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For the Crown

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Fantasy historical retelling of the Princes in the Tower. Supposedly murdered by their uncle, Richard III, what if they had survived? What if now, Richard of Shrewsbury, the younger of the two, wanted to reclaim his throne?

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Historical fantasy

book History
History - What is For the Crown’s history?

Basically normal history up until around 1485 CE

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Technology - What is the level of technology like in For the Crown?

Middle ages, basically. Nothing fancy

Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in For the Crown?

It's literally our world so

Magic System - What is the magic system like in For the Crown?

Energy based. Items and buildings can soak up magic and inflict it, giving older, more magic soaked items more "abilities". These magic soaked items can cause what is known as "Medeis Madness", or Magic Madness, where exposure to an item too strong in magic causes the one exposed to go insane, usually resulting in death.

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group Evelyn Side Character
group Henry Percival Supporting character Love interest
group Richard Plantagenet of Shrewsbury Prince, main character
group Cosette Laurent Side Character
group Marie Dupont Supporting character, Richard's fiance (arranged marriage)

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terrain Tower of London The Tower of London is a Tower. In London. It used to be a lavish Royal residence, and is still occasionally used as such. But due to the amount of magic it has absorbed, it often inflicts people w...

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emoji_events Crown Jewels of England The crown jewels are, well, the crown jewels. The crown, the royal scepter, all that.

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