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Name - What is Henry Percival’s full name?

Henry Percival

Other names - What other aliases does Henry Percival go by?


Role - What is Henry Percival’s role in your story?

Supporting character
Love interest

Age - How old is Henry Percival?


Gender - What is Henry Percival’s gender?


face Looks
Facial Hair - What facial hair does Henry Percival have?

Faint stubble when he forgets to shave, but is usually clean-shaven

Hair Style - How does Henry Percival style their hair?

Short, straight

Hair Color - What color is Henry Percival’s hair?

Warm, medium brown

Height - How tall is Henry Percival?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Henry Percival have?

Scars on his back and hands

Body Type

Very slim and slender, kinda willowy

Skin Tone

White, freckled

Race - What is Henry Percival’s race?


Eye Color - What is Henry Percival’s eye color?

Green with hints of brown

fingerprint Nature
Flaws - What flaws does Henry Percival have?

A little headstrong
Bit of an inferiority complex (believes himself to be inferior because of being a bastard)

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Henry Percival have?

Gestures with his hands when he talks
Has a tendency to pace when he's thinking

Motivations - What motivates Henry Percival most?

Money, very much so. Mainly because of the way he grew up. He knows that if you've got money, you can do whatever you want, but if you're poor? No one's gonna do anything to help you, so you have to help yourself. So that's another part of his motivations. Helping himself and taking care of himself, and then others if he can, but only if he has the resources. If he cares for someone, like really truly cares about them, then they become part of his motivations as well.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Henry Percival have?

That "natural", ie not bastard, children, are better than bastards, despite being a bastard himself and being a hell of a lot better than a lot of natural children. Basically sees bastards as inferior by default (a prejudice that is shared by many of his time period)

Talents - What talents does Henry Percival have?

Sleight of hand
Swordplay, but only with smaller swords, not the huge two-handed ones

Hobbies - What hobbies does Henry Percival have?

Practicing his sleight of hand

groups Social
Favorite color - What is Henry Percival’s favorite color?

Deep, crimson red

Favorite weapon - What is Henry Percival’s favorite weapon?


Favorite possession - What is Henry Percival’s favorite possession?

An old necklace that used to belong to his mother

Favorite food - What is Henry Percival’s favorite food?

He'll eat just about anything, so he doesn't really have one

Occupation - What is Henry Percival’s occupation?

Richard IV's second-in-command

Politics - What politics does Henry Percival have?

Believes that Richard IV (Richard Plantagenet) is the true and rightful king of England, and would follow him to the end. Believes that things should be based on merit and not birthright, but at the same time does believe birthright should have SOME effect on life. He believes, for example, monarchy should be by birthright, but that it should go to the eldest child irregardless of legitimacy or gender, so a female bastard that is older than a male legitimate child would still inherit first, rather than the male child.

Religion - What religion does Henry Percival practice?

None. He was raised in a Christian household until he was six, and after that his mother didn't really bother to take him to church, and he never had any interest in it anyways

Job - What job does Henry Percival have?

Richard IV's second-in-command

Favorite animal - What is Henry Percival’s favorite animal?


info History
Birthday - When is Henry Percival’s birthday?


Background - What is Henry Percival’s background?

Henry's mother was one of Lord Erasmus Percival's servants, and one day, Lord Percival took Henry's mother into bed, and the two had an affair that lasted until Henry was six years old. Until the affair ended, Henry was treated like any "natural" son of Lord Percival's was; indeed, Lord Percival's eldest was a year younger than Henry, and they were attended to by the same nanny. However, Lord Percival ended the affair and cast Henry's mother out onto the streets, where she turned to the only occupation she could: becoming a brothel worker. So Henry was brought up in that sort of world, in the slums of London, surrounded by low-lives. So it really is no wonder that he turned to thievery, learning swordplay somewhere along the line. He met Richard when he was 18 and Richard was 17, and at first was just near the prince because Richard offered to pay him for any and all knowledge that Henry could provide of London and of the Royal Court. Admittedly, Henry's knowledge of said court wasn't the best, but he knows London, especially the slums, like the back of his hand, and could provide invaluable knowledge to Richard. Eventually, the two started to become friends, once they both overcame certain prejudices that had gotten in the way. Henry is still paid by Richard, but only because Richard didn't want to seem like he was showing favoritism.

Education - What is Henry Percival’s level of education?

Noble education up until age six, and after that it is rather hodge podge. Is not the greatest at reading or , but can figure his way through a book if necessary.

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