info Overview
Name - What is Marie Dupont’s full name?

Marie Dupont

Role - What is Marie Dupont’s role in your story?

Supporting character, Richard's fiance (arranged marriage)

Age - How old is Marie Dupont?


Gender - What is Marie Dupont’s gender?


face Looks
Hair Style - How does Marie Dupont style their hair?

Long, down to the small of her back, and slightly wavy

Hair Color - What color is Marie Dupont’s hair?


Height - How tall is Marie Dupont?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Marie Dupont have?

Freckles on the bridge of her nose and on her forearms

Body Type

Slender, but with more musculature than an average noblewoman

Skin Tone

White, pale

Race - What is Marie Dupont’s race?


Eye Color - What is Marie Dupont’s eye color?

Golden brown

fingerprint Nature
Flaws - What flaws does Marie Dupont have?

Impatient; headstrong; talks without thinking sometimes; talks too much;

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Marie Dupont have?

Very controlled in terms of facial expressions, or at least tries to be. Will squeeze her hands together sometimes, rather than wave them around while speaking

Motivations - What motivates Marie Dupont most?


Prejudices - What prejudices does Marie Dupont have?

"Not like other girls", thinks most other girls (especially other noblewomen) are shallow and petty
Men are stupid

Talents - What talents does Marie Dupont have?

Swordsmanship (swordswomanship?)
Riding (horses, get ya mind out of the gutter)

Hobbies - What hobbies does Marie Dupont have?

Riding (horses)
Practicing her archery and swordsmanship, when she can

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Marie Dupont’s favorite color?

Forest green

Favorite weapon - What is Marie Dupont’s favorite weapon?

Either her bow or her sword, but probably her bow

Favorite possession - What is Marie Dupont’s favorite possession?

A sword that belonged to her grandfather and was passed down to her

Favorite food - What is Marie Dupont’s favorite food?

Doesn't really have one, to be honest

Occupation - What is Marie Dupont’s occupation?


Politics - What politics does Marie Dupont have?

French nobility, so

Religion - What religion does Marie Dupont practice?

Professes to be Christian

Job - What job does Marie Dupont have?


Favorite animal - What is Marie Dupont’s favorite animal?

Peregrine Falcon

info History
Birthday - When is Marie Dupont’s birthday?

June 17

Background - What is Marie Dupont’s background?

Marie is the only child of the Duponts, which is part of the reason she was able to get away with learning everything she did. She started to learn horseback riding at a young age, although at first she only learned sidesaddle. As she grew older, she convinced the horse-master to teach her to ride astride. Before he died, her grandfather taught her the basics of swordsmanship and archery, and she has continued in these practices since he died, getting help when and if she can. She has to keep these "hobbies" hidden, since they are not considered proper for a woman of her age and station to learn. Her parents arranged with Richard's aunt to have Marie marry Richard, even though Marie has absolutely no interest in Richard, or in men at all in general. She will, however, submit to the marriage if she must. She doesn't think she has much of a choice.

Education - What is Marie Dupont’s level of education?

All the education a noblewoman should have, and then some, since she would sneak around the grounds of the family home and get lessons in things that a "noblewoman shouldn't learn", like swords and archery

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