info Overview
Name - What is Jessica Ridley’s full name?

Jessica Ridley

Gender - What is Jessica Ridley’s gender?


Other names - What other aliases does Jessica Ridley go by?


Role - What is Jessica Ridley’s role in your story?

She leaves her research for Alessa

Age - How old is Jessica Ridley?

was 28
Has been dead for 12 years

face Looks
Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Jessica Ridley have?

Her eyes

Height - How tall is Jessica Ridley?


Hair Color - What color is Jessica Ridley’s hair?

strawberry blonde

Hair Style - How does Jessica Ridley style their hair?

Long hair, straight

Eye Color - What is Jessica Ridley’s eye color?

Leaf green

Skin Tone

Pale white

Body Type


fingerprint Nature
Motivations - What motivates Jessica Ridley most?

Finishing the puzzle so her family will be safe

Flaws - What flaws does Jessica Ridley have?

Some say she was stubborn, but she was just so determined

Talents - What talents does Jessica Ridley have?

expert researcher, puzzle woman

Hobbies - What hobbies does Jessica Ridley have?

researching how to break free, encoding it so nobody else could reach it


People say she was sick. They say she always seemed sad.

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Favorite weapon - What is Jessica Ridley’s favorite weapon?

her mind

Favorite animal - What is Jessica Ridley’s favorite animal?

Her pigeons

Job - What job does Jessica Ridley have?


Religion - What religion does Jessica Ridley practice?


Occupation - What is Jessica Ridley’s occupation?


Favorite color - What is Jessica Ridley’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Jessica Ridley’s favorite food?

Anything she could eat in the lab

Favorite possession - What is Jessica Ridley’s favorite possession?

Her journal

info History
Education - What is Jessica Ridley’s level of education?

2 years of college

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People grieving her, she wants everyone to continue on with their lives.

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What would break this character?


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What is the best thing in this character's life?

Knowing she's getting so much closer, so much better

What's the worst thing in this character's life?

Knowing the police are always on her tail, knowing she's putting her family in danger.

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Idols/Role Models

Anybody who was brave enough to try

Music Type

Orchestra music





List of Adventures

It's all in her journal.

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