be stronger.
pets Space Doll It's a doll with a galaxy built into it.
pets Crow Red A crow made of ink and paper.
pets Rad A strange humanoid shaped creature made of paper and ink.
pets Dancing Bear A created from Cal.
pets Butterfly Red A strange butterfly made of ink and paper. It appears stronger than before.
pets Rad Red
pets Hammerman A shadow-like human wielding a warhammer.
pets Crow A crow made of ink and paper.
pets Orekup N/A
pets Scarecrow A scarecrow come to life made of paper and ink.
pets Dancing Bear Red A bear that is dancing. It appears to be made of ink and paper.
pets Hammerman Red A strange person made of ink and paper.
pets Scarecrow Red A strange scarecrow made of ink and paper.
pets Terror N/A
pets Shadow Ogre An ogre made of ink and paper.
pets Shadow Ogre Red N/A
pets Butterfly A butterfly made of ink and paper.
pets M N/A
pets Swamp Creeper Red A strange swamp creature made of paper and ink. It is stronger than normal.
pets Ghost Bulb Plant Creature N/A
pets The World N/A
pets Archer A protector of the forest.
pets Nabasu Demon
pets Lillend Azata Among the azatas, lillends are the taletellers and chroniclers, gathering lore and recording stories in the form of epic poems and songs.
pets Calamity N/A
pets Pyrite Bipedal Creature N/A
pets Acriss N/A
pets Taskmaster N/A
pets Negativity Hound A hound made of negativity. It will only listen to Nightmare.
pets Singer
pets Fighter N/A
pets Sweet Lolita
pets Mercenary N/A
pets Cleric N/A
pets Magical Girl N/A
pets Pilot
pets Jade Sky N/A
pets Chayrlog, Destroyer of Life N/A
pets Fire Salamander Yellow spots and stripes run from this amphibian's wide snout to the tip of its tail.
pets Hungarian Glowclaw N/A
pets ?
pets Shadow Ogre Red
pets Cerebrus
pets Hashmal, Bringer of Order Hashmal, Bringer of Order is a creature from the world of Ivalice.
pets Belias, the Gigas He appears as a four-armed giant with ram-like horns.
pets Ahioser This mysterious creature originated before all other life. It slightly resembles a fox and has human-like hands with very short fingers. It seems hollow, as if it is more of an animate suit of armo...
pets Alamoral This being originated before all other life. It looks like an owl twisted into the form a man. It has no legs.

4 deities reorder
ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit The Light Brother One of the brothers that created the world of Remnant.
ac_unit Derza The goddess of fate, she is a very cruel goddess, playing with others lives.
ac_unit Ink A skeleton who is the protecter of AUs.
ac_unit Aere This goddess of luck takes the form of a mature woman.

8 floras reorder
eco Floras close
eco Autumn Berry This bush has large lacy leaves. It reproduces via clusters of dark blue four-petaled flowers.
eco Shooting Star N/A
eco Star Flower N/A
eco Two Moons
eco Tree of Mistletoe It is the tree talked about in [[Religion-8778]] .
eco ?
eco Buttercup A yellow flower that grows in the Underground.
eco Moonblossom A flower that blooms in the moonlight. It is said to be cursed.

2 governments reorder
account_balance Governments close
account_balance Feudal Alliance of Ruzia The government that runs the kingdom of Ruzia.
account_balance Authority of Beziya Government ruled by a royal family.

1 group reorder
wc Groups close
wc Doom and Gloom Boys A group of Sanses who are led by Nightmare and Error to cause problems in the multiverse.

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