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Name - What is Adalaide Eire’s full name?

Adalaide Eire

Role - What is Adalaide Eire’s role in your story?

The Translator

Age - How old is Adalaide Eire?


Gender - What is Adalaide Eire’s gender?

Cisgender girl (she/her)

Full Name

Adalaide Rachel Eire

Other names - What other aliases does Adalaide Eire go by?

Addie, Miss Eire





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First Name

Adalaide (Addie)

First Name Meaning


First Name Pronunciation

Add-uh-laid (Add-ee)

Middle Name


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Out Of Universe Relevance

Her surname is Eire after Jane Eyre

face Looks
Race - What is Adalaide Eire’s race?


Body Type

Small, slim, and narrow build. A bit below average weight, although she gains some once at the Academy. She's the smallest of the students and of the main cast and her stature aided her in her "errand running".

Skin Tone

Light brown with warm undertones.

Height - How tall is Adalaide Eire?


Hair Color - What color is Adalaide Eire’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Adalaide Eire’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Adalaide Eire style their hair?

Long and wavy, falls to her mid-back. Occasionally braids it back.

General Description

Addie is short and slight, with a narrow-shouldered build and a rectangular body type. Her left eye is completely missing and covered by a plain black patch. Her hair is dark brown, thick, and wavy, falling to her mid-back and always worn loose. Her nose is small and soft and her eyebrows are often creased in thought--likewise, her lips are usually pursed.


Addie's voice is very soft--the kind you have to lean in to hear. When in a panic, however, this can easily jump into something much higher pitched.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Adalaide Eire have?

  • Missing her left eye. This impacts her depth perception and balance, and she wears a simple black patch over the socket.

General and/or Relevant Outfit(s)

Addie wears sturdy shoes with a slight heel, as well as a black skirt with a slight pleat that falls to her ankles. She wears a white long-sleeved button up with a beige sweater or sweater-vest over it. Her tie color is red, as is the scarf she occasionally wears.

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Personality type - What personality type is Adalaide Eire?

Addie is incredibly clever and incredibly determined. She's wanted to work as a translator for her entire life, and set her sights on the Academy. She's a very good student, taking comprehensive notes and paying close attention during class, and is the go-to tutor of every other student. She's very shy, and doesn't stand up for herself when faced with harassment due to either her missing eye or the fact that she bought her way into the Academy as opposed to being gifted an invitation. She tends to blend into a crowd, and doesn't like to speak up in class. She feels like she's constantly walking on eggshells to stay at the Academy, and is afraid of showing up any of the invited students. Addie is a good friend to have, due both to her loyalty and her slightly awkward yet giggly demeanor when with friends.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Adalaide Eire have?

Often cocks her head to the left, trying to position her hair over her missing eye. Very stiff posture.

Skills and Hobbies

Fast and comprehensive reader, would be considered a genius if she lived in our world, good at sneaking into places. Doing odd jobs, going on runs, reading, studying, learning new languages.

Motivations - What motivates Adalaide Eire most?

To become a translator and travel the galaxy.

Romantic Orientation


Sexual Orientation


Star Sign


Myers-Briggs Type

INTJ (Architect)

Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn?

Freeze and then flight. When in a dangerous situation, Addie freezes up, quickly assesses her options, and then bolts to the nearest exit possible.

Flaws - What flaws does Adalaide Eire have?

Shy, anxious, doesn't stand up for herself, ruthless, very introverted.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Adalaide Eire have?

Against most of the more upper-class students, especially those who got their invitations to the Academy solely due to their parents being rich and famous.


She can understand any language, something she initially doesn't realize is a Gift due to how easily they've always come to her.

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Favorite possession - What is Adalaide Eire’s favorite possession?

Her collection of textbooks

Lovers (Current and Past)
Favorite or Associated Animal


Favorite weapon - What is Adalaide Eire’s favorite weapon?

Her knife

Occupation - What is Adalaide Eire’s occupation?

Student at the Academy, training to be a translator

Politics - What politics does Adalaide Eire have?

Addie has no politics outside of a general disillusionment with her life on Wols. She joins up with the rebellion, though out of chance and not political leanings.

Religion - What religion does Adalaide Eire practice?

Addie is religious in the sense that she believes in the stars' power and has faith in the next Starborn, but she does not actively praise them or anything.

Favorite or Associated Color


Favorite food - What is Adalaide Eire’s favorite food?

Fresh bread, especially with nuts and raisins


  • Her missing eye impacts her depth perception, although it doesn't excuse her from the Academy's fitness programs. She also has no interest in getting some sort of robotic replacement eye.

  • She loves wearing skirts, especially thick layered ones, and so she picks the long black skirt over the pants for her school uniform. She layers her clothing, especially since she didn't grow up with much. She wears a lot of thick sweaters too.

  • She reads a lot, and had exhausted her local library by the time she went to the Academy. She prefers nonfiction to fiction.

  • Naturally soft voice, it's easy to miss her if you're not listening for her.

  • She learned how to fly in her teens via a combination of reading up on manuals and having her employers pay for flight simulators for her, and becomes the designated pilot for the escape.

  • She adores fresh-baked bread, especially with nuts and raisins, and when she's having an especially tough day, Kay Carth will make her some.

  • She collects pens, and has a little walletlike holder that she keeps them in.

  • Color-codes her notes.

  • She's not musically gifted in the slightest; she cannot dance, sing, or play an instrument, although she likes listening to music.

  • Wants to live on a mountainous planet.

  • She usually goes by Addie, it's rare for anyone besides her teachers to call her Adalaide. She likes her full name, though.

info History
Background - What is Adalaide Eire’s background?

Addie knew from a young age that she wanted to be a translator, and she set her sights on the Academy. However, her family was very poor and not of a high status, and Addie soon realized that she would likely not be invited in. She decided to try and save up for her tuition by doing odd jobs like tutoring and the occasional running of blackmail notes, which cost her an eye. She managed to scrounge up enough money to pay her way in by the time she was seventeen, an act looked on with equal parts respect and disgust by both students and staff, since the school is usually invite-only.

Education - What is Adalaide Eire’s level of education?

Fairly high before starting at the Academy.

Birthday - When is Adalaide Eire’s birthday?

December 4th


Eloise and Jaron Eire

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