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Name - What is Robin’s full name?


Role - What is Robin’s role in your story?

The Guide

Age - How old is Robin?

Unknown. Only they know, and they don't plan on telling. They take the form of an 11 year old child.

Gender - What is Robin’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Robin go by?

Puckling, Guardian of the Woods


King Oberon


Brandish Your Iron and Ash, Love and Reason

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Bright Fame

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Race - What is Robin’s race?


Body Type

Small and slim, strong legs from running and arms from climbing

Weight - How much does Robin weigh?


Skin Tone

Tanned and freckled.

Height - How tall is Robin?


Hair Color - What color is Robin’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Robin’s eye color?

One is hazel and the other dark green

Hair Style - How does Robin style their hair?

Usually worn up and wrapped around their horns.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Robin have?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Robin have?

Two protruding and slightly curled goat-like horns on their head.

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Personality type - What personality type is Robin?

Robin is a playful being that generally takes the form of a 11 year old child. They are clever and cunning, and enjoy manipulating travelers they deem unfit for aide. They enjoy nice things and can be bribed into a nonthreatening state, otherwise they cause mischief. They more or less follow the 'confuse, don't abuse' types of mischief, but have been known to pull more dangerous tricks. Underneath their childlike exterior is a powerful being whom even the Kings and Queens fear the wrath of, but luckily it takes a lot to anger them. They can frighten both Fae and humans with their odd personality and obscure sense of humor, especially how dark and disturbing they can be, especially contrasted with their childlike appearance.

Skills and Hobbies

Very physically fit, good at climbing and at illusions.

Motivations - What motivates Robin most?

To aide travelers they deem worthy of their guideance.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Robin have?

Tricking unworthy travelers, scaling trees, causing mischief.

Flaws - What flaws does Robin have?

Manipulative, trickster, very literal-minded, blunt, almost childlike in a way.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Robin have?

Against fae and humans they deem as unfit for aide. Generally these people are greedy, rude, cruel, or arrogant. Lucas falls under these for how he harshly dismissed Giana's plead to travel with him. Giana herself does not.


Near unlimited powers, namely shapeshifting, extreme agility, and some elemental magic.

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Favorite possession - What is Robin’s favorite possession?

They enjoy anything shimmery and shiny, and have a collection of small bottles of trinkets that they tie to their belt.

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Favorite weapon - What is Robin’s favorite weapon?

Their wits and illusionary magic

Occupation - What is Robin’s occupation?

Self-proclaimed Guardian of the Woods

Politics - What politics does Robin have?

They will side with whoever is best for them in the long run, and they have a fierce loyalty to Oberon since he Summoned them.

Favorite or Associated Color

Greens and browns.

Favorite food - What is Robin’s favorite food?

Wild berries, especially those that are toxic to humans. They love nothing more than shoving a handful of toxic berries into their mouth and eating them while making direct eye contact with humans.

info History
Background - What is Robin’s background?

Robin is a Summoned, which means that they are one of a handful of potential beings that can be summoned via blood magic. They had never been summoned before Oberon summoned them in an attempt to strengthen his magic, which he viewed as weak. Robin served as both an adviser and a trainer of sorts to Oberon, and the two of them made a formidable duo. When Oberon and Titania were petrified by The Erl King (possessing Oleander), Robin fled to the Eris Woods, where they lived as a traveler's guide.

Birthday - When is Robin’s birthday?

February 4th

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